“Sweet Dreams”: The Scratch & Sniff Nightshirt

Walking through the merchandise section of Pooh Corner in Disneyland, I couldn’t help but be intrigued by a giant t-shirt with a scratch & sniff sticker on it.  When I noticed it was a “sleepy” Eeyore with a cup of hot chocolate, I immediately assumed that the “sniff” would be chocolate — because who wants to smell Eeyore all night long?

Scratch & Sniff Eeyore Night Shirt

Seriously? A scratch and sniff t-shirt?

Of course I immediately scratched and sniffed.  And yes, into my nose went a hint of chocolate.  The special ink used to print this shirt is infused with a chocolate scent; when you scratch it, it smells stronger.  The areas that were the most potent were the cocoa jar and Eeyore’s mug.  How do I know? because I tested out the whole darn print!

I scratched, and I sniffed.

AND I scratched and I sniffed...

This…ummmm…interesting find comes in “OSFA” (One Size Fits All) and will set you back $24.95.  Over time, my guess is that the scent will fade away.  Maybe even after a few washes.

Sizing and Pricing

I’m not sure if this nightshirt is for me, but get me a Mickey Bar chocolate scented t-shirt and I’m 100% in! Should be interesting to see if the Disney merchandising team adds any more scented clothing to the stores…

Would you add “scratch & sniff” to your wardrobe? Have you already? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Kristie says

    I have had two of them…..the scent does disappear after washing, but the cuteness doesn’t!

  2. canadianslovewdw says

    how about making some of those shirts from the iconic disney food t-shirts post, into the scratch and sniff… eg, turkey leg.. how awesome would that be.. or how about a buffalo wing scratch and sniff.. yum yum…

  3. Heather Sievers says

    @Sherri – Maybe you could surprise her with a “fresh” one for her birthday! ; )

    @Kristie – I figured the scent would probably fade away. My husband owns a pretty big screen printing shop, but he doesn’t offer scented ink!

    @canadianslovewdw – HAHA! I think I’d be scared of wearing those scents around!

  4. Lana says

    These have been around for a really long time. I got one almost like it back in the 90s!

  5. Heather Sievers says

    @Lana – Wow! I had no idea, just saw it for the first time on my last trip to Disneyland. It was hidden way in the back of Pooh’s Corner.

  6. says

    I bought a Minnie Mouse version 5 years ago at Disney World – it lost its smell after one wash. I still love it cause the ‘one size fits all’ means it is humongous and very comfy! Actually it’s kind of falling apart now, might be time for a new one. That’s a good reason to book another trip right?

  7. says

    i had to buy this because of its chocolate scent – i loved it! its true that the scent disappears after a few washes but its still one of my favorite nightshirts!

  8. Heather Sievers says

    @Shana – Maybe it’s good the smell wears off, otherwise I’d just want to eat chocolate all night! ; )

  9. Erica Barthel says

    I would not buy scratch n sniff clothing because the scent would surely fade after one washing. That would be a total waste of $$.

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