“Where Can I Find A Really Big Glass of Beer in Disney World?”

If you’ve ever asked yourself this question, I definitely have the answer for you: Biergarten.

While you may be able to find large quantities of brew through beer flights and pints at other watering holes, the place to really indulge in a massive stein of golden goodness while relaxing and enjoying a show is at this fun, rollicking spot in Epcot’s Germany pavilion.

Liter of Beer at Biergarten

Trust me — that thing is bigger than your head. And the drink menu is even shaped like a stein. That’s how you know you’re in a place that’s known for its beer!

Biergarten Drink Menu

Biergarten Beer Menu -- click for larger image

The massive liter of beer will set you back $13.00 in cost…and will likely set you back for the afternoon when you’re finished! Here’s a word of warning: We do not recommend scheduling a Food and Wine Festival Beer and Pizza tasting immediately after ordering a liter of beer in Germany. ;-)

Now, the picture above looks like a big mug of beer, but I’d like to give you a little perspective. Here’s how big these things really are. (FYI — sadly, that’s not me in the pic. Thanks to M. Carrera for the use of the photo!)

Celebrating With Steins!

Celebrating With Steins!

So, like I said, when you want a big ol’ glass of beer, Biergarten is the place to go! But I’d love to hear your input!

Where are your favorite Disney spots for beer? Fill us in!


  1. Rich T. says

    I am still upset that they switched from the Spaten festbier to the Altenmunster. Not only was the Spaten a better-tasting beer, but it was a true beer consumed at the real Oktoberfest, unlike the Altenmunster.

  2. says

    The only “problem” with the 1 L beer at Biergarten is that you can only order it (to my knowledge) when you eat at the restaurant. While this isn’t awful (because the buffet is great and the entertainment is fun), it would be nice to be able to sit and have a liter of Hovels (my favorite!) when “drinking around the world.” Hopefully the future installment of the wine bar in Italy and the success of La Cava del Tequila in Mexico indicates that a beer room is on the way! And if it isn’t yet, hopefully someone at Disney Imagineering reads this!

  3. says

    I LOVE the Beer at Germany and after going to Munich last year I am even keener to get my fix of all things Germanic at Epcot this year. The Dunkel (dark) beers are a thing of pure joy and looking at those pics whets my appetite even more. A Pretzel and a Stein will be a priority when I hit Epcot

  4. says

    Elizabeth — Ha ha!! Or a fastpass to the bathroom like you can get at Whispering Canyon Cafe!

    Rich T — Thanks for the review and details!

    Lisa D — Yes, indeed — you can only order this when you’re at the restaurant. Even Sommerfest next door only sells half liters.

    Melissa — Yay! Enjoy!

    Gordon — Sounds GREAT to me!!!

  5. Alan says

    Even as a veteran beer drinker that liter of good German beer is intimidating. Really, it’s just 3 regular bottles but alas, I guess I’m just getting older. Twenty-five years ago, I’d do a few.

    As far as my favorite spots just give me a table at the Hole in the Wall at Raglan Road and I’m a happy man.

  6. JoAnn says

    That’s a lot of beer. I attempted to drink a liter of beer in Munich a few years ago. I couldn’t do it. I gave it the old college try though.

  7. Scott says

    I came. I saw. I conquered. I dropped that liter of Oktoberfest beer like third period French. I look forward to the next time.

  8. Galloping Gourmand says

    So my mom and I are at Epcot for the Flower and Garden Festival, which my mother had been looking forward to attending for years. At Germany we stop for a beer and decide to split a 1/2 liter. After taking a few swallows I leave to find a restroom and when I come back the whole beer is gone.

    “Mon, did you drink the whole beer??”
    “Yes. It’s just a glass of beer. I’ll get you another.”
    “No thanks.” I reply, knowing what’s coming up. It was 11:30. We hadn’t had lunch.

    For the next 2 hours we go through the festival at lightning speed. Mom’s running around saying, “look at that gotta keep moving wow look at that hey did we see America let’s go back and see America. Oh Canada my home and sacred land! Did we see the butterflies? Eric where are we?” It was like touring with a hyperactive Dory. Where are we, what did we just see, just keep swimming.

    I get her back to our hotel room where she falls, literally falls, on the bed at 2:30. At 6 she wakes up and says, “Eric, you’re up! It’s not even 6! What time does Epcot open?” I explain what happens and she thinks for a minute. “I don’t remember anything. Oh god I missed the festival!”

    She wasn’t drunk, hung over, or anything. We went to Epcot to finish the day. Even though we missed our reservation at Le Cellier we managed to get into Bistro de Paris, and caught Illuminations just as we left. We went back to Epcot the next day.

    Mom hasn’t had a drink at any Disney property since, and that’s the only visit where I haven’t been to all 4 parks (including my one-day trips).

  9. Alan says

    GG – Thanks for the great story. It put a smile on my face, it’s like a something that would happen in my family. Bravo!

  10. ShaeLee says

    My husband had the liter when we ate at Biergarten. The beer’s are delicious and the food is fantastic! I was pleasantly surprised when I made it through a 1/2 liter of beer. I think we had to be rolled out of the restaurant.

  11. chantel says

    Our last visit to Biergarten was “blaaaahhhhhh-ed” by our tablemates. The hubs was in the middle of ordering beer, and I wine, when the woman next to me asked us “not to” since she & her companion were recovering alcoholics. UMMMM shouldn’t that have been their table request at check in? Not to be the “bad guys” we refrained, but aren’t planning to eat there again, unless we have enough people to fill our own table! Talk about awkwardness.

  12. Trudie says

    Do you which beer they are drinking in the picture? I love dark beer! I have an ADR for Biergarten at the end of March, and I want to know which beer to order (I’ll never make it through more than one).

  13. Dave says

    The Biergarten is a regular stop for me (love the atmosphere), but the Rose and Crown beer selection has a more authentic beer taste for me. The beers and especially the pretzels at Biergarten do not have the freshness or taste as served in Munich, but still pretty good. The trouble with the Biergarten is that when you’re enjoying your liter there is another party at your table with some kids looking at your litre and giving you the “your an alcoholic aren’t you and now we are stuck with him” look. Prost!

  14. William Wells says

    Nein, nein. Das ist zu viel Bier für mich. 1.2 litre is fine for me. I like to see more of EPCOT. Not the inside of restrooms. Besides, there is the Crown and Rose pub to go yet. With fish and chips.

  15. Gabby Bladdick says

    Great review! We’d love to stop by for a regular German beer or perhaps a flight (not 1L), can we order that even if we do not eat at the restaurant? Thanks!

  16. Gabby Bladdick says

    Great review! We’d love to stop by for a regular German beer or perhaps a flight (not the 1 Liter), can we order that even if we do not eat at the restaurant? Thanks!

  17. Josey says

    Hi! Do you know if you can go to Biergarten in Epcot *just* for a beer–or if we have to make a reservation for dinner? Thanks!!

  18. says

    Josey — Wow, a great question!! I was originally going to answer that of course you can go in just for a beer, but come to think of it, with the buffet, I’m not sure that’s allowed (e.g. “if you sit, you pay”). I’ll check on that for you and get back to you!

  19. Paul Holmes says

    This beer is nothing for us in the UK or Germany- on a night out with our work colleagues or friends, it would not be abnormal to put away 6 or more pints of beer.
    Come on people of USA, man up!
    I will be here in August 2016 to sample a few of these.

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