BabyCakes NYC Bakery Now Taking Cake Orders from Disney Dining Guests

BabyCakes NYC in Disney World’s Downtown Disney is now taking cake orders from Walt Disney World Resort Guests. Delivery will be right to your restaurant reservation!

This makes it even easier to celebrate your special occasion — especially if you or someone in your party follows a special diet. BabyCakes caters to special diets including refined sugar-free, gluten-free, wheat-free, soy-free, casein-free, egg-free, vegan, and Kosher items!

Two-layer, 6-inch cakes that serve 8-10 people can be ordered to coincide with your already booked Advance Dining Reservation at a Walt Disney World restaurant. Just call the bakery at 407-938-9044 with at least a week’s notice and have your restaurant confirmation number, date, and reservation time handy. Cakes will be served at the end of your meal.

To learn more about cake orders in Walt Disney World, check out our Disney Cake FAQ!

Babycakes NYC Cupcakes in Downtown Disney are perfect for many special diets

Don’t forget that BabyCakes has a variety of items available every day in their Downtown Disney Marketplace location. My favorite? The frosting-filled cookie sandwiches!

Stop in 9:30 a.m. until 11 p.m. and bring your sweet cravings!


  1. Gaylin says

    I was so happy on my last trip that I was going to get to try Babycakes. I am allergic to grains and figured Babycakes was going to be a lovely addition to my few disney treats.
    And then I got to the counter . . . I am allergic to rice, as well as gluten bearing grains and every item except one at Babycakes has rice flour in them. Darn. The one item was a cookie that was not pleasant looking and very expensive.

    Good thing I bake my own treats at home and bring them to WDW with me!

  2. says

    Kim, thank you so much for posting this for Disney Food Blog readers! We are delighted to have the opportunity to bake cakes for Disney Guests both with and without allergies. We really appreciate the support.

    BabyCakes NYC

  3. John Grigas says

    I have some close friends who were able to do this for their son’s birthday to the Liberty Tree!

    Jasper is a wonderful boy who turned 8 in October. For this first time in his life, he was able to taste a Bakery Cake . . . which is even more special since it was his 8th birthday. For his first 8 years he has had to watch while the other kids could have cupcakes or other items at school. His dairy and nut allergy kept him out of that world . . . but he had some magic delivered to him by Babycakes NYC!

    Please consider ordering a cake even if you DON’T have a food allergy or restrict ingredients in your diet. Their creations are delicious and stand against anything you can get from any bakery

  4. Shayne says

    Dang, I wish I had known this last week! No food allergies here, but I’ve heard such good things about Babycakes!

  5. marcellina says

    I don’t NEED to eat babycakes since I don’t have any food allergies but I enjoy trying their yummy creations and I love knowing that I am supporting a business that is helping people who don’t have many options when it comes to baked goods. I was lucky enough to sample Babycakes in New York City in 2010 and loved every treat we bought (wish I could remember what we got! I should have taken pictures). On my upcoming Disney trip in February I plan to go to Babycakes at DTD on our first day in town and buy some sweets to keep in our resort room fridge for late night snacks or early morning breakfasts! Yay Babycakes!

  6. says

    Thanks for all of the amazing comments, everyone! The charge for the 6″ cake (which serves 8-10) is $45, which will be added to your restaurant bill.

    BabyCakes NYC

  7. DisneyMommy says

    I am confused regarding Babycakes and “peanut-free.” A lot of people have suggested Babycakes for my daughter with a severe peanut allergy when we go next summer for her fifth birthday. I would love to take her to the bakery (and maybe order a cake for a dinner)! Yet, I am a bit worried that in this article and others that the inclusion of “peanut-free” products is missing from the the description of allergies catered to at the bakery. On Babycakes website, the allergen page discusses potential tree nut contamination sources (remote possibility in the flour and chocolate, as well as coconut being considered a tree nut), but what if any source of peanut contamination is there? Nothing seems ever mentioned, but why then are the products not “peanut-free”? Everything looks so delicious. I know my daughter and other peanut-allergy children would love to eat their treats, too!

  8. says

    Thanks for asking about our nut policy! We bake with coconut (a tree nut). We use coconut oil and coconut milk in our baking, we also have items that contain shredded coconut.

    The flour that we use is packaged by Bob’s Red Mill on equipment that also packages almond flour and hazelnut flour. They wash the machinery with a high-pressure air wash, and then discard the first 30 lbs. between runs.

    We do not bake with peanuts, and to our knowledge none of our vendors house peanuts in their facilities. However, we do not make guarantees to be “nut-free” or “peanut-free.”

    I hope this information is helpful! If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch!

    BabyCakes NYC

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