Christmas Treats and Holiday Popcorn in Disney Parks and Resorts

A few more yummies and holiday treats in Walt Disney World and Disneyland! Be sure to check out our Christmas in Disney page for more great coverage of this fun season in the Disney parks and resorts!

I love this Mickey Gingerbread Cookie! It was just spicy enough and had a very chewy texture. I was glad to have the sweetness of the chocolate along with it.

Mickey Gingerbread Cookie

Why not take a bite out of one of these Santa Mickey cookies? These would make a great holiday stocking stuffer. Or make a basket of them for a hostess gift!

Santa Mickey Cookies

This holiday swirl ice cream is available at Storybook Treats in the Magic Kingdom! Don’t worry — it just tastes like vanilla!

Holiday Swirl Ice Cream at Storybook Treats

Speaking of ice cream, the homemade ice cream cookie sandwich with pumpkin ice cream is the seasonal flavor at Sleepy Hollow!

Pumpkin Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich

The Earl of Sandwich Holiday Sandwich is a cult favorite this time of year! Only available during the holiday season, this sammich stuffed with turkey and cranberry sauce — among other fixin’s — is the perfect savory accompaniment to all of this sweetness!

Earl of Sandwich Holiday Sandwich

This cute Santa Mickey Cup is a great souvenir! Get it at Disney’s resorts and theme parks with a surprise inside! Sometimes it’s a cupcake, sometimes it’s ice cream!

Mickey Demitasse Cup

Stollen Bread is an offering at the Disney Resort Gingerbread Houses this year, and it’s delicious!

Stollen Bread at Gingerbread Houses

A theme park favorite — popcorn! Get your holiday dose of crunch in this snowman bucket for $12!

Holiday Popcorn Bucket

Stop by the bakery and well, try to choose a beautiful treat! There are just too many gorgeous choices!

Holiday Cupcakes

Bakery Items

All over WDW, you’ll find rice krispie treats for sale. This season, get your Mickey krispie with red and green decor.

Holiday Rice Krispie Treats

Christmas Rice Krispie Treats

Holiday tableware makes a great addition to your festivities this month. Or purchase select pieces and pile some treats on top to make unique gifts!

Holiday Tableware

Whew! I’m sure we didn’t get the chance to see everything, but there sure is a lot of holiday treatage going on in Disney parks and resorts this year!

Which treat would you want to land in your stocking this year? Tell us your favorite!


  1. says

    I just wanted to report that we got the Mickey Mug at the Dole Whip stand in MK with a Dole Whip surprise inside! You have to ask for one (they normally aren’t on display) but they have the mugs at MK too!

    Merry Christmas DFB!

  2. Heather says

    I got the Mickey mug with a cupcake last year & have used it all year as a pen holder. :)

    The holiday sandwich I sthe most amazing thing ever. I wish they had it all year round. I’ve had copycats at home & they just dont measure up.

    What exactly is Stollen bread? I saw it, but at $16, didn’t try it. ;)

  3. says

    Heather — Stollen bread is a German sweet bread served around the Christmas holidays. It’s dense, sweet, and usually has some nuts or fruit in it. Disney’s version is heavy-handed with the icing on top (yay!).

  4. says

    I actually used those cookies as stocking stuffers–bought them with my leftover snack credits. You got some great pictures. I really need to get down there in November when they first put all that stuff out because there’s often not that much left by the time we do our December trip.

  5. says

    I just ran across them tonight, but they have holiday gingerbread cupcakes w/ cream cheese frosting over at Starring Rolls in Hollywood Studios. I was so excited to find Starring Rolls open past 4pm (it’s open until 8pm through 12/31), that I almost missed them. They are delicious!

  6. Diane says

    I was at WDW in November and love all the Christmas goodies, the Earl of Sandwich Holiday Sandwich is fantastic. I’m going back this year so can’t wait to try the holiday cupcakes if they have them.

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