Guest Review: Beaches and Cream at Disney’s Beach Club Resort

Today, we welcome Heather Jones with a guest review of one of our favorite Walt Disney World spots — Beaches and Cream!

On our last visit to Walt Disney World, my family and I had the pleasure of spending a night at the Beach Club Resort. One of the things I was most excited about was finally getting a chance to eat at Beaches and Cream.

I had heard so much about the place, from their great burgers to the unbelievable Kitchen Sink, I couldn’t wait to try it out!

Beaches and Cream


Beaches and Cream is located where the Beach Club and its sister resort, the Yacht Club, meet; and the restaurant looks out to the Stormalong Bay pool complex.

Stormalong Bay

They don’t take reservations at Beaches and Cream, and I had heard that it could get really crowded at peak mealtimes; so we decided to head over in the middle of the afternoon to avoid the lunch rush.

Beaches and Cream is a cozy (read: tiny) soda fountain and burger joint. The tin ceilings, old-fashioned pendulum light fixtures, and pastel color scheme give it a nostalgic 1950s feel. Whimsical borders and beachy details add to the charm.

Ceiling and Light Details

Dining Room

Dining Room

Counter and Tables

Counter and Tables

The grill area is open to the dining room so you can watch the cook in action.

Cook grilling up burgers!

We had barely started looking at the menu when suddenly the lights dimmed and the sirens went off. One of the servers loudly proclaimed that someone had ordered the Kitchen Sink!

My family knew nothing of my pure joy of being there at just the right time to see the spectacle of this dessert being paraded around the dining room.

Server whizzing by with the Kitchen Sink.

I hopped over to our neighbor’s table and I asked if I could snap a picture of this gargantuan confection.

The Famous Kitchen Sink


We took a look over the menu, but I knew exactly what I was getting. The burgers had such a reputation that there was no other choice for me.

We were eating on the Free Dining plan, so my son decided to forgo dessert and instead got the Frozen Sunshine as his drink. This orange sherbet, vanilla ice cream, and seltzer concoction was absolutely gorgeous!

Frozen Sunshine

Most of us got the cheeseburger. My son got the single with bacon and onion rings. There were no fewer than four pieces of bacon piled high. The onion rings were light and crispy.

Single Cheeseburger with Onion Rings

I also got the single with bacon, but with french fries instead of onion rings. I was a bit disappointed when I caught a glimpse of the cook dumping frozen fries in the basket; I was hoping for fresh cut, like at a certain burger joint with white and red décor. However, they were fantastic and there were plenty of them!

Single Cheeseburger with copious fries

My husband manned up and got the Double Bacon Cheeseburger. Fresh lettuce and huge red ripe tomatoes accompanied all the burgers. I did notice as I reviewed my pictures that they forgot the pickles! I’m surprised that I didn’t notice because I’m a bit of a pickle addict.

Bacon Double Cheeseburger

I had heard so many raves about the burgers here that I’m not sure I could be objective. I think I expected angels to sing when I took my first bite. They didn’t. Nonetheless, it was a very tasty burger and I enjoyed it heartily.

My daughter, who tends toward the vegetarian side, chose the grilled vegetable sandwich. I have to admit, as much as I enjoyed my burger, I believe she had the best meal on the table.

Grilled Vegetable Sandwich

The vegetables were grilled perfectly, not too mushy or too raw. The focaccia bread was soft and lightly toasted with a tangy goat cheese spread. All was topped with spicy arugula and ripe tomato. Fantastic! I would have never thought that a burger place would have such an amazing vegetarian option.

Vegetable Sandwich

Nobody was hungry for dessert, but of course we got it anyway! My daughter chose a dainty scoop of mint chocolate chip ice cream in a waffle cone.

Ice Cream Cone

My husband got the traditional sundae also with mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Hot Fudge Sundae

In my mind peanut butter comes second only to bacon as the most perfect food, so I was very excited to finally try the No Way Jose. It was incredible! Though I didn’t get very far, I was not let down by this peanut butter and chocolate delight.

No Way Jose

No Way Jose Close-Up


We had a thoroughly enjoyable lunch at Beaches and Cream. The food was terrific and the quaint atmosphere was a pleasant departure from the huge dining rooms found at most Disney property restaurants.

The service was a bit slow (our waiter had way too many tables and was running around flushed), but he was friendly and apologetic for the wait. I would recommend anyone to take the jaunt over to enjoy the Yacht and Beach Club area and a great meal at Beaches and Cream.

Heather Jones is a wife and mom of two teenagers who loves to travel, Disney being the ultimate destination. She is a foodie, so dining is always the most memorable part of her trips. Heather enjoys sharing her travel adventures in her blog, Maybe Someday…

What’s your favorite sweet treat at Beaches and Cream? Let us know what we should dip our spoons into next!

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  1. says

    I absolutely LOVE this place. Been going since it opened.
    Whenever I want a burger, it is THE place to go.
    Always wanted it to be larger, but guess after 20+ years it isn’t going to happen.
    My favorite sweet treat is a vanilla shake. I know it’s pretty, well, vanilla, but I happen to love it
    Took our kids there and now our grandkids. Grandson couldn’t get enough of the excitement and the burger/fries/shake. His first time is a memory we will always cherish.

  2. says

    I love Beaches & Cream. It’s tiny and almost hidden behind the Stormalong Bay. I think it’s the best burger on property. For those from the Northeast, it feels kind of like a Disney-version of Friendly’s restaurant. It’s simple and charming, and a very welcome departure from the very active and rushed restaurants all over WDW property.

  3. canada68 says

    I think their burgers are delicious, too :) My mom says they remind her of burgers in the 1950’s- not too big and a good bun to pattie ratio. Plus the toasting and buttering of the bun adds a lot of taste.
    Did you know that they bake their hamburger buns fresh at the Beach/Yacht club bakery?
    And thanks for the review of the veggie sandwich- what a great, healthier option.
    If you can’t get a table or booth it’s fun to eat at the counter and watch them create sundaes.

  4. Mylene says

    Great review. Can’t wait to finally try this place! Do you know if all the dessert are accepted with the dinning plan?? (not the sink or course!!!)

  5. Eric says

    Part of our October stay was at BCV and we fell prey to B&C a few times. I’m generally a very healthy eater as I’m a distance runner but when we got there I couldn’t help myself. From the onion rings to the chocolate cake al a mode, I loved every bit of this restaurant. It’s a true winner!

  6. marcellina says

    regarding the burger: I have heard they have the best burger on property as well but I can’t imagine it being better than the sci-fi burger! Granted, I haven’t tried the Beaches and Cream burger but I’d love to hear from readers who have had both which one is better. My family always eats at Sci Fi and we ALWAYS get the burgers because they are just SO good there.

    One of these days I’ll make it to Beaches and Cream!

  7. says

    Glad to see it gets a great review over and above the famous creation. It’s our intention to go and attempt the Kitchen Sink, well you just have to try it at least once, but I also hope to get back during our trip to sample the burgers.

  8. Kristin says

    Great review! This is a big family favorite and somewhere I always recommend. I’m a fan of the Milky Way Sundae – although I pass on the butterscotch and substitute caramel.

  9. Jen says

    We always stay at the Beach Club Villas and we’ve never eaten here. I think it’s because I am a vegetarian and I thought I would get stuck with another veggie burger. But vegetarian sandwich looks delicious! Thank you for featuring a veggie meal. Veggies love to eat at WDW, too! :)

  10. Bret says

    marcellina the burger at Beaches and Cream is so much better than Sci Fi. I love going to Sci Fi and always get the burger but Beaches and Cream is a MUST do evey trip to WDW. It is made right in front of you if you sit at the counter. I must add the bacon to the burger and then after that we get the Brownie Sundae….. Yes I love Beaches and Cream. One thing to note is you can get take out at Beaches and Cream but only for Ice Cream no food. They have a separate door to the right for take out ice cream.

  11. Shayne says

    Marcellina, I too always loved the burgers at Sci-Fi, but once I tried the B&C burger, I agreed with everything I had heard that it is the best on property!

    We attempted the Kitchen Sink the day after Christmas. We didn’t get far, but it sure was fun to try!

  12. says

    Frank — That’s an amazing memory!! I cherish bringing my parents here for the first time — now they visit as often as they can!

    Paul — Friendly’s! I have to say, the No Way Jose trumps the Friendly’s Peanut Butter Cup Sundae, though… ;-)

    Canada68 — Now I wanna sit at the counter and watch them do the sundaes!!!! Awesome tip!

    Mylene — I’m pretty sure you can get just about anything on the menu if they were allowed to have the No Way Jose as dessert! :-) YUM!

    Aaron — You have one up on me. Failing at the Kitchen Sink beats not having tried yet! :-)

    Eric — It’s a trap! A trap, I tell you! :-) I’m so glad you enjoyed, though — this is really one of my favorite places. (Who said chocolate cake isn’t carb loading?)

    Marci — Apples and Oranges! :-) The Beaches and Cream burger is smaller — they’re going for that soda shoppe feel. Sci-Fi goes big all the way! :-) Both great burgers, though!

    Gordon — If you attack the kitchen sink while I’m at WDW, I’ll join you!

    Kristin — I wonder why it doesn’t come with caramel in the first place — after all, a Milky Way has caramel, not butterscotch! (Love that sundae!)

    Daguru and Jym — And I didn’t even get to try it :-(

    Jen — Woo!! Now’s the time!! :-)

    Bret — I’ve never had bacon on my burger. What in the WORLD have I been doing?!

    Shayne — I wanna see pics of your Kitchen Sink attempt! :-)

  13. Sandy says

    We love beaches and cream too! As a matter of fact, that’s me and my family in the picture where the waitress is carrying the kitchen sink! Its funny to see yourself in some one’s photos.

  14. Heather says

    Love it here!! I had he same drink as posted, and it was yummy :)

    Marcellina-add another who has tried both he scifi & b&c burgers. I like the scifi one, but the b&c burger is amazing! Not just best on property, one of the best I’ve ever eaten.

  15. says

    Sandy — That’s AWESOME!!!

    Heather — I haven’t tried the orange sunshine drink…gotta get me some of that! Thanks for the review on the burgers!

  16. Essie says

    I’m looking forward to trying this spot on our 2012 trip. The sundaes look fantastic and they look like they give you ample toppings. There is nothing sadder than running out of topping before you run out of ice cream. I’m planning on a Milky Way with Caramel. Yummy!

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