Disney World Food-Themed Luggage Available in Epcot

Remember when that cool piece of luggage was spotted in Disneyland? The one with Disneyland icons and food decorating the whole suitcase?

We’ll, we’re happy to share that a Walt Disney World version was spotted at Epcot’s Mouse Gear store by Reader Chantel B.!

Disney Luggage

The suitcase features names of Disney World theme parks, Mickey ear hats, Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bars, popcorn, and the main theme park icons for each park in a fun, colorful design! Here’s a close up!

Disney Suitcase

If you’re a Disney World and Disneyland fan, you can have a matched set! The suitcase is hard-sided, and costs $149 (we admit, that’s pricey!). We can’t find it on the DisneyStore.com listing yet, but let us know if you see it! :-)

Have you spotted any other Disney merchandise with food graphics at a WDW store? Clue us in, please!


  1. says

    While it’s very cute and all … I wish they would do some luggage that had a bit more of a “fashionable” pattern to it. Maybe something a bit more adult but still Disney in a subtle way.

    You definitely would know which bag was yours though while travelling!

  2. Shayne says

    I was just thinking the same thing as Marcellina. But this sure would stand out on the baggage carousel at the airport!

  3. says

    Marci — Not your style, eh?? ;-)

    Shayne — Very true, indeed!!

    J Murphy — Ha ha!! I’m so glad you like it!

  4. Veronica says

    I tried calling WDW merchandise, and indicated the prince and location, but they still couldn’t locate it. is there any other information on it (SKU #) so that I can possibly order it through them? Thanks for any help :)

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