New Italian Food Kiosk Serving To-Go Food and Wine in Epcot

Thanks to Andy Jackson from Eating (And Drinking) Around the World, we have pics of a brand new Italy kiosk that’s selling to-go Italian food dishes!

New Temporary Italy Kiosk in Epcot

You’ll find this kiosk in Epcot’s Italy, and according to cast members, it will be open while Tutto Italia and the new Gusto Wine Bar are being refurbished and created (through April 2012)!

The menu (picture below) includes baked ravioli, pasta e fagioli soup, paninis, and capellini con gamberi piccanti along with beers and wines.

Menu -- click for larger image

Would love to hear any reports or reviews of the food here! Let us know what you’d like to try in the comments below!


  1. TJ says

    The ravioli di formaggio sounds similar to a dish they have at the Italy food and wine kiosk. If they are similar, the one at food and wine is very tasty, so I’d imagine this one would be too. From the description it sounds like the only difference is the sauce.

  2. says

    We went to Disney about 2 weeks ago and actually had the Ravioli from there. Honestly, I was a little disappointed. The flavors were there, but I’m not sure if we received the last batch they were selling because it tasted like it was warmed up in a microwave; it wasn’t as “fresh” tasting as I am used to at Disney, even with it being sort of a quick service stand. I do not think I will be ordering from here again.

  3. says

    TJ — I was thinking that as well. Also, the angel hair pasta with the spicy garlic and shrimp. That was delish!

    Shana — Sorry to hear that! :-( THanks for the review!

  4. Mike M says

    The angel hair pasta w/ shrimp was one of our faves from food and wine this year. If this dish isn’t the same then it certainly is inspired by that food and wine winner! That was my first reaction when I read this. Keep up the great work, AJ.

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