New Merch: Iconic Disney Food T-Shirts

Disney has been focusing a lot of merchandise around iconic food lately, and we’ve been highlighting some great examples (WDW suitcase, Disneyland suitcase, cupcake clothes for kids, Mickey waffle pajama pants).

Here’s a round-up of the recent shirts that have come out! Go ahead and wear your Disney food!

Turkey Leg

A popular snack (or meal!), the turkey leg is a vacation splurge! Thanks to Eric Chu for spotting this awesome new t-shirt in Disneyland recently!

Turkey Leg shirt

Of course, there’s always the old favorite as well! Get your own calorie-free turkey leg shirt!

Turkey Leg Shirt


Disney Design Group collaborated with shirt designer Richard Terpstra, to create some awesome shirts featuring favorite Disney theme park snacks (Churros are a great on-the-go snack while touring a Disney park)! Thanks to Melissa Sue Sorrells Galley who spotted this one at Mouse Gear in Epcot!

Churro Tshirt

Dole Whip

Another creation by Richard Terpstra: a second Dole Whip shirt! We love Richard Terpstra’s artistry — check out another Dole Whip shirt that we showcased in an earlier post. Many guests look forward to a Dole Whip on their Disney vacation!

Dole Whip Shirt

Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bars

Wear your love for Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bars!

This ice cream bar is a Disney rite of passage! And doesn’t the Mickey-shape make it much more fun? Go ahead and bite off an ear!

Mickey Bars

World Showcase Eats and Sips

It’s no secret that we can spend a whole day (and evening) eating and drinking around World Showcase in Epcot. These World Showcase shirts highlight favorite eats found on a tour of the pavilions. (We’ve heard rumors that you might only be able to find these seasonally, so always ask!)

Eating Around the World

Start your tour at any of the World Showcase pavilions. As you travel the world, you’ll discover great thirst-quenchers that may be new to you! Beer, wine, sake…oh, my!

Drinking Around the World

Show of hands — how many of you already have these shirts? ;-)

What iconic food shirts have you spotted? Let us know your faves — and what you hope to get the next time you’re in the parks or on!


  1. says

    After my son and his girlfriend drank around the world (the day after hahaa). They bought the shirt. They got lots of comments when they wear it!

  2. catherine says

    I hear Epcot got rid of the drink shirts, kinda hope that wasn’t true but I made my own anyway.

  3. says

    Love the first turkey leg, churro, and dole whip shirts. Really great stuff.

    Richard Terpstra has a great blog discussing his retro design and DisneyWorld typography. Alright, it’s great if you’re a Disney/Design nerd like me… :) Maybe you’ll find it great, too.

  4. Matt says

    I have the Mickey Ice Cream Bar shirt. I got it at Mouse Gears in Epcot last October, I want to say I also saw them in the Emporium at Magic Kingdom and also World of Disney at Downtown Disney. I like the churro shirt, but not something that I see myself wearing.

  5. Cleo says

    Isn’t it interesting that this is the first era where “food” is entertainment for us. We’ve never had food as a theme depicted in art before – other than in traditional Chinese paintings and porcelain. Food is a cooler theme than a t shirt promoting a television show as was okay in the 1970s. Unicorns and rainbows in the 1980s … what was the theme in the 90s?

  6. says

    I think Disney stole my notebook where I have almost exact copies of the last 2 shirts drawn out.

    Catherine – I saw both of the last 2 shirts in Epcot last week.

  7. says

    No, in World Showcase. Near the Afican Outpost maybe? They were hanging right out front so you could see them walking by even if you weren’t going in whatever coutry that was.

  8. Wendy Snelgrove says

    How in the world (pun intended) was fish chosen for Norway instead of School Bread?! School Bread should be the official food of world showcase, if you ask me.

    Cheers! :-)

  9. Heidi says

    Does anyone know if they still have the mickey ice cream shirt at Disney World? I’m going in a couple of months and I would love to have one. The Disney website doesn’t have my size :(

  10. Erica Barthel says

    My favorite shirt is the Mickey Bars. That is too cute! My son wanted a Mickey Bar on our first visit but never got one. On our next visit we got him one. We took pics of him eating it. What a great memory.

  11. G says

    Like the Disneyland Turkey tee way better than WDW’s but the best one is the Dole Whip one!! I want to own it!!

  12. Samantha says

    I just picked up on of the Epcot shirts over NYE, however mine has both the food and drink pairing on it…not just one or the other!

  13. Laura Love says

    How can I order one of the Epcot shirts with the drinks on them? I was there this week and actually had a drink at each country. (Bucket list thing!). I had seen the shirt two days before, but not today. I was bummed. Hoping to be able to order a couple. Any idea how to do this?

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