Dining in Disneyland: Saying Goodbye to Blue Ribbon Bakery…and Hello to Jolly Holiday!

This holiday season marks the last holiday season for Disneyland’s Blue Ribbon Bakery.  Located on Main St. USA for the past almost 22 years, Blue Ribbon Bakery made its Disneyland debut on April 6, 1990 when it replaced the Sunkist Citrus House (fresh squeezed orange juice or lemonade anyone?).

Blue Ribbon Bakery

Known for its staple Disneyland treats like Cinnamon Rolls, Matterhorn Macaroons, seasonal goodies, and a good ol’ cup of coffee, tea, hot chocolate or cider, Blue Ribbon Bakery was the perfect go to stop for a quick snack or pick me up upon entering the park.

Blue Ribbon Bakery Cinnamon Roll

Giant Display Matterhorn Macaroon

Holiday Beverage Menu

In honor of Blue Ribbon’s awesomeness, I feel like we should pay homage to its last holiday season.  Here are some treats that were offered this year, along with a fun video depicting the bakery!

Holiday Treats Display

Pumpkin Muffins

Holiday Cupcakes

Cookies and Holiday Brownies

Holiday Biscotti & Gingerbread Cookies

Holiday Shortbread Cookies

Holiday Demitasse Dessert Cup (Chocolate Mint Mousse w/ Whipped Cream & A Shortbread Cookie)

Blue Ribbon Bakery is shutting its doors for good today, and although it will be missed, exciting new things are on the horizon for its location.  The bakery will be used to provide an expansion for The Carnation Cafe. The bakery will become indoor seating for the restaurant, which will be undergoing a complete remodel, also starting this week.

Worried about where you will get your baked goods fix? Don’t. The Jolly Holiday Bakery grand opening is on Saturday, and it’s sure to be supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. On the menu will be sandwiches, salads, soups, and baked goods! We’ll have a review of it very soon… .

Jolly Holiday Bakery Window (c) Disney

Were you able to get in one last visit to Blue Ribbon Bakery? My go to item there was always the “seasonal” muffin. What was yours?

*Thanks to This Day in Disney History, I was able to find the opening date of Blue Ribbon Bakery!

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  1. says

    I always resented Blue Ribbon Bakery because it occupied the former indoor seating space for Carnation Cafe, of which I have fond childhood memories. Now that’s coming back AND we get the Jolly Holiday Bakery—hooray!

  2. marcellina says

    I hope the Matterhorn Macaroon stays on the Jolly Holiday Bakery menu… I never have tried one and what a special treat really! Also, that cinnamon roll.. is that FROSTING on it? It’s not ice cream right? Oh my geeze.. that’s a crazy amount of frosting if so!

    bye bye blue ribbon bakery.. I barely got to know’ya!

  3. says

    Carrie — Ha ha! It’s one of those rare cases where boycotting works! ;-)

    Marcellina — That IS frosting on the cinnamon roll. I guarantee that they don’t ALL look like that, but it’s such a great photo, isn’t it??

  4. John B says

    Any news on when the new Carnation Cafe will open? I think the current, outdoor version is going to close soon, right? I’m going in late April and have my fingers crossed that it will be open by then, but not counting on it.

  5. John B says

    Ah, I just saw in the OC Register Carnation Cafe is scheduled to open in the summer. Bummer.

  6. Christie S says

    My go to breakfast place – the blue ribbon bakery. my trip to the parks almost always started with a muffin and coffee. then i would people watch and eat breakfast. ahhhh.. good times. i loved their seasonal muffins – especially the cherry granola muffin! I will miss this bakery – but excited to the see the new offerings at Jolly Holiday bakery…

  7. says

    John B — Yep, the current Carnation Cafe closed today, and the new one will open this summer. :-) Glad I could help! ;-) Ha ha!

    Christie — Yum! Cherry Granola Muffin!!! Thanks for sharing your memories :-)

  8. Heather Sievers says

    @Carrie – Carnation Cafe will be back and better than ever, indoor seating and French Fries are on the horizon!

    @Marcellina – There ARE Matterhorn Macaroons at Jolly Holiday, I saw them today!!!

    @John B. – I was told by a cast member that it would be late June early July…

    @Christie S. – I’ve had that Cherry Granola Muffin! It’s SO good. AND there ARE seasonal muffins at Jolly Holiday, I saw them today (currently pumpkin)

  9. Christal says

    I LOVED the BR. It was a tradition for our family to stop everyday for coffie and a treat as first stop in the park, BUT i will happly do that at the JH. Times change and not eveything can stay forever but I do have to addmit I shed a small tear when I head the BR was leaving.

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