New Disney Tableware at Target — For Fans of All Ages!

Last month, Target had a display of adorable Mickey and Friends Holiday kitchenware by Zak designs.

They are back again this month with fun new designs that can be used for everyday! What I like most about these is that they’re some of the first Disney-themed kitchenware that’s perfect for Disney fans of all ages. With the fun, sketch-like appearance of the print, this would be just as appropriate for an adult get-together as it would be for a kids’ party.

Prices range from $2.49 for a cereal bowl and $9.99 for a Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse shaped serving bowl. Let’s take a look at this cute way to bring Disney into your kitchen all year round!

Disney Character Plates

Spend every mealtime with your favorite friends! Choose from Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, or Winnie the Pooh plates. They are only $2.99 each, and are available in a six-pack from

Mickey and Minnie both have two styles to choose from. Here are the Mickey and Minnie color dinner plates. They have a little touch of pink or red, depending on who you buy!

Mickey Mouse Plate

Minnie Mouse Plates

Here are the Mickey and Minnie black and white plates — very cool for a modern kitchen!

There are two types of Winnie the Pooh plates — one depicting Pooh and Piglet, and one depicting Eeyore! Choose your favorite, or get both sets!

Winnie the Pooh Plates

Mickey, Minnie, and Pooh Cereal Bowls

Cereal bowls depicting your favorite Disney characters are just $17.99 for six pack at Choose from Mickey, Minnie, or Pooh!

Sketch Tumblers

Fun sketch tumblers are also available! I love the adorable drawing of Mickey Mouse!

Complete the set with Minnie! Tumblers are $2.99 each, or $17.99 for a set of six!

Model Sheet Kitchenware

I love these plates, bowls, and tumblers featuring Animators’ model sheets of Mickey and the Gang!

There are two plate designs to choose from!

Mickey Head Bowl

This black Mickey-head shaped bowl is perfect for serving snacks or having a fun mac and cheese meal! ;-) You can get a two-pack for $15.99 at

Water Bottles

If you’re looking to bring a little bit of Disney with you while you are on the go, you can check out the Mickey and the Gang Disney water bottles that are $7.99 each or $15.99 for a 2 pack from

Also available in cute water bottle form are Mickey and Pooh! These are both $7.99, or 2 for $15.99 at!

These fun Disney items were located on a back endcap in the Kitchen section at my local Target! It may vary from Target to Target, but you can order all of these items now at!

What is your must-have item from the collection? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Kristi says

    Just to add another one- at Christmas they had the large black Mickey head section bowl (which of course I got and used a bunch) but now they have a Minnie version (pink with classic hair bow which of course I grabbed this week lol).

  2. Cory says

    I used the red reversion of the Mickey head bowl for our New Year’s Eve party. Queso and Salsa in the ears with chips in the main part. It was perfect and everyone got a kick out of it.

  3. Catherine says

    This is why Canada needs Target !! Think there will be any still there when I go to Orlando in April !?!? I am in LOVE with all of it.

  4. Alan says

    Bad news for me. My wife is a Disney dinnerware collector. I was going to keep this post from her but she saw me commenting and the mouse is out of the bag.

  5. Sommery says

    I got one of the lovely water bottles as a Christmas gift – someone gave me a Target gift card which I used for household necessities. But knowing that they meant the card to be used for something nice for myself, I got the water bottle. What you can’t see from this picture, there is a slot for a straw if you prefer using one with your water bottle. It is very nice!

  6. Lori says

    Two years ago in Edina, I bought two stretch Mickey tumblers. I have to say, they are most durable!! And i love everything Mickey ~Disney mwah~ :)

  7. Holly says

    I have my heart set on moving to Orlando next year when I graduate (doing the College Program for a second time and then staying down there for good), and these would be perfect! I don’t care if Disney supplies the CP apartments with cups and bowls and plates. I’m bringing my own! (Hopefully they’ll still have them, or some variation of them!)

  8. JoAnn says

    Oh man…. I like the tumblers but have no room for them. I have a Target gift card in my wallet just waiting to be spent.

  9. Tony says

    A few of these were definitely from 2010’s sale of stuff that I found in Fargo, ND/Cottage Grove, MN (I have a few bowls/plates and a water bottle) but some of them are definitely new designs (last time was just mickey). Nice to see some new Mickey ones and some Minnie as well. I’ll definitely be heading to my local target to see if I can’t spot some of these.

  10. says

    So glad you guys are liking these! I think I might need to go get some of those tumblers — we’re always running out of cups and have to use the Which ‘Wich ones! ;-)

  11. Lauren says

    I saw the pink Minnie water bottle in Target several weeks ago. It was the last one on the shelf and someone stole it out of my basket! When I talked to an employee to ask if they had any more in that color, she told me they’ve been flying off the shelves. Hopefully this means good things for Disney/Target merch.

  12. madoka says

    We bought a set of the black and white plates and cereal bowls (didn’t like the pink Minnie design so much). They will be great for dining on our patio. Thanks for the heads-up, AJ!

  13. Helen says

    Oh man, i wish South Africa could get all target’s awesome Mickey and Minnie stuff! I’d love to have the mickey head shaped bowls ect… :(

  14. Melanie says

    I LOVE these plates and the entire set. Where can I purchase them? Anywhere besides target? i don’t believe Target has them anymore. I’m so sad.

  15. Sheila says

    My sister-in-law gave me the black chip and dip head shaped bowl for Christmas and I absolutely love it. I have used it several times, in which I also used yesterday for my Son’s 16th Birthday cookout. After I washed it and was going to put it in the cabinet, I dropped it on my kitchen floor which is tile and it broke in several pieces. Does anyone know where I can get another one? I need to replace it because I love it so much! :(

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