Club 33 Policy Changes…and Introducing Club 1901

Club 33 Sign

The Mouseplanet column in USA Today recently brought to my attention some proposed Club 33 policy changes, along with the mention of Club 1901, the new VIP lounge that will be built into the Carthay Circle Theater in the new Disney California Adventure revamp.

Club 33 Policy Changes

Proposed changes for Disneyland’s famously exclusive, members-only Club 33 are causing a stir. The Club offers different levels of personal and corporate membership, and most of the policy updates center around changing the levels.

According to the article, the Gold membership (estimated $3,600 annual dues) for the club will be phased out in 2012, leaving only the new Platinum membership (estimated $10,000 annual dues). The differences in the membership levels are significant not only in price, but also in what you get for your money:

Reported Platinum Membership Benefits
Premier Annual Pass (admission to all parks at both Disney World and Disneyland)
Four Additional Premier Annual Passes for family and friends
Access to Club 1901, the new VIP lounge in Carthay Circle Theater in Disney California Adventure (see more details below)
Book up to 5 VIP guided tours per year

Reported Gold Membership Benefits
Annual Pass to Disneyland Resort
(These members LOSE the past benefit of admission for a guest into the park for the day when not dining at Club 33)
(These members do NOT receive additional annual passes)
(These members do NOT have access to Club 1901)

Existing Gold level members will have the chance to upgrade to Platinum. All new Club 33 members will be required to join at the Platinum level.

In addition to the membership level changes the following policies may also change in 2012:

  • Free valet parking at the Grand Californian Hotel is now offered only when the member is dining at Club 33
  • When dining at Club 33, members may still request guest passes for those dining with them. However, regular members are now limited to 50 guest passes per year; corporate members are limited to 100 passes. Once the allocated guest passes have been used, members can purchase additional tickets at a 20 percent discount.

The official club member booklet will be released in a few days. Until then, these changes are just “proposed” and may or may not come to fulfillment.

Club 1901

Over the past two years, we’ve reported about a VIP Club/Restaurant in the Carthay Circle Theater in Disney California Adventure; and Disney execs mentioned a Carthay Circle Restaurant (with menu developed by Napa Rose Chef Andrew Sutton) in the same spot at the D23 Expo earlier this year.

Carthay Circle Theater Model

With the mention of the Club 1901 Lounge (named for Walt Disney’s birth year) in the Club 33 policy changes, we’re left wondering if the location in the Carthay Circle Theater building in Disney California Adventure will be a full restaurant, just a VIP lounge, or both.

What are your thoughts about the potential Club 33 policy changes? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. Paul Firestone says

    These are huge changes. No input from Club 33 members or suggestions welcomed. The bean counters have taken over. The only “magic” in the Magic Kingdom is the Poof of members benefits disappearing along with Walt rolling over from where ever he’s watching from. The club is now for only the super rich to join, after all who would spend $200.00 a week just to have access to a sometimes open venue. Sad day for Club 33, Sad day for Disney – Magic is only a catch phrase for marketing.

  2. Brian L. says

    Changing the club from only the very rich to only the very, very rich makes no difference to me and most everyone in the world. Let them have their clubs.

    The changes are probably just to weed out people they think are abusing or mis-using the memberships (in Disney’s eyes). I mean, this can’t possibly present that big a profit bump.

  3. Pudge the Fish says

    These clubs look incredible, but sadly Club 33 (and Club 1901) have never been in my level of economic affordable. It reminds me a bit like a country club. Call me a 99 percenter ;)

  4. says

    So do I read this to mean that members may no longer make reservations for guests unless they are dining with them? If so, then it sounds like my visit last week may have been the last. I had a feeling it might be anyway, but that would seal it. I guess I should feel lucky to have experienced this wonderful place twice in my life, and it is a shame the members seem to be getting squeezed by Disney…

  5. Jeff says

    Club 33 was never meant for the “common man”.
    There’s a whole park (actually 2) and tons of restaurants available to the general public.
    These spoiled, elitists who felt “entitled” to Club 33 and now are getting pushed out need to stop crying.
    Just because their “Magic” is diminished, doesn’t mean it’s gone for the rest of us.

  6. Tracy says

    We were “lucky” enough to dine at Club 33 a couple years ago. We were so excited to have the experience but in the end I wouldn’t do it again. Other than experiencing something everyone else can’t experience I didn’t think that it was all that special. The food was good, not great and certainly not worth the premium price. I am happy I went but wouldn’t spend $3,600 for the priveledge of a reservation much less $10,000.

  7. says

    I can’t imagine having that much money.. it’s going back to strictly for VIPs at that rate! Seems like an insane amount either way..

  8. Denlo says

    Wasn’t it set up as a thank for the corporate sponsors at DL to start with and it’s been expanded to cover the expenses. But now it’s returning to a more limited elite status.

    Like others have posted it will never affect me as I’m only part of the general public.

  9. John B says

    $3,600 a year is quite a bit, but $10k is kind of extreme. Oh well, there goes my hopes of ever being a member! Although the 5 PAPs are about $4k/year on their own anyway.

    I would give anything to one day dine in Club 33, just for the experience. I need to make a friend at a company that has a corporate membership!

  10. canadianslovewdw says

    why do so many people have a problem with rich people having there own stuff.. if I had the money (which at this point i dont) i would pay 10k a year for this privelige …

  11. Elizabeth says

    I agree that these changes are really bringing the membership back in line with what Walt probably originally envisioned. It doesn’t seem that he ever intended it to be so accessible to so many people…or all their multitudes of un-escorted guests.

  12. says

    Our family attends often, and if I was the card holder(which I’m not) I can see some of this as good, if your paying that kind of money to dine and to enjoy the club, you don’t want to be bothered by yelling teens in tank tops and jeans, it is a 5*star restaurant. I say make it more elite!! keep Club 1901, Walt didn’t design it, build it, or occupy it, whats the point!

  13. Cleo says

    I don’t really need to know about this but if I were super rich, I would think this wasn’t as good a deal as getting a regular annual pass. HOWEVER, if Disney is handing these out as diplomatic gestures and such, it is probably convenient for the Corporation to set it all down and call it a Platinum Membership to limit special requests by extra special people.

  14. Jared says

    I think anything that bring Club 33 back to its roots as a super-exclusive, VIP destination is a positive change. It was never designed to be affordable, or even attainable, by a vast, vast majority of park guests.

    The “common man” is not entitled to visit Club 33. It should stay that way.

  15. says

    The Club is and should always be exclusive. While there I have dined next to movie and rock stars. It is the only place they can relax without drawing attention!

  16. Rich says

    The waiting list to join Club 33 has grown so long in recent years that a couple of years ago they closed the list and still think it may be 10 years or more before it’s opened again. Club 33 has become a high demand low supply “product” and, as a result, has earned premium pricing. It’s become even more of a sellers’ market.

    Old members aren’t being forced out, but to get all the amenities (like the 1901 Lounge) they’ll have to ante up the higher dues. In some circles the older members are revered and get special treatment. At Disney, it seems to be about bucks for now. But policies may change. Especially if they can get -or need- revenue at the 1901 Lounge. And they may be looking at the 1901 Lounge as a means of expanding the available slots for meals. After all, with Club 33 you pay a high membership fee for the privilege of spending a lot on lunch!

    Elimination of the Member +1 Guest card is probably the worst change. Fine for a married couple who always goes to the park together, not so handy for the single member who dates or the businessperson who likes to take a customer or associate into the park without a stop at a ticket window. There must be a few of those.

  17. C.P. Fisher says

    Certainly, we have enjoyed the privileges and experiences related to Club membership, and we understand the need for some changes as time goes on, but we are appalled at the total disregard of most Member responses to said changes. Unfortunately, not one of the Members we have talked to have been consulted prior to these sweeping changes that affect us all, and we are surprised and shocked that these arbitrary decisions have been made effective immediately. No one likes them in their totality. Club dues are not an issue … I guess over 20 years of membership is not valued, and it has nothing to do with money!

  18. Royal scam says

    The club raised membership dues to $3,600 and took away some great benefits. In the past they would add benefits each year or so. So why would they take away the free parking at the Grand California hotel when not dinning at the club and the Plus One park hopper pass? They say to make the club more exclusive. Im not buying it. It’s pretty darn exclusive now. It must be greed. Pay more and get less.

  19. 30 year member says

    We’ve been involved in the Club for 30 years, and this is horrendous. We’re not “super rich” (at least financially), but have always kept up the dues despite challenges. Moreover, we have always made reservations for people whenever they’ve seen us in any “Club 33 clothing” and asked us about the club; and in so doing have fulfilled the dreams of a lot of people over the years by getting them into the club. We even have offered cast members that we have seen be exceptionally nice to other guests the opportunity to come. Now that is all no more
    The idea that this is to make it “more exclusive” is a bald faced lie. They just let in 25 more memberships last year off the wait list. The idea that it is for the members in any way is also a lie. I haven’t heard of one who is happy about it (although when you confront the Disney executives about it, they claim that this is for the members)
    Potentially, the only thing that we can do is all bombard George Kalogridas, the new President of Disneyland, with tons of phone calls…calling him and his assistant over and over until he gets so tired of the calls that he changes the policy back to what it has ALWAYS been since the Club was created. His assistant is Lonnie

  20. 30 year member says

    CALL GEORGE KALOGRIDAS, the new President of Disneyland, IMMEDIATELY!!! He made this decision by himself, and he is the only one that can undo it!!

  21. Byron Hopp says

    Been a member since 2008, eliminating the “sign in” privilege is huge to me. I justified the cost based on this privilege. I no longer buy premium annual passes and drive to the park to sign in my kids. This alone is one of my most cherished benefits, spend some time with my kids (even if it is just signing them in). I never dreamed the Disney Company would not grandfather in this basic privilege for its existing members. This is totally disappointing. I hope they reconsider. Sometime you just gotta do what’s right…and what they have done is Wrong.

  22. Yellow Caboose says

    Another “gold” member here and always was intrigued by the club when Frank and Ollie told me about it (way before “wiki”). I just received the letter, invoice and flyer. The letter starts with “As a valued member…” WOW, lying to us in the first sentence.

    I am not happy with the changes. When Sioux called she said the changes were needed to make the club more “accessible.” How does taking away our + one benefit make the club accessible? I see limiting the free meal passes as a way of reducing abuse.

    I guess what makes me upset is the sweeping changes, the huge cutback of park access, the lack of communication and on top of that a price increase! All this told to us two weeks before the new term. Not surprisingly our dues are due on February 28th even though we are supposed to have a period of 90 days to pay our dues – according to their own flyer.

    They did not consider that a member might be in a relationship that is not officially a marriage or a declared “domestic partnership” and not want to “declare” the situation to anyone.

    Not all club members are super rich. I enjoy being able to let other people use it. I realize some posters here say we shouldn’t whine about this. But, as someone said earlier the membership isn’t just a season pass to walk away from. There was an investment of time, money and emotions (some club employees are fantastic).

    I hope members can get together and fight this.

  23. true disney fan says

    Been to club 33 many times. I grew up going to disneyland for the last 45 years. These changes are sad to say the least. It is obvious they are trying to get rid of or not have any individual memberships, just large corporations. They can right off the expense and pay the huge dues.
    Most people will not pay 10k a year for what amounts to 4 disney premium passes. There special events are very pricey also. Cutting out the extra guest pass is really bad and makes the deal even worse. Hope cars land works or CA adventure will still be a place to go when disneyland is to crowded. The true disney fans who really pay for everything in the end are always at the end of the long lines.

  24. Steamed says

    Since we received our letter, we are confident that Disney does not wish for us to continue as members and, therefore, we no longer wish to be a part-of or support an organization that fails to encourage and/or welcome it’s Membership to enjoy experiences that they signed up for many years ago. You may remember that this membership was NOT FREE, and continues to be expensive, just for the “privilege” of making reservations for dinner … our calculation is that we have contributed over $175,000 through the Club … so for some that feel that we don’t deserve the experience, try to justify that as undeserving. We have agreed always to continue our membership, in spite of the difficulties in making reservations for many special events and/or certain booked dates, because we know that it is difficult to accommodate everyone at all times, and we enjoy the people associated with the Club. These latest changes, however, not only limit our abilities to enjoy the Club benefits for our family and friends, they require additional costs associated with utilizing our membership. The most ridiculous change is the elimination of one (1) guest allowed anytime, while accompanying a member. As grandparents, this one feature is a definite plus for our grandchildren.

    Not only are some of these changes outrageous, they insult the Membership, many that have continued to be loyal Members, far more than our twenty (20) years. It is truly sad that this time has come!

  25. Linda says

    Disneyland is getting greedy!!!! These changes are outrageous!!! I am sure Disney accounted for all the people who are going to drop their memberships. But now they can add new people who are not only going to pay the 10K but also the initial fee’s. I don’t think the 10K a year limited to 100 guests a year is worth it.

    Okay, lets get this straight Disney wants to charge you 10K a year to be a member. Then you have to still pay for your lunch/dinner so your still paying 300.00 – 400.00 for a family of 4 to eat and your limited to 100 guests a year so what is the 10K for? Not worth it no additional benefits. Our family has an annual pass and access to club 33. We would still go to club 33 once or twice a year even though we have annual passes, not anymore!!!

    I don’t think Walt Disney himself would approve of the greedy attitude of the Disney Corp today

  26. J Busch says

    I am a spouse of a member. We are livid at the way members are being treated. George Kaolgridis is a non responsive President of Disney. He refuses to meet with anyone, will not return calls or emails. Every member needs to continue to go after him.
    And for those of you who think members are rich you are wrong. Most are ordinary people who scraped together the money to be a part of Walt’s life. This is not a country club. The Club is owned and run by Disney, not the members. My husband has been very generous in sharing the club, that does not make it any less elite. Disney is the one who has made it less elite by the way the handle the club and the special events at the club. We really feel for those people on the waiting list who are being given a cold shoulder by Disney and who will no longer be able to realize their dream.

  27. Nancy says

    Thank you to all the Club 33 members who are speaking up against the new changes, or better said … restrictions.
    We have been members since the early ’80s. We have seen changes in many areas, sometimes being disappointed to see things go away. This latest change in eliminating the “plus 1″ sign-in feels like the rug being pulled out from under us.
    They have not given us the courtesy of explaining why they needed to make these drastic changes, but seriously, how many “plus 1″ admissions could we be doing ????
    We wrote a letter of disbelief in the validity of their actions, I hope every member will write a letter to Mr. Kalogridas.

  28. Yellow Caboosse says

    Additional thought regarding passes. The club says it is making the changes to make it more accessible. I have to say most of the people I made reservations for already had a pass of some sort.

    But, my guests really enjoyed getting the dated club 33 comp pass as most of their reservations were due to some special event (birthday, anniv. etc).

    I truly doubt the “comps” really impacted park attendance at all.

    Sorry to vent about this on this great food blog – but really no where else to go without suffering the repercussions from the club.

    For the food aspect, my guests seem to always mention the lack of detail by the support staff (no water, no bread) which is totally uncalled for considering the “level” the club tries to pretend to be.

    Of course, the old-timers are fantastic – if you know them or a member.

    ps I love the truffle mac and miss the purple dessert.

  29. Zack R. says

    I may be committing the ultimate taboo, but this forum seems to have a lot of C33 members. I want to propose to my girlfriend of five years this fall. It has always been her dream to dine at C33. She is a huge Disney fan, and I can’t imagine a better setting to quietly ask her to marry me. I am more than happy to pay my own way into the park. If anyone is in a position to help me with a reservation, I leave my email address and my sincere thanks for your time and consideration.

  30. Nick Thompson says

    I have been a close friend to a 26 year member and have enjoyed the opportunity to take my wife and close friends to Club 33 for many years. The ambiance and food are terrific, but this change will now preclude or severely limit the opportunity to be able to afford D-land and a meal at Club 33. The price for brunch or dinner is prohibitive, but being able to have a pass into the park makes it a little better. That will no longer be available due to this unilateral change. The changes are offensive, oppressive and absurd. They should not be imposed on existing members. The members should consider collectively suing D-land for this outrage.

  31. Wayne Zawila says

    Well, I am sixty years old and will be long dead before my name ever comes up for membership no matter how much money I may have….but I will tell you this and I only hope someone reads it at Disney….

    If you want a “home run”…take the long unused Discovery Island at WDW and put in a Club 33 and you will make a zillion dollars here in Orlando!.

    Much love to all the true Disney fans!

  32. parrotheadtink says

    Maybe when I am 100 years old and Disneyland is 100 years old (I’m two months older than the park) I will get to see Club 33. Oh well. I guess the best magic is not for poor people, huh?

  33. Wayne Zawila says

    To Parrotheadtink:

    The “magic” is not for rich people either….as no amount of money can get you in the place it seems.

    Hope this makes you feel better!


  34. parrotheadtink says

    Thanks Wayne. There are kakazillions who will never see Club 33, although it’s a thorn in my side that about 15 years ago my sister got to eat there, and she’s not the huge tattooed hard-core Disneyland fan that I am. But I think if I was going to be granted one wish I wouldn’t waste it on Club 33….show me Walt’s apartment….

    Meet you at the hub!


  35. Wayne Zawila says

    I must admit though the elusive Magic of Club 33 does mystify me…..

    One can go to Victoria and Alberts here in Orlando and for about $150.00 per person you will eat in probably one of the best restaurants in the country. Scott Hunnell is a world class chef and Vicky and Al’s is the only 5 star restaurant in central Florida.

    Why sensible people would pay what they do to belong to Club 33 simply astounds me!

  36. melissa says

    I will gladly be paying the dues to join this legendary club, and 10,000 by the first of December every year. We waited 9 years and finally got out lovely blue and gold invite. Yes, you do receive fast passes every time you visit (6) – I was just reading the rules they sent us. I’m curious to know what names are on the member roster. I plan on sharing with all my best Disney friends and family. Here I come pumpkin soufflé.

  37. David says

    We have been members for many years. Like many, we’re truly ‘Waltoids’ and the history of the club is what we found so exceptionally charming and welcoming. Membership price wasn’t too terribly high (no, we’re not wealthy, we saved for many years) but the benefits were simply fantastic. Our final decision to join after waiting 10 years was based upon the entire package, not just one or two benefits, but everything combined.
    Sharing the club with family, friends and business associates was a massive factor we seriously considered when paying for our ‘Gold’ level membership. The entire package, access to the club and special events for us and unlimited reservations for guests and associates was worth every penny.
    Now, greed has killed the benefits of our membership. Disney cut our comp’d reservations from unlimited per year to only 50! The ability to host those lovely banquets is now tarnished as guests must either have AP’s or purchase a ticket with a 20% discount, or, be marched into and out of the park like a prison chain gang on the way to dig a roadside trench. This is utterly ridiculous.
    Our anger and frustration with Disneyland is not about money, it’s about their audacity to slash member benefits and have the gall to say it’s for the betterment of the club. This is pure fodder! The last few times were in the club, the place was nearly empty. For most of our friends and guests, we recommend buying a ticket and dining at The Blue Bayou or Napa Rose.
    When discussing these benefit cuts with cast members, you’ll receive a robotic answer. Blah, Blah, Blah, hail to The Mouse, all decisions made by Disney execs are flawless and “we support them.”
    Well, if fewer guests, less tips, and fewer hours for the club staff is what Disney wants, that is certainly what they’re getting. As for those with stars in their eyes about the club being a magical place, it was, emphasis on WAS.
    We’ve enjoyed our membership tremendously over the years and now, all I can think about is contacting my lawyer and moving forward with litigation. I’m probably safe in assuming I won’t be alone with this.
    As for the 1901 Lounge, Disney can keep their knock-off. Walt never walked there and I have little interest in setting one foot inside. If they opened the original Coral Room at the studio, I’d join! As for the 1901 Lounge, Disney can charge any amount they wish, just don’t punish the original Club 33 members by cutting benefits with the attitude that no one will argue with the 600 gorilla in the corner, even if the gorilla is wearing mouse ears and has a name tag with ‘George A. Kalogridis’ engraved upon it.
    Sorry for my lack of pixie dust and magic. I’m still a ‘Waltoid’ and I still cherish the original park and those wonderful artists, cast members and brilliant minds that helped to build it. I doubt that will ever diminish. As for my dumping money into the park without some reasonable assurance that what I’m promised will be upheld, well, those days may come to an end.

  38. Margret says

    Wow. This is terrible news. I am one of the ‘unwashed masses’ who’s only dreamed ~ and I mean that literally ~ of passing the door and walking up the carpeted staircase into coveted, secret Disneyland. Well, that’s how I see it. Years ago my Mom was able to get in with a friend. Apparently she was on one of those now extinct +1 passes (although she’s an annual pass holder so she didn’t need the ticket into the park). I had to fly that day so I sent her in, grinning and giddy, turned around and walked out of the park. Honestly, I almost didn’t fly back to work for the sake of being able to visit Club 33. I’ve wanted to go there since the first time I saw that door open for curiously waiting guests. I think I was about 12 years old then. It’s been nearly 30 years since then. I’d held out a slim glimmer of hope that someday I might be able to join. Now, though, that’s clearly impossible. I don’t live in SoCal so it’s hard for me to justify it anyway. I had hoped, though ~ and it didn’t seem totally impossible before today ~ that I might get in someday.

    It’s kind of harrowing to read these stories of 20 & 30 year members who have suddenly been shut out or obliged to nearly triple their membership to continue to enjoy benefits, key portions of which have actually been reduced. I’m not sure this is what Walt meant by ‘happiest place on earth.’

  39. Linda Tobin says

    I am thrilled that I will be able to join club 33 this September. For me, the price is worth the sacrifice because, like so , so many, I have loved Disneyland for as long as I can remember. I spent endless hours drawing the castle as a 4 year old and well , like most Disneyphiles.. the chance to be a a tangential part of Walt Disney’s inner world is super fantastic. And I do think he would be happy, as an egalitarian, that a spattering of enthusiastic but regular folks could participate. I want to thank the President of Disney. It is always hard to please all people, but I thank you eternally for my chance!I am sorry for the long term members.. but don”t lose sight of the amazing opportunity you have had and , well still can have.
    Remember the Magic! Cheers, Linda Tobin

  40. David says

    Linda, if I may ask when did you get on the waiting list? The initial invites were for June so I am wondering if they are near the newer names…..

  41. Disgruntled member says

    Not good at all.. I remember when we got our membership…lots of added bonus’s…I remember planning our daughters party and were promised a ride on the train in the engine….only to learn that after a 6,000 party bill…..the rides were no longer available…

  42. Don says

    Well they can charge what they want and have all the rules they want, I simply cannot afford a membership. I also do not know anyone who is a member. So I’m screwed to ever set foot in this place. I’ll have to settle for grilling my own steaks.

  43. Mike says

    A high school friend just told me they were members and to let them know if I ever wanted to go. Can someone tell me what lunch hours are in Jan and Feb. and what kind of menu there would be. I have not contacted them yet but from what I have found on the web is we would have to buy single park or hopper passes and on top of about $80 each for the meal. Is that correct? I am thinking about doing it for a special Birthday meal since we both have the same Bday.
    If anyone can help email me at 2oldrvers at we2rv dot com you know at=# and dot = .

  44. says

    Mike — It’s actually closer to $100 a person with drinks; and unless the member gives you one of their allotment park tix, you will have to buy a park ticket to get in. Lunch hours are around 11-3. The menu is the same as the dinner menu but smaller portions, because the buffet is also out (desserts, salads, seafood, etc).

  45. Dan says

    It’s all about the dollar. It always has been. Make no mistake that George spells his name KaloGREEDis.

  46. YouGotta'BeKiddingMe says

    Love the snob attitude on here. People with the pretentious air of “isn’t it great that the new 10K annual dues will keep the other riffraff out?” and think that they’re somehow “special” or better than everyone else are the ones with NO class. What a disgusting attitude. It’s not like $3600 isn’t a lot of money either. It’s nauseating that in this day and age, anyone has such a petty attitude about “keeping the ‘commoners’ out” just because you’re selfish & don’t think that there’s enough to go around for you & you can’t share with people that are at least willing to save money to pay the $3600 a year for a regular membership.

    A lot of people AREN’T rich who have memberships—but they’ve saved money obviously to be a part of it because Disney is a really special part of their life to the point of wanting to spend $3600 for the privelege. The people with the “thank GOD they’re finally keeping the PEASANTS out” mentality just shows how shallow people are. It’s nice of the more down-to-earth members without that messed up attitude to share the experience with friends who are non-members—if for no other reason than they’re generous, but more importantly, because of the fact that it REALLY seems to tick off the ilk with the superior-than-thou attitude to think that someone of “inferior breeding” gets to eat there. It just makes me smile to no end that the these self-perceived “elitists” basically have to eat with the lepers, according to them.

    Weird–reminds me of “Animal Farm” where it comes to members of Club 33—as if $3600 isn’t enough for dues, but that the members paying it are looked down upon by the ones paying more. Instead of “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others”; this is “All elitists are equal, but some elitists are more equal than others.” Except the ones that are paying the $3600 don’t seem to have the elitist attitude. Too bad they’re the ones getting the shaft, because they’re they’re the ones who deserve to be there.

  47. Dean James says

    Disney has always been a cheap ass place to work, they treat their cast members like crap and pay them barely any money. (minimum wage and 30 hours a week is livable according to the mouse), doesn’t mater if its WDW or DL they both suck to work at

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