5 Things I Wish I Was Eating During “One More Disney Day”

So, I’m headed to the dentist for some major dental work today while bazillions of Disney fans are living it up in the Magic Kingdom and Disneyland at One More Disney Day, the epic 24-hour theme park Leap Day adventure! ;-) Don’t worry, though, to show what a good sport I am, I’m going to share with you the five things I’d be eating if I was there with them! ;-) Share in our comments section what YOU’D be eating if you were there!

Hot Dog, Fries, and Plastic Cheese at Casey’s Corner

There’s nothing like a Casey’s Corner hot dog, and there’s REALLY nothing like a Casey’s Corner hot dog with plastic cheese!

Casey's Corner Hot Dog, Fries, Plastic Cheese, and Fixins

Milkshake at the Plaza Restaurant

To appeal to my sweet tooth, I’d head over to the Plaza Restaurant in the Magic Kingdom for one of their out-of-this-world milkshakes!

Plaza Restaurant Milkshake

Three Cheese Monte Cristo French Toast at Cafe Orleans

The Monte Cristos at Cafe Orleans in Disneyland are legendary, and they’re serving a three-cheese french toast version today!! Because I don’t have a photo of this new breakfast version, I’ll just post a pic of the REAL monte cristo from Cafe Orleans, and we can all pretend that’s three cheeses and french toast… ;-) (Well, who knows, maybe I could convince them to make a real monte cristo…)

Monte Cristo at Cafe Orleans

Ralph Brennan’s Cheese Bread

If you haven’t tried Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen‘s ooey-gooey cheese bread, you’re in for a great adventure! This stuff may look deadly, but it sure is delicious. Find it in Disneyland’s Downtown Disney District.

Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen Cheese Bread

Tomato Soup at Pinnochio Village Haus

One of my favorite soups — and yours, I hope — is this creamy tomato basil hidden gem soup found in Pinnochio Village Haus in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. One of my favorite Disney escapes = sitting in the upstairs seating area with a cup of this goodness.

Tomato Basil Soup at Pinocchio Village Haus

For your own imaginary eating pleasure, here are the spots that are open in Walt Disney World and Disneyland for One More Disney Day!

So tell me, what would YOU be eating if you were in the Magic Kingdom or in Disneyland today?? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. Jenny says

    my top 5 thing’s i would be eating if i were in disney 4 leap day (disney world only):

    1) main street chocolate chip cookie (possibly an ice cream sandwich 2)

    2) hot chocolate

    3) casey’s hotdog (or corn dog nuggets) and fries (maybe with plastic cheese)

    4) dole whip

    5) chocolate crossiant

  2. Eric says

    For me, my top 5 treats would by (in WDW)

    1. Jalapeño Cheddar Pretzel

    2. Apple Pie Apple

    3. Grey Goose Slush

    4. Nachos from La Cantina

    5. Cinnamon Roll from MSB

  3. Jen says

    My top 5:

    1. funnel cake. (not sure if they would have them that day, but that’s what I want)

    2. dole whip float (half pineapple half vanilla + pineapple juice)

    3. beignets (POFQ)

    4. warm cinnamon roll (do you sense a theme here?)

    5. Sampling of mom’s recipes (50’s PTC–had to break from the sweet, and I couldn’t choose between the 3!)

  4. Brenda says

    What a fun post!

    1-Casey’s hot dog

    2-Make your own pretzel treat from Goofy’s Candy Kitchen

    3-Strawberry Lemon Tart at Narcoosees

    4-Anything from the Boulangerie in Epcot’s France

    5-Dole Whip

  5. Frank says

    1) Mickey Premium Bar

    2) Cappa Delizio @ Italy/Epcot… I’m HOOKED!!!

    3) Beaches & Cream cheeseburger

    4) Sushi/Flatbread @ CA Grill lounge along w a nice glass of Vino

    5) Salmon @ Artist Point!!

  6. says

    AJ.. we ate dinner at the crystal palace recently and while I didn’t like much of the buffet I did have some GREAT tomato basil soup. Could this be the same soup from Pinocchio Village Haus??

    I don’t know what my top 5 would be if I was at WDW today but I know I would definitely be getting the nutella waffle!

  7. Christa M. says

    1) That Casey’s meal you posted
    2) Dole Whip Float
    3) Popcorn & a Diet Coke from the Cart on the left after you go through the train station (that popcorn tastes better for some reason)
    4) Anything from Columbia Harbour House
    5) Cotton Candy

  8. Mary says

    Top 5 in MK would be…

    1. Dole whip float
    2. Taco salad from Tortuga Tavern (we’ll make that lunch)
    3. Fried fish basket from Columbia Harbor House (dinner)
    4. Tiramisu at Tony’s Town Square
    5. Mickey ice cream bar

  9. Marianne says

    Hmmm…breakfast in Epcot:
    1. Palmier from the Boulangerie

    Over to Magic Kingdom for rides on Splash, Pirates, and a snack:
    2. Dole Whip float

    A late lunch in Animal Kingdom (cheating a little on this one):
    3. Rib-and-chicken combo and a Safari Amber beer from Flame Tree

    Still full from lunch, but able to manage “just” a snack at the Studios:
    4. Butterfinger cupcake from Starring Rolls

    Home to Animal Kingdom Lodge for an evening swim, then:
    5. Any soup from Boma

    A month from today, we’ll be getting ready to go!

  10. Debbie says

    So much to choose from, but if I could only have 5, I’d go with

    1. Oreo Bon Bon Cupcake from Boardwalk Bakery

    2. No Way Jose sundae from Beaches and Cream

    3. Fresh Caramel Corn form Karamell-Kuche

    4. Monte Cristo Sandwich from Cafe Orleans

    5. Pooh Puffed French Toast from Crystal Palace

  11. Grace says

    Ooooh…. how to narrow to just 5 things???!!!

    1. Dole Whip Float

    2. Lobster Roll from Columbia Harbor House

    3. Zeppole (Via Napoli)

    4. Rice Cream (Norway)

    5. Cheese Platter (Rose and Crown Pub)

  12. Lori says

    hmmmmm…. this is tough.. But I think my list would look like this..
    1. Giant cinnamon roll from Main street bakery for breakfast
    2. Dole whip for a snack
    3. Casey’s hot dog for lunch
    4. Mickey shaped pretzle with plastic cheese another snack
    5. Tony’s for dinner

    Sounds like a pretty good day to me! What I wouldn’t do to be at Disney World ALL day today!

  13. Beth says

    This is hard because I have had some wonderful things that are no longer served but here it goes.

    1. Dole Whip

    2. Plaza Inn Fried Chicken

    3. Dad’s Old Fashioned Meat Loaf – 50’a Prime Time Cafe

    4.Artist Point Berry Cobbler

    5. And even though I have never had one, a Peanut Butter cupcake from Boardwalk Bakery. Love peanut butter!

  14. Meghan says

    Oh man – this is hard…but if I were there today, I would 100% have to eat these five things:

    1. Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Bar
    2. Dole Whip
    3. Popcorn & a Diet Coke
    4. Nachos & Chicken Tacos @ Mexico Pavillion
    5. Main Street Bakery – cinnamon roll and/or ice cream cookie sandwich

  15. J Murphy says

    I can’t believe the food things I learn here! LOVE the Monte Cristo in DL too! the plastic cheese is my kids’ fave disney food!
    my top five would be
    2-hibachi in Japan
    3-Earl of Sandwich blt
    4- mickey ice cream bar
    5-Goofys kitchen make your own apple!

  16. Louise says

    1. Dole Whip float made pineapple/pineapple
    2. Main Street USA ice cream shop sundae in waffle bowl
    3. Corn dog nuggets from Casey’s
    4. Pepperoni pizza from Pinocchio’s (yeah, I like it)
    5. Dessert and beverage in Poly’s Hawaii concierge resting my feet

  17. Shayne says

    Hope your teeth are doing ok! So sad I can’t be at Disney today, but if I were, my top 5 things I’d want to eat today are:

    1. Lasagna from Tutto Italia (yes, I know it’s closed for refurb, but since this is all a fantasy anyway, I’m going with this!)

    2. Mickey Premium Bar

    3. Pepperoni pizza from Naples in Disneyland DTD

    4. Chocolate peanut butter cupcake from Starring Rolls Cafe

    5. No Way Jose from Beaches and Cream

    Hmmm, my whole list is Italian food, ice cream, chocolate and peanut butter. Could this be why I struggle with my weight?!? :D

  18. Kristin says

    1. Chocolate Croissant – Main Street Bakery
    2. Nutella & Fresh Fruit Waffle – Sleepy Hollow
    3. Iced Coffee Float – Sunshine Tree Terrace
    4. Pilgrims’ Feast – Liberty Tree Tavern
    5. Cheeseburger & Fries with ALL the toppings – Pecos Bill Cafe

  19. Jayme says

    MK picks..

    1. Main Street Bakery for one of those amazing cinnamon rolls. Good for that early morning pick me up.

    2. A nice pineapple float with a pineapple spear from Aloha Isle.

    3. Colony Salad minus the chicken for lunch at Liberty Tree Tavern. Seriously one of the best salads I have ever had!

    4. A nice warm pretzel from the Lunching Pad.

    5. And to end the day a slice of fudge to share with my husband from Main Street Confectionery.

  20. Melanie says

    Ok, here goes…
    1. Dole Whip float
    2. Chocolate covered frozen banana
    3. Boma – don’t care what it is, I’d be happy with anything
    4. Earl of Sandwich – The Ful Montagu
    5. Assuming the rest of my family is with me… the Kitchen Sink at Beaches and Cream

  21. Teresa says

    1. Lamb and chicken shalwar a platter

    2. Dole whip float

    3. Tonga toast

    4. Cake cake cookie at Writer’s Stop

    5. Ice Cream Sandwich from Main Street Bakery

  22. says

    LOVED reading these! Thanks for making my One-More-NOT-Disney-Day a little bit better!! For those asking, my teeth are doing fine! :-)

    Marci — I’m not sure if the Crystal Palace Tomato Basil is the same as Pinnochio or not, but it wouldn’t surprise me! :-)

  23. says

    Not to change the topic but……….This is what we did eat (sharing)

    Bacon cheeseburger
    Mickey bar
    cinnamon roll
    oh ya and
    #6 dolewhip

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