Review: Fife and Drum Tavern Features Classic and Rare Disney Treats

The American Adventure pavilion in Epcot is not a place one necessarily associates with great food, but you’d be surprised how many special little treats you can find here!

This is the only spot in Epcot where you can pick up a funnel cake (and the seasonal pumpkin spice funnel cake!), the shop here often sells interesting and classic American candy, and the Fife and Drum Tavern has become the epicenter of some of Disney World’s most beloved treats!


The Fife and Drum is basically a permanent kiosk at the “outskirts” of the American Adventure pavilion in Disney World’s Epcot.

Fife and Drum Tavern

There are two ordering windows, and guests are expected to take their eats and sit at the sea of tables that lies between the Liberty Inn counter-service restaurant and the Fife and Drum.


What I’ve realized in the past couple of months as Fife and Drum has added to their menu is that this spot seems to be a magnet for Disney food cult favorites as well as obscure, random items! Classics like turkey legs, popcorn, and cream cheese pretzels are coupled with rarities like the American Dream slushie and frozen Jim Beam Red Stag lemonade!

Fife and Drum Menu - click image for larger version

Let’s go through some of the fan favorites and random options on the menu to get a better feel for what you can order at this little hot spot of Disney food goodness…

American Dream slushie

Currently, this spot is one of the only spots in Disney World where you can get the American Dream slushie, a mixture of strawberry and raspberry slushies and soft serve vanilla ice cream! (This the only place where it’s called an American Dream. A similar slushie, minus the ice cream, is found at Sleepy Hollow in the Magic Kingdom.)

This hidden treat is a guest favorite, and the combo of sweet-tart flavors and textures is a fun one!

The American Dream

American Dream and Popcorn

Frozen Jim Beam Red Stag Lemonade

Also available here in the slushie/beverage department is the Frozen Jim Beam Red Stag lemonade, a leftover from the 2011 Epcot Food and Wine Festival. Again, this is another item that you can ONLY find here.

Jim Beam Red Stag is a black cherry flavored bourbon, and does indeed give the drink a kick! I liked it a lot at the festival, and I’m glad it’s stayed on as a menu offering.

Frozen Jim Beam Red Stag Lemonade

Jalapeno Cheese Pretzel

Another offering at the Fife and Drum that is actually quite rare in Disney World these days is the outstanding Jalapeno Cheese Pretzel. This, predictably, is a soft pretzel stuffed with jalapenos and cheese, and even though I love hot and spicy things and consider myself to have a high tolerance, this snack does offer a lot of spicy flavor! It’s become one of my very favorite snacks recently!

Jalapeno Cheese Pretzel

You can only find this treat in two or three locations in Disney World, so hurry over before they decide to cut back more!

Jalapeno Cheese Pretzel inside - close-up

Cream Cheese Pretzel

Another rare stuffed pretzel found at the Fife and Drum is the Cream Cheese Stuffed Pretzel. This soft pretzel treat has a sweet cream cheese filling that’s pretty decadent!

Sweet Cream Cheese Pretzel

Once again, it’s only found in two places in Disney World that we know of (the other being the Lunching Pad at the Magic Kingdom), so it’s quite rare. Definitely worth a try, though — it’s a fan favorite!

Filling of Sweet Cream Cheese Pretzel

Mickey Pretzels

A brand new addition to Disney World (though Disneyland has had them forever), the Mickey-shaped soft pretzels are just plain better than regular soft pretzels in my opinion ;-).

Mickey Pretzel with Cheese

Get them with some plastic cheese and you’ll be in heaven. Or at least I’ll be in heaven on your behalf. ;-)

Root Beer Float

Back to beverages, the soft ice cream root beer float is definitely a fan favorite! Don’t forget to pick up two straws so that you can share!! And remember, in the hot Florida sun, this will melt quickly…

Root Beer Float

Turkey Legs

Disney’s famous giant turkey legs can also be found here. These aren’t all that rare around Disney parks, but they sure are fan favorites!

Disney Turkey Leg


Some folks say there’s nothing quite like Disney popcorn, and I agree! Whether it’s because you’re in the happiest place on Earth, or because they put a little something extra in those kernels (*cough* copious amounts of butter *cough*), it’s delicious — and a perfect park-touring snack. Don’t be like me and wait too long to have your first box of Disney popcorn. Snag some at the Fife and Drum. ;-)


Popcorn Close-Up

Popcorn Snack


As you can see, this isn’t just another one of those standard Disney kiosks that carry the same ol’ same ol’ snacks. This spot offers quite a few rare, not-to-be-missed options! Once again, another hidden gem of a kiosk that I’d passed by one too many times!

The next time you’re in Epcot, head over to the Fife and Drum and try one of these yummy treats that you’ve never had before. Then leave us a comment and let us know what you thought! :-)


  1. says

    I’ve somehow missed this place on my past trips and I feel so guilty! I feel I need to go back, get an American Dream and one (all?) of those pretzels to help with the guilt. It all looks so good!

  2. says

    Oh yum. That Jim Beam slushie may have lured my over from my traditional Grey Goose slushie during Illuminations! Nothing to do with the extraordinarily handsome server… Nothing at all.

  3. John Grigas says

    I really enjoyed the Red Stag Lemonade from Food & Wine . . . I’m glad to see that it became a “carryover!” This is one of those things that gets better as the weather gets hotter. They had the machinery, so why not!

  4. Alan says

    Spicy pretzel washed down with an icy spiked lemonade – that’s heaven, or in this case, WDW!

  5. marcellina says

    ha Becca! you read my mind! I was physically leaning into my computer screen trying to read his nametag (Justin!) as he was handing me that turkey leg! LOL. Fife and Drum Tavern here I come! (Oh, and the food looks good as well A.J. lol!)

  6. Kat says

    Yup, I pretty much want everything you have posted here. I’m going this week and I plan on trying the Jalapeno Cheese Pretzel, Mickey Pretzel, and Red Stag Lemonade!

  7. says

    Wow, I always just figured this place had the same old pretzels, popcorn, budwieser selection. (We need that epcot snack book more than ever!)

    I am adding this to the list and will now have to decide if I want the lemonade or the Sam Adams Specialty Brew.

  8. says

    I am so glad you posted this and explained why I never know about the Jim Beam lemonade before! I was beside myself wondering how I had missed it! This kiosk is completely on my list for next visit.

  9. Victoria says

    I’ve had a craving for Disney World popcorn for a while now… *sigh* Hopefully that craving can be filled soon!! :)

    The American Dream slushie looks yummy!

  10. kirsten says

    My Mom and daughter each had an american dream in May and it was a great refreshing treat on a very hot day!

  11. Kendra says

    My favorite trick is to get dessert to go from Via Napoli (mmmm zeppole) and head over here to grab one of the Red Stag Lemonades… no, the totally don’t go together, but how can you beat that? I’m going to have to try one of the pretzels, though, next time… they look too good to pass up!

  12. Brandy says

    In Dec. I stopped at the Fife&Drum and ordered the crm chz pretzel,the jalapeno pretzel, a root beer float,popcorn&large cokes(all using our 104 snack credits!). And I was so foolish as it carry everything all at once over to my hungry family! We loved the pretzels but wished they would have stayed warmer longer-eat them fast to enjoy them the most! If I would have had one more hand,my husbad would have loved the Sam Adams Seasonal Brew-oh well!Something to try on our next eatcation!!

  13. Carol says

    I love the Jalepeno Cheese stuffed pretzel. I’ve only been able to find it recently in the AK in Africa, so I’m glad to know it’s also at the Fife and Drum. The Jim Beam Lemonade and American Dream Slushie look to be worth a try next time we’re there.

  14. Matt Holley says

    I really enjoyed the Red Stag Lemonade, actually enjoyed a couple of them. I was a little afraid of the bourbon at first, but you can’t really taste it (which makes them a little dangerous….haha). Now if only I could find a recipe so I can enjoy them at home!!

  15. Essie says

    I noticed on the sign that it lists popcorn at $3.09. Can you believe that back in the mid ’70’s popcorn was supposed to cost 15 cents a box?!?! Wow

  16. Andre says

    After having heard about the cream cheese pretzel on the DFB podcast, I made it a mission for my husband and I to try one this past week. We fully intended to obtain it from the Fife & Drum, unfortunately they weren’t open yet when we went by. We did finally found one at The Launching Pad in TL at MK. I have to say that we liked it, but not something I would actively seek out next time. Personally I think it was more underwhelming to me because it reminded me so much of Kraft Bagel-fuls so much that I missed the strawberry jelly. On a side note, we unexpectedly discovered the Rum Dole Whip float (rather the Dole Whip with splash of Rum) That is something we will definitely seek out next time. I will also be sure to make a stop at the Fife & Drum to try out that Red Stag Frozen Lemonade next time. Thank DFB for all the great Disney Food info.

  17. says

    Andre — Glad you enjoyed! Remember, the Rum Dole Whip is currently only available during the Flower and Garden Festival. While we hope it becomes a full-time addition to Epcot, it may not.

  18. Paul S. says

    My roommate and I enjoy the treats here. Since we found out that the cream cheese pretzel is here at EPCOT, we ALWAYS pick up one (or two) for him, while I enjoy some of the other choices. Good stuff!

  19. GeorgeF. says

    I need an update, we are going Nov 8th 2016 and would like to know if these are still available?

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