House of Cards Nightclub Coming to Disney California Adventure

OK, all of you ElecTRONica fans, it’s time to switch your loyalties!

Coming in Summer 2012 is the brand new Mad T Party craziness — an Alice in Wonderland (Tim Burton style) themed rave of live music, dancing, cocktails, and eats at the Disney California Adventure Hollywood Pictures Backlot. This new party replaces ElecTRONica, and will be the new time-filler before guests file over into World of Color.

Mad T Party Concept Art

So what does this mean for food-lovers? The new House of Cards Nightclub will be part of the fiesta, and according to the LA Times, it will be serving playing-card-themed cocktails. Also, a food truck will be serving Wonderland-themed foods and beverages.

House of Cards Nightclub Concept Art

Expect purple, red, and black decor at the House of Cards — reminiscent of the Queen of Hearts!

Story and Photo Source: LA Times Funland


  1. says

    That looks soooo cool! I can’t wait until this opens in the summer! Summer is going to be really good at DCA this year! :-)

  2. NotChris says

    I’m cautiously optimistic about the new theme. I really loved the Tron stuff but thought it would be taken down months ago. The catering truck gimmick could be awesome if there was a rotation of guest local food trucks with their own take on the Alice theme. I hope it’s not just a kiosk selling cupcakes or the like, not that there’s anything wrong with cupcakes ;).

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