Dining in Disneyland First Look! New Treats Coming to Disney California Adventure

After what seems to have been an eternity, the construction walls of Disney California Adventure will soon be no more.  Lots of exciting things are on the horizon, including some fun new treats!

Granny Apple & Cotton Candy Frozen Beverages

At this week’s Annual Passholder Preview, I was able to get my taste buds revved up for a few of these unique new eats n’ drinks.

New Menu Items for DCA

With ElecTRONica coming to an end Mid April, The Mad T Party is scheduled to take its place starting in early Summer. 

Along with its debut comes some interesting new frozen beverages. These ones are of the kid friendly, non-alcohol variety: Cotton Candy & Sour Apple Slushies. 

Cotton Candy Slushie
Bight turquoise in color and insanely sweet in taste, the Cotton Candy frozen beverage was a bit much for my taste buds. But I know for a fact though that my kids would’ve LOVED it. Liquid cotton candy! 

Granny Apple Slushie
The Granny Apple was way more to my liking, and reminiscent of a green Jolly Rancher hard candy. 

Here’s the kicker though, Food & Beverage Concept Extraordinaire, Karlos Siqueiros, informed me that after I tried each one, I needed to mix them and try the frozen treat as a Cotton Candy/Granny Apple combo. Sounds crazy right?

Well, Karlos knows what he’s talking about, because it was super yummy! Mixing the two flavors toned them both down and created a tasty sweet/sour combo I never in a million years would’ve thought I’d enjoy.

Cotton Candy/Granny Apple Mixed Frozen Beverage

Souvenir Cups
The new frozen beverages will be offered in disposable cups, but for an extra fee, you can purchase them in some fun souvenir themed cups.  Choices include a twisty neon sipper, a themed Cheshire Cat Sipper, and a Mad Hatter Hat mug.

Mad T Party Souvenir Cups

Other Beverages
In addition to the new frozen beverages, The Mad T Party will also be offering the standard Coca Cola product line as well as some options from Coke’s “Fuze” line.

Coca Cola Products

Fuze Beverages

New Popcorn Flavor
Touted along with the frozen beverages was a new popcorn flavor.  Pickle lovers pucker up and rejoice, because Disney is rolling out Dill flavored popcorn

Personally, I really enjoyed the Dill Popcorn.  It was pretty salty, and the dill was not too overpowering.  Let’s just say this: when the box was empty, I had no qualms about using my finger to get every last speck of dill dust left in the bottom…

We’re also wondering if this treat will be served as part of the new flavored popcorn options in Cars Land!

Dill Popcorn

New Candy Line
The Mad T Party will also be introducing a new line of candy when it debuts. “Mad Treats” will include rock candy, candy sprinkles, lollipops — which can be purchased in a bundle or as individual “light reflective” pops, bagged candy, and a new themed chocolate box entitled “I’m just MAD about chocolate.”

If I had to make a call on this, I’d say by looking at the concept art that this line will be extremely popular with both kids and adults. Light up lollipop? Rock candy? Yes, PLEASE!

Mad Treats

Drink Me
As far as themeing goes, the current “End of the Line Club” will be turned into “Drink Me,” an Alice in Wonderland inspired place to wet your whistle.  Both kid-friendly and “adult” beverages, for those of us 21 and older, will be sold here.

Drink Me

If you’d like to go and check out the preview for yourself, all it requires is an Annual Pass and a visit to Stage 17 in Disney California Adventure. The preview is open from 10am-8pm on March 27, 28 & 29.

Are you looking forward to Dill popcorn?  Are you brave enough to mix your Cotton Candy and Granny Apple Frozen Beverages? Let us know what you’re looking forward to in Disney California Adventure!


  1. Shayne says

    As I read your post, I thought the cotton candy drink sounded too sweet and granny apple sounded too sour — sounds like I’d enjoy the mixed version!

    I’m so sad to see ElecTRONica come to an end. We really, really enjoyed it the two times we were able to visit. I’m not a big Alice in Wonderland fan, but the theming here looks pretty cool and, hopefully, it will appeal to boys as well as girls (as a mother of 2 boys, I sometimes feel that Disney overlooks boy-appeal a little bit, but that’s a post for another day!).

  2. Jamie says

    I was also went there yesterday but only got the sample sizes of everything. The Dill popcorn I had tasted to me more like a strong cheddar, but to be fair I don’t think I had enough to fully judge. But certainly not bad though. :)
    I loved the Green Apple slushie, but when I had the Cotton Candy one I was like, “Whoa! So sweet. A cup or two of these and I may possibly need dentures!”

  3. Jenny says

    going to disneyland in mid June, right around when this is scheduled to open :) Do you know anything about the adult beverages that will be served there? I will be turning 21 a month before i go there and I was just wondering if there were any adult beverages you would reccomend (this for california adventure as a whole, i would include disneyland in here as well but i know they don’t serve drinks there).

  4. Jenny says

    what exactly is the mad t party going to be? is it a dance party like they have at disney world for there after hours holiday parties?

  5. Heather Sievers says

    @Shayne – We are also sad to see ElecTRONica go, but excited to see the new Mad T Party as well. I also have two boys, so I totally get what you’re saying!

    @Elizabeth – It’s SO good!

    @Lisa G. – I’m not sure, since it is event specific to the Mad T Party. It may not be.

    @Jamie – I can totally see a sample cup not giving you the full “dill” experience. My friend and I ate a whole box of it!

    @Jenny – I’m not sure what type of specialty adult beverages they will have, I’m guessing they will have items similar to what is at ElecTRONica which are beer, mixed drinks and a few “themed” drinks. I will say that my fav DCA adult beverage is the Pina Colava. You can get it at the Cove Bar in DCA also at the Hearthstone Lounge at the Grand Californian.

    @Jenny – It is sort of like an ongoing dance party. There are DJ’s, dancers, themed entertainment, drinks, food, and lots to look at! It’s nightly though, not after hours and no separate admission.

  6. NotChris says

    I loved ElecTRONica and I’m trying to keep an open mind about the Alice theme. It could have been much worse (Dancin’ with the Tharks?)

    Just curious, in the picture of the frozen drinks what’s written on that box?

  7. Heather Sievers says

    @NotChris – HAHA! I will also miss ElecTRONica. Not sure what that says, it was just part of the decor at the event.

  8. Tom says

    @NotChris – Using BING, I’ve figured out the label references the Marche de Nuit, by Louis Moreau Gottschalk. The California Ballet and the American Ballet Theater both have performed “Alice In Wonderland” including music by Gottschalk.

  9. NotChris says

    @Tom – Thanks, now don’t I feel foolish! I thought that was an “I” and part of something punny.

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