What is Your Most-Missed Extinct Disney Food?

We’ve been talking a lot about new restaurants and new menu items these past few weeks, but for many Disney food fans the long-lost favorites really stick in their memories.

I decided that we need to pay tribute to some of these famous dishes and want to find out: What are your most-missed extinct Disney dishes? I’ll start the ball rolling with a few of my own!

Fried Boursin Cheese at 50’s Prime Time Cafe

UPDATE –> This one is back!! Woo!! This is, no doubt, my most missed dish in a Disney restaurant. While it’s meant to be shared, you know I ordered one all for myself when I visited 50’s Prime Time Cafe in Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

Fried Boursin Cheese at 50\’s Prime Time Cafe

This is basically herb cheese spread that’s fried and served with fruit and bread crisps. Pretty standard, eh? But that warm, creamy cheese coupled with the sweet fresh fruit was the perfect starter!

Maui Scalloped Potatoes at ‘Ohana

There have been several appetizer changes at ‘Ohana in the past several years, but the most devastating has to be the switch from scalloped potatoes to noodles. (You can read the whole, sad story here…in fact, please do, because I’m uncharacteristically funny in that blog post and it will change your whole perception of me, I promise.)

RIP Scalloped Potatoes (photo courtesy Brett Young)

Meyer Lemon Curd Dessert at Jiko

You know I love Lemon Curd, so to have an entire dessert based around the stuff at Jiko in Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge was quite a find. And when they added blueberries and sour cream ice cream? Sold.

By the way, the photographers there are Morgan and Jeff RookS; apologies for the misspelling!

Meyer Lemon Curd with Blueberries, Biscotti, and Sour Cream Ice Cream

Meyer Lemon Curd with Blueberries, Biscotti, and Sour Cream Ice Cream

So those are my top three favorite extinct dishes, but here are a few more to remember!

We asked our facebook friends what their favorites used to be, and we got a long list of mourned menu items! Here are a couple of stand-outs…

French Toast Loaf from Main Street Bakery

The beloved French Toast Loaf at Main Street Bakery was a go-to breakfast for many Disney guests. It recently fell off of the menu there, and while we’re still hoping to see it back, no dice so far…

French Toast Loaf from the Main Street Bakery

Figaro Fries from Pinocchio Village Haus

And for the savory treats, Figaro Fries made a strong appearance in this list. These were also just recently removed from the menu — this time at Pinocchio Village Haus — and while we saw a few copycat dishes at nearby counter-service locations, there’s nothing like them anymore.

Figaro Fries

How About You?

While we didn’t discuss every extinct dish in Disney’s restaurants, cruise ships, and theme parks, there are hundreds (maybe thousands) of treats and menu items that you may have loved at one point and now can’t find anywhere in the Happiest Place on Earth (*Cough*Handwich*Cough*).

I’d love to hear what YOU miss, so let us know in the comments below!

Oh, and there’s always hope that your favorites could return — after all, look at the Citrus Swirl!!

Photo Credits (all photos are copyrighted to their photographers and are not to be re-used):
French Toast Loaf: Kelly Tressler
Fried Boursin Cheese: Howard D. Lanham, Chef and Newspaper Columnist, “Speaking of Food…”, www.foodiepedia.info
Lemon Curd: Morgan & Jeff Rooks
Maui Scalloped Potatoes: Brett Young
Figaro Fries: JackSkellington101


  1. Jen says

    Hot fresh caramel corn from Sleepy Hollow. The bagged replacement doesn’t cut it.

    But my favorite missed item is the juice that used to be sold in the plastic fruit shaped container. I love the orange but would be happy with the grape too!

    Mickey’s Stickies from the Concourse. The mini replacement at The Wave have the same flavor, but it was a treat pulling the hot fresh sticky buns out of the baking cup and trying to get all of the melted awesomeness out of the bottom of it.

  2. Mandy says

    I miss the coffee ice cream and doughnuts from Jiko.

    When I went back about a year ago, our server brought us Zebra Domes in exchange, which was nice of her, and they are delicious, but it wasn’t the same! :(

  3. Julie says

    Oh gosh, where to begin! So many wonderful foods have come and gone :(

    (Before I think of all of those- Becca Mc: the lasagna is gone?!? That’s tragic! It was one of my favorite things on the buffet, second only to Mickey Waffles of course)

    -I miss the ginger cake at Yakitori House (now Katsura Grill). Spicy and sweet, it was a little-known dessert that was unique and delicious
    -Lamb stew/soup at Rose and Crown
    -Scallops with squash and pesto at Jiko- they change the menu so frequently, I never expected to see it again, but it was marvelous. Quite possibly the best scallops I’ve ever had!
    -The chocolate cake they used to have at Boatwright’s cafeteria- Not the kind that comes in the little circular containers, but the squares that were always decorated with special Mickey sprinkles. Last time I was there it was gone, but we used to save up on snack points, buy a bunch and then freeze them. Slightly defrosted, they were incredible!

  4. Gaylin says

    Blackened catfish and cheese grits at Coral Reef. I loved the combination of spicy fish and creamy cheesey goodness.

  5. anderson says

    oh man i loved the potatoes at ‘ohana!

    dlr used to have the apple stuffed pretzels at disneyland…but no longer :(

  6. Meghan says

    What about beaver tailes at the Canada pavillion! And the wax covered strawberry or lemon icicles from the little ice cream stands around Epcot.

  7. says

    You can totally spell my name wrong if you have any pull with getting that back on the menu! I honestly don’t think I’ve been back to Jiko since they pulled it. Hear that Disney? You lost a customer (who just spends their money elsewhere, so not really….)

  8. Fran says

    Fried Boursin Cheese! Total yum! I miss the old Fountainview Cafe when it used to have pastries instead of Edy’s ice cream.

  9. Suzie says

    I miss the strawberry churros at DLR. Not the ones with the strawberry filling but the ones with a strawberry sugar coating. Wondering if they still have them during the holidays only?

  10. Kevin says

    I have wonderful memories of warm bread with honey butter at Liberty Tree tavern when we went with my family in the mid-80’s!

  11. Brenda says

    The really cool Ceasar salad that used to be at Harry’s Safari when it used to be at the Swan…or Dolphin. Strawberry Swirls. Easy to find warm Snickerdoodles. Casey’s Hot Dog’s old buns. The strawberry/orange/pineapple drink from the old Tangaroa Terrace. The fruit buffet the breakfast buffet from Top of the Contemporary, also the wedge salad-when it was a dinner show!

  12. Jill says

    Someone mentioned the Beaver Tails at Canada Pavilion in Epcot. I definitely miss those!

    There used to be some sort of wonderful skillet Apple Cobbler at Sleepy Hollow. So good on a cool evening.

    The Chai Cream at Sanaa isn’t extinct but seems endangered now that you can’t get it as a stand alone dessert. Oh I hope it doesn’t go away!!

  13. Kimberly says

    I miss the Goofy Bar! Those were amazing! I really wish they would bring them back!

  14. Kristen says

    Fettucini Alfredo from Alfredo’s … I actually hunted the original restaurant down in Rome…it’s that good. I also miss the asian noodle dishes at Tomorrowland Terrace. My biggest food gripe is the push to have standardized food at all the quickservice places. How boring!

  15. Brian says

    I miss the Handwich. I know, I know. It’s been gone for 2 decades. But the bbq beef handwich was just delightful when enjoyed in the Land food court in Epcot.

  16. says

    My favorite dish ever on Disney property has to be, hands down, the Blackened Catfish with Pepper Jack Cheese Grits. I thought the roasted tomatoes with balsamic glaze which adorned the top of the dish pushed it to the apex of my favorite Disney foods list. The tart/sweet flavor of the glaze played well with the perfectly seasoned catfish and was a nice flavor counterpoint to the spicy pepper jack cheese grits. Simple execution with satisfyingly complex flavors…yum!

  17. Stephanie says

    I sure do miss that Mickey Mouse butter statue! Even if it was a bit odd to spread Mickey’s ears on my bread…

  18. says

    Back in 1995 or earlier, you used to be able to do quick dining in a Beauty in the Beast Sound Stage. In that area they had an amazing cookie dough pie. I still dream of this pie and have never been able to find it again since everything changed within Hollywood Studios.

  19. resident_hippie says

    What about the cheesy potato casserole at Garden Grill? I mean I love mashed potatoes, but there’s no replacing that casserole.

  20. Steph says

    There used to be a chocolate peanut butter cake at Sunshine Seasons that I LOVED but sadly it disappeared…I still miss it! =(

  21. Jenn says

    Haven’t been back in a while, so not sure whether they still have it or not…but I used to love the frozen coffee drink that they sold in France at EPCOT. Fantastic!

  22. says

    I’ve only been twice to WDW, and I don’t really miss many things from DL (I think a lot is improving). But when I was a kid (15 years ago, maybe) they served root beer floats at the Disneyland Resort in a plastic collectable mug. One of the best memories I have.

    If you want to remove something, throw out those chimichangas they sell in the carts! :-)

  23. Kari says

    Beavertails from Canada…..oh to have one again….with either chocolate or nutella….mmmmmmm!

  24. says

    I still have dreams about the figaro fries I had in 2007. I cant remember it having ranch dressing but hot cheese, bacon, tomato and lettuce. YUM!!!

  25. Janet says

    The Gumbo and the side salad, from The Land Grille Room.

    Disney used the fresh vegetables actually growing in the Land Pavilion. This was the best salad on property. And that gumbo, oh my………!

    And at Disneyland – the lasagna that used to be served at Plaza Pavilion. It’s so sad that Disney turned a perfectly good buffeteria into an AP processing center and then into a bakery. (Not that it’s a bad bakery – it’s rather good in fact….)

  26. Wendy Snelgrove says

    For those who want Beaver Tails, come to Ottawa, Canada. That’s where they are to be found. (More flavours too). Yum.

    My favourite extinct food, and this is a bit of a cheat, is the old School Bread that was at least 2 x the size of the current version. It always makes me so sad!

  27. Elizabeth says

    Birthday cupcakes in Mickey’s Birthdayland!

    OMG they were so good and kept in a refrigerated case to achieve the perfect coolness and density…and they had a little sugar “candle” on top.

    RIP Mickey’s Birthdayland and your glorious cupcakes. :-(

  28. Patricia says

    I cannot narrow it down to just one!

    I miss the Monte Cristo sandwiches at Tony’s. I know Disneyland still has these, but please! bring them back to WDW.

    And for dessert, oh my goodness, the Sherwood Crepes at Cinderella’s Royal Table – of course it was King Stefan’s Banquet Hall back then!

  29. Ray says

    How about the eggplant rollitini from Tony’s Town Square for dinner? That was my number 1 favorite dinner in all of WDW!

  30. Cathy says

    This is going back awhile, but I loved the Monte Cristo at Columbia Harbour House. My arteries are glad it’s gone.

  31. Jill says

    I realized after re-reading this post that Pecos Bills (and i think Cosmic Rays) have everything you need to make your own Figaro Fries. Just pillage the salad bar and make it happen!!! People we can take back our poor eating habits!!! Whose with me?!?!

  32. says

    As a former cast member I will write my favorite meals that are gone forever among those restaurants. I was a server so this may be a lengthy list
    1) BREAKFAST AT TONY’S. Not only did we have a breakfast, but we also had a breakfast calzone, and a newspaper about stuff happening on mainstreet. Sadly, breakfast at Tony’s was one of the first major cut backs after 9/11.
    This list is going to include a lot of Tony’s stuff
    2) The sundried tomato pesto is gone from Tony’s as well. I will tell you a secret. IT WAS THE MOST EXPENSIVE PIECE OF FOOD ON YOUR TABLE. Tony’s chefs wanted this gone for years. Someone finally let it happen. :(
    3) The one HUGE meatball at Tony’s. I know it said spaghetti and meatballs on the menu, but why should you argue with one 7.5 oz meatball?
    4) Oh, and Tony’s used to make all of their desserts, from cheese cake to panna cotta, in house. They don’t make anything except the tiramisu these days.
    Moving on!
    Crystal Palace…okay its a buffet but they literally do not make their signature dish–ambrosia–anymore. In case you never had it, ambrosia is basically fruit salad mixed with whipped cream and covered with more whipped cream.
    Liberty Tree
    The characters at dinner. ‘Nuf said
    Notwithstanding the fact the entire restaurant closed, there was some great flat bread and tapas. The paella there was my personal favorite, but we also had grouper cheeks over a sweet pea puree.
    Many people will miss the lamb burger by itself. Its still available, but in a different way.
    Also, the greek wine list has changed, and not for the better.

  33. Jeff M. says

    the puffed french toast at the Crystal Palace back in the 80’s when it was cafateria style before they went ‘character breakfast’ …we’d start every day for breakfast there no matter what we were doing that day….

  34. Jill says

    Strawberry Swirls from Fantasyland at Ms. Potts. Now they only have Dole Whips and Citrus Swirls

  35. Diane says

    Back in the 70s at Tomorrowland Terrace and the Diamond Horseshoe Revue (possibly a few other places around the Magic Kingdom) they sold sugar cookies with mini chocolate chips. The dough was very white in color and they were about 4″ in diameter and about 1/2″ thick and sprinkled with sugar. I loved how the center of each cookie was just a tad undercooked, sigh. Also back in the late 70s, in what is now The Lunching Pad, they sold Splash Down Peach Punch. It was oh-so-yummy and peachy. These are pretty simple items I know, but I miss them none the less.

  36. Chris says

    The yummy root beer floats they used to have over at Typhoon Lagoon near the 3 raft rides. It was replaced by a fresh fruit stand – BAH!!!

    Also – the apple and honey butter spreads at Liberty Tree. I know they still offer the honey butter at dinner, but it has been eliminated from the lunch menu altogether (which is disappointing since I much prefer the yummy variety at lunch here over the all-you-can-eat turkey dinner”)

    And finally – I miss the OLD chicken pieces meals. For some reason Disney changed their chickens a few years ago and now they more closely resemble McDonald’s tiny chicken nuggets as opposed to the larger breaded chicken strips. Smaller pieces, higher price. Go figure.

  37. Ashley says

    Clam chowder in a bread bowl from Columbia Harbor House, the original queso fundido from San Angel Inn, and the huge pickles in a barrel at the fruit stand near the Haunted Mansion.

  38. Nikki L. says

    The blackened catfish with cheesy polenta at Coral Reef. When I realized it was taken off the menu and I was forced to order something else I almost walked out of the restaurant. But, I had friends with me so instead I got the lobster ravioli (didn’t like it) and pouted through the rest of the meal!

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