Dining in Disneyland: Breakfast at Carnation Cafe…and Scoop on Refurb!

Knowing that Carnation Cafe was going to be closing for renovation starting January 5th, I wanted to squeeze in one more meal to hold me over for the next 6 months or so.

Carnation Cafe

My family and I decided to brave the park (with a dining reservation of course) on New Year’s Eve day for Carnation Cafe breakfast, which surprisingly we had never experienced there before. It’s hard for me to believe that we’d never had breakfast at one of our favorite table service restaurants, but then again, we are rarely at the park in the morning.

Right after checking in, I noticed that Chef Oscar was working, which made my morning. His 55 Years of Service Party was just the day before, so I wasn’t sure if he’d be in or not. I couldn’t wait to talk to him about his big day, but first, time to be seated and order!

Carnation Cafe Seating


I’d heard for a long time that the Cafe Cinnamon Roll French Toast is a must have.  The description alone had me sold on it. Cream Cheese Icing? Yes please.

However, knowing that this was probably way too rich for me to finish alone along with the fact that three out of the four of us wanted to try it, my family decided to order it as a “fifth” meal to share. A perfect way to try something!

Carnation Cafe Breakfast Menu

Carnation Cafe Kids' Picks Breakfast Menu

When the Cinnamon Roll French Toast came out, it looked just as good as it sounded: Lightly Grilled Cinnamon Roll Coated in Egg Batter Topped with Cream Cheese Icing and Powdered Sugar served with Maple Syrup & Smoked Bacon or Sausage Links.  We ordered ours with bacon.  And as an added bonus, a bit of fresh fruit is included too!

Cafe Cinnamon Roll French Toast

Cafe Cinnamon Roll French Toast Close Up

Cup o' Icing

My family decided to opt out on the butter and went straight for the cream cheese frosting and syrup.  Let me tell you, if you like cinnamon rolls at all, in the least bit, you would LOVE this dessert…I mean breakfast dish.  As soon as we added the frosting and syrup, we dug in to a soft sweet ooey gooey heaven. Just look at this photo, yum, right?

Cafe Cinnamon Roll French Toast Close Up

For my “main” breakfast entree, I went with the Croissant Benedict: Poached Eggs with Honey Ham on an Open Faced Croissant with Hollandaise served with Cafe Breakfast Potatoes.

I am a huge Eggs Benedict Fan, so I am always open to try a new “version,” and I’ve never had them on a croissant. The potatoes were also really tasty; cooked and seasoned just right.

Croissant Benedict

Everything about the Benedict was perfect. The croissant was soft and fresh, the ham was sweet and the egg was cooked just right.  The sauce was also done well, not too runny, and really flavorful.

Croissant Benedict Cross Section

My husband ordered the Croissantwich, a Flaky Croissant filled with Scrambled Eggs, Cheddar, Honey Ham served with fresh fruit.  He enjoyed it, but said it was nothing spectacular.  I think he secretly wished he had ordered the Apple Pancakes or Oscar’s Choice: The Cafe Scramble!


Next up, a Disneyland breakfast isn’t complete without the uber famous Mickey Waffle.  My 10 year old ordered the large Mickey Shaped Waffle, which came with the choice of Smoked Bacon or Sausage Links.  He went for the bacon, extra crispy. It also came with a cup of grapes and a strawberry.

Mickey Shaped Waffle

My 7 year old ordered the Mickey’s Junior Waffles off of the kids menu.  It came with two mini Mickey waffles and some fruit. We were nice and shared our bacon!

Mickey's Junior Waffles

Chatting with Chef Oscar

During our meal, Chef Oscar came over for a visit. I was able to chat with him about his 55 Years of Service Party that was the day before. He had a smile from ear to ear while telling me about his special pin and the trophy that was made “just for him” (party coverage can be found here).

He told me that he’d soon be working over at the new Jolly Holiday Bakery, and when the construction was finished at Carnation Cafe, he’d be back on the job there!

On our way out I asked if I could keep a menu and have Oscar sign it for me. I was told yes, yay!

Chef Oscar with My Carnation Cafe Menu

Carnation Cafe Refurbishment Details

I also chatted with our server about the remodel of Carnation Cafe. She told us that the restaurant would be taking over all of the indoor area of Blue Ribbon Bakery for indoor restaurant seating.

All current Cafe employees will be temporarily transferred to other restaurants including Ariel’s Grotto and the new restaurant opening in The Carthay Circle Theatre.

She also told us that Carnation employees don’t know all of the details about the new menu, but she was very excited to share the news that the new menu will have french fries! A long time complaint at the Carnation Cafe has been “What? No fries here?”

There will also be restaurant style hamburgers and milk shakes added to the menu.  Another tip? A few menu staples will remain (please keep the Loaded Baked Potato Soup!), but it’s a possibility that soups and sandwiches will be moved to the new Jolly Holiday Bakery.  I guess we’ll find out in June or July!

Loaded Baked Potato Soup

Overall, I am really mad at myself that after all these years, this was our first breakfast at Carnation Cafe. We’ve totally been missing out. You can bet that we’ll be back for the grand re-opening this Summer.  See you soon Carnation Cafe!

Did you get a chance for one last meal at Carnation Cafe? What’s your favorite breakfast item? Let us know in the comments section below!

Heather Sievers is the Disney Food Blog’s Dining in Disneyland columnist. See more of her columns here!


  1. Katie says

    When I called Disney Dining, they said that they will not be making reservations for June but they would do July.

  2. says

    That’s so cool that Oscar signed a menu for you! What a special treasure! And you know, I cannot believe I never noticed the Baked Potato Soup!! I really hope they keep it so I can try!

  3. Deneice says

    I have missed the inside seating since they changed it the first time! Really glad they are returning it to a “new normal.” When I used to live in SoCal I bet I was in there 1-2 a week.

  4. John B says

    So when the refurb is done, will there be both inside and outside seating, or just inside? If just inside, any idea what will happen to this area? I guess they may just keep some tables and chairs there for people, but I did kind of like the option to eat outside (then again, I always had good weather).

  5. samantha says

    this is my fav place for breakfast i <3 <3 the croissant benedict im sad i have to wait so long to eat it again :(

  6. samantha says

    i love the fact that they allow you to order sides ie: i always get a side of sausage since my meal doesnt come with bacon or sausage !!! bf always gets the oscars choice

  7. Heather Sievers says

    @Katie – Good to know! Thanks for the info!

    @PT – Chef Oscar did tell me that the Baked Potato Soup would be back when CC reopened. You MUST give it a try.

    @Deneice – I’m super excited about it too!

    @John B – Yep, there will be indoor and outdoor seating.

    @Samantha – That croissant benedict is amazing!

  8. Penny from Vermont says

    When we went out to Disneyland @ Christmas time 2007, the first dining reservation we made was to go to the Carnation Cafe for breakfast to have Mickey Waffles with strawberry topping and whipped cream!

  9. Christie S says

    AHHHH.. you mean I could have asked for a menu and oscar to sign it too??? i now could kick myself for that. I squeezed in one last visit on jan 2! I ordered something different: i ordered the apple pancakes and they were of course delicious! :) I have been to the holly jolly bakery and i like it.. of course i will miss the blue ribbon! I am excited for the new changes at Carnation Cafe and can hardly wait until they open again! Thank you for a great review and “last meal” at the old Carnation Cafe!

  10. Jen says

    Made cinnamon roll french toast at home last night thanks to your post. Best breakfast for dinner meal EVER! My kids were in heaven. Can’t wait to try the original at DL someday.

  11. Heather Sievers says

    @JoAnn – They are SO awesome!

    @PT – I can’t wait either!

    @Penny – You can’t go wrong with a Mickey waffle!

    @Christie – I asked if I could keep one and they told me yes! I was super excited about it. I hope they have the apple pancakes when they reopen, I want to try them!

    @Jen & AJ – What time is breakfast? ; )

  12. Heather says

    I’m sorry that I didn’t have breakfast there while I was at DL–that French Toast looks amazing, but I would have sent that Benedict back–I don’t like my eggs poached hard!

  13. cattia says

    Do you know hwy they took of the cinnamon roll french toast? It seems to have been a favorite of a lot of people.

  14. Heather S. says

    @Cattia – Make sure you say something to the manager, they said if enough people speak up they will bring it back! I’ve already voiced my opinion!

  15. Chris says

    Planning for an upcoming trip, I learned that the PC-brigade at Disney has managed to destroy yet another thing that brings me to Disneyland – the Carnation Cafe. Until now every visit entailed multiple breakfasts at the Carnation Cafe enjoying longstanding items on the menu. As part of the recent ‘upgrade’ Disney’s nutrition Nazi’s decided to upgrade the menu as well. No cinnamon rolls. No croissantwich. No reason to go any more. And if I see a Marvel character in Disneyland or the Magic Kingdom…..

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