Magic Kingdom New Fantasyland: Storybook Circus Eats

Storybook Circus as soft-opened in Disney World, and we were there to check out if there were any new eats to “write home about!”

Welcome to Storybook Circus!

We got a peek at the ONLY food being sold in this newest area of the Magic Kingdom’s Fantasyland — popcorn, ice cream novelties, and cotton candy! These are being sold from an adorable circus cart very close to the entrance of the new area.

Popcorn, Ice Cream, and Cotton Candy

Ice Cream Cart/Popcorn line

Of course, we had to do a little reporting about the rest of the “consumables” worked into the area’s decor and facilities… On the ground, you’ll see a few embedded peanuts next to the circus’ elephant prints!

Elephant Tracks

Peanuts close by!

And in the restrooms, there are signs posted that the water is reclaimed and undrinkable (non potable). We’ve not seen this before in Disney restrooms.

Storybook Circus Restrooms

Reclaimed Water

Non Potable Water

Has anyone else seen this sort of thing elsewhere in Disney World?

I can’t wait until the rest of the new Fantasyland opens so that we can see and experience the Be Our Guest Restaurant, Gaston’s Tavern, and the other awesome adventures in eating I know they’ll include. :-)


  1. Chris says

    Non-potable is going to confuse a lot of guests (including me).

    Does “not safe to drink” also mean “not safe to wash hands with?” After all, everyone who is at MK will eventually eat with their hands and pass whatever was in the water onto their food.

  2. Robyn says

    When is the rest of the new Fantasyland opening?? Taking a trip in September and I want to see it and eat the food!!

  3. Natalie says

    I used to work in Toontown and I’m pretty sure the toilets had “non-potable” water signage then, too. I am guessing it’s because Toontown, as an addition, was so far removed from the existing plumbing and it was easy to design a new, cost-effective, green water reclamation system for the land.

    I think worrying about sediment left on your hands from the water is probably less a big deal than the germs you’re picking up just touching the railings, ride vehicles, shop counters, etc….!

  4. Galloping Gourmand says

    AJ: thanks for adding the fake food pic. :)

    There is nothing wrong with nonpotable water. If it’s in the restroom it is likely in the toilet because you can’t legally use it in the sink. Here are the OSHA guidelines:

    “Outlets for nonpotable water, such as water for industrial or firefighting purposes, shall be posted or otherwise marked in a manner that will indicate clearly that the water is unsafe and is not to be used for drinking, washing of the person, cooking, washing of food, washing of cooking or eating utensils, washing of food preparation or processing premises, or personal service rooms, or for washing clothes.”

    If want to drink from the restroom toilets, sprinklers, or fire hose you likely have more serious issues than having just consumed nonpotable water.

  5. says

    Quick – Your Top 5 WDW Toilets to Drink Out of! Go! :-)

    Those are some very 3-D looking characters on that poster. I don’t know how I feel about that.

    Nice ground details.

  6. Kathleen says

    I have actually seen the non potable water at my college!! but I think my sister mentioned it once as well asking what the heck it was

  7. says

    Reclaimed water is widely used here in Florida for irrigation. It is far cheaper than paying for city drinking water. My friends have reclaimed water in there development and pay $5 or $15/month for unlimited use and their lawn looks amazing.

  8. canadianslovewdw says

    only disney would put a fake peanut in the ground near elephant tracks… this is why I LOVE everything about Disney…

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