Cream Cheese Pretzel Spotted in Disney’s Hollywood Studios

One of our favorite under-the-radar Disney snacks, Sweet Cream Cheese Pretzels, were first seen at Disney World in the Magic Kingdom and offered only at The Lunching Pad in Tomorrowland.

Then, we were excited to find them at Fife & Drum Tavern in Epcot’s American Adventure pavilion.

Sweet Cream Cheese Pretzel

If you are a fan of these pretzels, you’ll now be able to munch on one while touring Disney’s Hollywood Studios. On a recent visit, we spotted cream cheese pretzels at the Pretzel Garden on the Streets of America!

Pretzel Garden at Streets of America

If you haven’t had one, these pretzels are filled with a sweet cream cheese (not really a “frosting,” but still sweet!), and covered in a dusting of sweet crumbs. Cream Cheese Pretzels sell for $4.50 or a Disney Dining Plan snack credit!

Pretzel Garden Menu - click image for larger version

We’re not certain if this is a temporary location for the Spring Break crowds, so keep us posted on their availability!

Cream Cheese Pretzels

You can also find Cream Cheese pretzels in Disneyland, if you’re headed to the West Coast!! Let us know if you find them at any other Disney locations!

Are you a fan of the cream cheese pretzel? Have you spotted them anywhere else in the Disney parks?


  1. says

    This is probably my most favorite snack in the ENTIRE World. Literally, not just Walt Disney World, but the world overall. You will always find my answer to “what do you want for a snack” or “what would you eat right now if you got the chance” to be this sweet little find (or Via Napoli .. but that’s a different story!). I hope this is a permanent fixture and not just a temporary one! May is too far away .. I want one of these NOW!

  2. says

    Mary — Thanks for the review!! You can usually get these in Epcot or Magic Kingdom if they’re not at DHS :-D

  3. Liz says

    These pretzels have always been a favorite of mine and I have shared this great snack with a lot of guests at Disney. FYI, the first time I had a cream cheese pretzel was from a WAWA convenience store, they are even better than the pretzels in the parks. WAWA is a very popular convenience store/gas station in the Northeast and they are now opening stores in Florida this year.

  4. Marie says

    Where is pretzel garden? I’m looking at the HS map and it’s not listed. Can someone tell me what it’s near? Sometimes I get a bit lost in the Streets of America area. Thanks!

  5. says

    Marie — it’s across from the entrance to the honey I shrunk the kids playground entrance I think!

  6. Rod says

    I had one, and they are yummy! @ Marie, when I visited in April, they were located across and to the left of the entrance into the Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show. So, if you were to stand at the show’s entrance, turn around and walk approximately 100 feet and then look left.

  7. Erik says

    I work that Cart and they sure are good you can also get them at Churro cart at the exit of the Great Movie Ride!

  8. Samantha says

    Disney no longer sells cream cheese pretzels :( so sad. At the launching pad this minute and was told disney world no longer sells them :(

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