Super Bowl Eats in Disney World

Lines to get in on Game Day

While you may immediately think of chicken wings (hubba hubba!) at ESPN Club on the Boardwalk for Sunday’s big game, there are plenty of other things going on in Disney World this coming Sunday!

If you’re lucky enough to be in Disney World this weekend, check out your options, my friends…


The ESPN Club at the Boardwalk is adding outdoor bleacher seating and some big screen TVs for the folks who don’t make it inside the restaurant (the line is always around the block on this one!).

ESPN Wide World of Sports

The mecca for sports in Disney World will be ready for an influx this weekend! The ESPN Wide World of Sports Grill will be open throughout the evening. And over at the Welcome Center, Disney World guests can watch the game on the Jumbotron and dine on wings, nachos, and drinks from two different bars. Watching is free, eating/drinking is not.

Disney Resort Restaurant Menus

But if you’re like me and you can’t be talked out of chicken wings and nachos, a few of the Disney Resort dining locations are adding some of your favorite game-day snacks to their menus on Sunday!!

All-Star Resorts

The All-Stars will add chicken wings and nachos to their menu offerings, and the game will be shown in all food courts and at all pool bars.

Moderate Resorts

Over at Caribbean Beach Resort, guests can watch the game at Banana Cabana or on the massive movie screen while taking advantage of the pizza delivery menu! Old Port Royale will be serving bone-in and boneless chicken wings as a special item.

Coronado Springs will be showing the game at Rix Lounge, and will also be offering a buffet dinner and drink specials from 4pm-12am. Expect chili cheese dogs, chicken wings, pulled pork sammies, baked penne pasta, antipasta, cucumber salad, chips & salsa, and more ($12.95 for the buffet). Drink specials include a 5-beer domestic bucket for $15, a 5-beer import bucket for $20, well drinks for $5, and house wine for $6.

Over at Port Orleans, expect to see the game on the large movie screen! You can also catch it over at the River Roost Lounge, where they’ll be serving a special menu of chili cheese dogs, wings, BBQ shrimp and grits, nachos, and crayfish bites. The Riverside Mill Food Court will show the game on a monitor in the kids’ zone.

Deluxe and Villa Resorts

Over at Saratoga Springs, guests can view the game at High Rocks Springs Pool and the Turf Club Bar and Grill. Turf Club will serve apps from the menu during the game.

At Disney’s Old Key West Resort guests can watch the game on the Pool Deck on a big screen TV. Guests can grab special menu items over at Olivia’s and the Gurgling Suitcase — nachos, Buffalo chicken nuggets, chili cheese fries, onion rings, cheesecake, and chocolate cake.

Shula’s Steakhouse, Dolphin Resort You all know I’m a Bills fan and therefore required to hate the Miami Dolphins, but even I have to admit that Shula’s Steakhouse is a phenomenal restaurant. Luckily, this Sunday the restaurant will be filled to the gills with TVs so that you won’t miss a minute of the big game (or the commercials, if that’s your thing).

I’m so jealous I can’t be there! The Super Bowl, a giant Rib-Eye, and a hash brown as big as my head?!? Perfection!!! For more information about the restaurant visit or call 407-934-1362.

Yacht and Beach Clubs offer the game on screens at Crew’s Cup, Martha’s Vineyard, and Ale and Compass. If you’re staying in your room, order up the “Big Game Feature” from room service: 26-piece Buffalo Chicken Nugget platter with blue cheese and celery, a 16 inch pizza, and 8 beers. With tax and gratuity, this comes to $109.

Main Street Bakery

There will be specialty Super Bowl cupcakes available at the Main Street Bakery on Sunday! Expect red, white, and blue on the frosting — the colors for both the Patriots and the Giants (how convenient!).

So, where are YOU watching the big game?? Me? I’ll probably be right here at my computer tweeting away about every play! ;-) See ya then!


  1. Alan says

    We’re so into the Giants that I’ll be chewing my fingernails during the game. Oh yeah, I’ll make a big platter of wings earlier in the day.

  2. canadianslovewdw says

    at a friends house… but as a fellow bills fan we are required to hate the patriots and the Giants.. so i guess go Giants i hate them less…

  3. says

    Mark — I know; seems anticlimactic after all of the WDW stuff, eh? ;-)

    Alan — Yum! Save some for me! (Wings. Not fingernails.)

    Canadians — Ha ha! That’s exactly how I feel! I’ll root for the pats because I hate them less (my favorite Bills player of all time WAS Scott Norwood, after all).

  4. Paula B. says

    Although we are in the heart of New England I am sad to say we are a divided household, remember the Giants were the nearest team for years before the Patriots came to be. My girlfriends have a pre-Bowl gameday of our own with brunch, cards and board games. You may stay on through the evening or go on to other parties, or home to watch with your family. It’s a fun day all around (but a particularly tense one this year, lol.) All the Diney options sound terrific, the ESPN Cafe is a particular fave of my husband!

  5. says

    I’m not crazy about either team (GO EAGLES!)

    But this list is great AJ! We were down the year the Eagles & Pats were in the Super Bowl. Our plan was to go to the ESPN Club on the Boardwalk and it was a nightmare it was so crowded! Wound up going back to our timeshare to watch the game. This list would have been super helpful a few years ago!!!

  6. says

    Awesome update on the Superbowl. We thought it was the Roost over at POR and that was it. Nice hearing about the other screens they’ll have around the resort. Also the food. Can’t watch the Bowl without beer and wings!

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