Fat-Free Fun: Disney Theme Park Snack and Play Toy Set

This authentic Disney Parks merchandise set is perfect for your little Disney food fans! As you remember all of those snacks that you ate on your last vacation, or plan for which treats to enjoy on this year’s adventure, bring the treats home with you in this adorable Disney Theme Park Snack and Play Set!

Snack and Play Set

This turkey leg doesn’t have a bazillion calories!

Turkey Leg

Popcorn is a favorite theme park snack!


Another classic Disney park food – Mickey Rice Crispy Treats.

Mickey Rice Crispy Treat

Mickey Ice Cream Bars are a right of passage at the Disney parks.

Mickey Ice Cream Bar

A great place for a theme park hot dog is at Casey’s Corner in the Magic Kingdom.

Hot Dog

French fries and a cold beverage will help the hunger pains until your next Advance Dining Reservation!

French Fries


And who can visit the World without grabbing a yummy soft pretzel?

Mickey Soft Pretzel

The Disney Theme Park Snack and Play Set makes a great gift to commemorate all the fun and food that your family enjoyed at your favorite Disney destination.

But where’s the Dole Whip??

What Disney food item do you think should have been included in this set? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Krista Coble says

    I agree with the churro-I have many fond memories of eating those at Disneyland when I was a kid. Dole Whip should be in there for sure! And what about a mickey waffle?

  2. Alan says

    I don’t get it. The Disney folks have a great flair for marketing and have come up with so many brilliant ideas – that these seems silly. Maybe someone can come up with an idea to display the iconoclastic mouse eared items, but the others make little sense, unless as a teething toy.

  3. says

    My niece is 2 years old and loves the pretend food toys right now. It would have been cute if the popcorn, fries and cups had the Disney logo or a picture of Mickey somewhere. I absolutely LOVE the Mickey pretzel.

  4. venessa says

    They have the magnet set next to that store next to earls of sammich. =) saw them last week.

  5. Galloping Gourmand says

    Ok, this sounds weird, but I have an odd fetish for fake food items. (If I lived near WDW I’d even consider doing a series on the fake foods that WDW uses as set dressings).

    I love the details like the little tiny rice krispies and uneven texture of the treat. There is good texture on the chicken leg too – you can see the grain of the meet. The salt on the pretzel is a great touch and looks to be about the right size too. Finally, the chocolate pour on the Mickey Bar doesn’t appear to be an even thickness, which is a great touch. I am disappointed by the popcorn, fires, and drinks. The containers are generic and have no Disney branding. Everything at a Disney park has branding, so this seems like they manufacturer took an existing toy food mold and stuck it in the set. At least they tried with the generic hot dog and stuck some strange Mickey shaped catchup? Shots/jimmies/sprinkle? What is that?

    Also, only five fires. Not enough.

  6. Elizabeth says

    This is so cute, I’ve been wanting to buy it and it just recently came back in stock. Now I’m debating if I should wait until the summer to use my passholder discount…. hmmm, my son loves to play in his ‘lil kitchen, and this would be a fun addition.
    Now after this article, I think I’m going to go with my gut and hold off until they take out the boring non-Disney items! It’d be more for me than my son anyway, who really “needs” this? lol (I DO!! haha) Thanks for covering this!

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