More Disney Springtime Sweets and Treats!

Scrumptious Spring- and Easter-themed delights are continuing to appear all over Walt Disney World. We showed you a few previously this month, and what better time to indulge in candy, cookies, and other treats than Spring Break?

Frist up, check out these pastel-decorated sweets with fun themes – Easter Bunnies, Spring Flowers, and Easter Eggs!

Apple Pie Apple dressed like a Bunny for Easter

Bunny and Egg Cookies

Even Mickey cookies are showing holiday spirit!

Large Pastel Frosted Mickey Cookies

Cupcakes are creatively decorated in fun themes — I love the little bunny ears!

Bunny and Egg Cupcakes

And these cupcakes are blooming brightly for the first days of Spring!

Spring Flower Cupcakes

These Mickey-ear shortbread cookies are a fan favorite (yum!). That’s white chocolate decorating your favorite mouse!

Mickey Ear Shortbread

And even the rice krispie treats are getting a makeover for the season. :-)

Pastel Decorated Rice Krispie Treats

Do you have a few favorite Disney treats for this time of year?

What decorated delight would tempt YOU if you found it in the Confectionery or Candy Palace?


  1. Essie says

    The krisped rice and sugar cookies would be on my list. I probably will never go at this time of year so thanks for showing these great treats to us.

  2. Taylor B says

    I’m going to be in the world next Thursday so hopefully I will be able to see some of these treats! Where are the flower power cupcakes located? I usually don’t like cupcakes in Disney (a shame, I know) because of the mound of icing that’s put on top, but these look surprisingly good!

  3. Shelby Snyder says

    I was wondering if these cup cakes and other treats like candy apple mickeys and minnie can be bought using our deluxe dining plan snack tickets ?

  4. says

    Shelby — You can purchase the cupcakes with your snack credits, but caramel/candy apples cost around $9 and cannot be purchased for snack credits. Good rule of thumb: if it’s $4 or under, and is a single serving, you can likely get it with a snack credit.

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