Disney Food Pics of the Week: Flatbreads

One of our favorite pastimes is looking at your photos submitted to the Disney Food Blog Photo Extravaganza! While they make us really hungry…please send more! ;-)

The Disney Food Pics of the Week this week feature flatbreads! Flatbreads (also possibly known as fancy pizzas) can be found at many of Disney’s table-service and quick-service restaurants.

First up, a tempting Mushroom & Arugula Flatbread from Mama Melrose’s Ristorante Italiano in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Looks gorgeous!
Photographer: Kelly Tressler

Mushroom and Arugula Flatbread

And the flatbreads from Animal Kingdom Lodge’s Jiko are always delicious! Check out this Rotisserie chicken flatbread!
Photographer: Vanessa / neomi_buttons

Rotisserie chicken flatbread at Jiko

Finally, from the famous California Grill atop the Contemporary Resort in Walt Disney World, a Triple Cheese Flatbread with Pecorino, Asiago, and Provolone with Sun-dried Tomato and Arugula Pesto. YUM!
Photographer: Morgan & Jeff Rooks / CharacterHunters

Triple Cheese Flatbread

Do you have a favorite flatbread at a Disney restaurant? Let us know in the comments section below!

A big shout out of gratitud to the photographers who have submitted these photos to the Disney Food Blog Photo Extravaganza on Flickr!

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  1. Rob Crawford says

    What’s the difference between a “flatbread” and a “pizza”? These “flatbreads” look remarkably like the pizza I had right off the Campo di’Fiore in Rome.

  2. Kat says

    The Mushroom and Arugula flatbread from Mama Melrose’s look great! Definitely something I’d love to try. Actually, I love flatbread’s so much I’d have any of them!

  3. says

    Rob and Aaron — I think Aaron’s just about right as far as I can tell! ;-) I’m guessing flatbreads are a bit thinner crusted and usually wood fired, but otherwise, they’re very similar to the pizzas I had in Italy as well. :-)

    Kat — I know! Me too!

    Vance — Thanks for the tip! I’m usually impressed with Contempo Cafe’s stuff, too!

  4. says

    Why, in fact, I DO have a favorite flatbread in WDW–the goat cheese and tomato flat bread from Chefs de France. It is one of the best things I’ve had on property. It is perfect in its simplicity–tangy goat cheese, sweet tomatoes, and the thinnest crisp crust I’ve ever had. So good!

  5. Alan says

    The charred crust on the Mama Melrose flatbread (which is delicious) reminds me of the coal fired oven piazza they serve at Lombardi’s on Spring St. in Manhattan. Lombardi’sclaims to be the first pizzeria in the U.S. It’s become a bit touristy but worth a visit. But a Mama Melrose piazza and a carafe of sangria is a great substitute.

  6. venessa says

    Thank you for featuring our flat bread picture A.J! And thank you for posting a picture of the mama melrose one, I’ve been wanting to see a picture of that one! I’m going to have a hard time choosing the triple cheese flat bread from the goat cheese ravioli now! The flat bread looks really good.

  7. Samantha says

    The difference between flatbread and pizza is that flatbread dough doesn’t normally have yeast in it and it will have less toppings than a pizza. :)

  8. Bradd says

    I just had Tony’s Flatbread at Tony’s Town Square Restaurant on Sunday, and I couldn’t believe how much I enjoyed it. I think this spot may be making a comeback, at least in the lunch department.

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