News! The Latest Foodie Vinylmations!

More new food-related vinylmations have been released (or announced), and we can’t wait to share them with you!

Kitchen Kabaret Vinylmation Set

Drum roll please… The Kitchen Kabaret Vinylmation set that we reported on back in September has now been released.

Broccoli Vinylmation is one of Six in the Kitchen Kabaret Vinylmation Set

The 6-piece set is being sold at the Walt Disney World and Disneyland D-Street locations as well as few select in-park shops, retailing for $99.95. I’m not at the parks this week, so I’ll have to wait until the mailman brings me my set to show you up-close-and-personal photos of these vinyl veggies.

But to keep your hunger at bay, I do have a few foodie Vinylmation pictures for you to snack on.

Valentine’s Day Box of Chocolates

For all you lovebirds out there, is has been offering the Vinylmation version of a box of chocolates.

This is an open-box edition, so in this case, you do know what you’re going to get. This 3″ figure sells for $16.95 on

Box of Chocolates Front

Box of Chocolate, Back

Spirit of Aloha Dinner Show Vinylmation

While not a depiction of actual eats, the Park 7 Vinylmation series feature a fire dancer from the Spirit of Aloha dinner show at the Polynesian.

I’m thinking that if the merchandise artists wanted to make this one more realistic, they would have given him better abs :-). I do like his nifty two-headed fire stick accessory though.

This & That Vinylmation Juniors

There are four food-related figures in the new This & That set of Vinylmation Juniors. These bite-sized cuties come with a detachable key ring so that you can either display them or carry them with you.

Apples & Oranges

Bread & Butter

Peanut Butter & Jelly

Beans & Rice (hey that's nice)

Romantic Treats Series

In the world of Vinylmation from afar, a recent only-in-Japan series features “Romantic Treats.” These are a mashup of cupcakes and characters with frills at the feet, which are supposed to represent paper cupcake liners.

And bonus of all bonuses — they all smell like chocolate! Because I am a seriously deranged Vinylmation junkie, I did succumb to the Romantic siren song and order one of these sweeties from eBay. My choice was Romantic Marie. Isn’t she adorable.

Romantic Treats Marie

Other Romantic Offerings

Box Front/Side

Adorable Nutrition Facts

More to Come!

Never fear, there are even more upcoming foodie Vinylmation releases. The Cutesters At The Beach set, slated for late February, will feature Sno-Cone and ice cream figures. The Urban 9 set will have a toaster with bread ears.

And I can hear the choir of angels singing now, because the Park 9 set included the holy grail of all foodie Vinylmation: The Dole Whip.

I. Can’t. Wait.

What Vinylmation figure are YOU prepping to purchase? Let us know in the comments below!

Erin Foster is the Disney Food for Families columnist, Vinylmation expert, and a behind-the-scenes guru here at Disney Food Blog! Check out more of her posts here.


  1. TJ says

    Oh. Mah. Gah. They better make like quadruple the amount of Dole Whip vinylmations because everyone is going to want one!

  2. Joy says

    Erin, how did you order the Kitchen Kabaret set? I have been trying to order it from Disney merchandise over the phone since last week and I keep getting different answers but I have not been able to purchase it yet. I also don’t see it available online. As a HUGE fan, I would love to get my hands on this set!

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