Review: Epcot Haiti Drinks Booth (or “The Best Frozen Lemonade EVER”)

At the 2012 Epcot Flower and Garden Festival, the Haiti: Garden of Many Colors display is a fun, new exhibit where guests can learn about Haitian culture.

Haiti Sign

We stopped by the beverage kiosk, which features Haitian rhums (rum) and liqueurs in delicious frozen cocktails along with other non-alcoholic options.

Personally, I think this addition is awesome. I love any time they add new food kiosks, but, I have to say, the yummy treats I tried were seriously rockin’. I can’t wait to tell you about ‘em! (Oh, and there’s a video of one of my favorite songs at the bottom of this post, too, so…just sayin’.)

An added plus? The booth area is even lighted — allowing for Happy Hour to continue long after the sun sets!


The bright colors of the booth and surrounding decor made for a great, attention-grabbing display!

Haiti Booth Sign

Those of us who were at the 2011 Epcot Food and Wine Festival will remember a veeeeery similar-looking booth to this one! ;-) Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Haiti Booth

No worries if the line is long; you can learn a little along the way!

Sugarcane Info in Line/Queue Area - click image for larger version

I loved the little seating area set up for guests as well. It’s always nice to find a shaded area to kick back and relax for a bit on your tour around the World!

Seating Area


Yummo frozen goodies abound here at the booth. But, not ready for a frozen drink? Opt for a freshly brewed gourmet coffee — hot or over ice. Or try your brew with rum, or an orange, coffee, or coconut liqueur!

Menu - click image for larger version

You can also try Prestige Beer here if you wish!

Drinks and Mixers

I opted to try the Frozen Hibiscus Lemonade, but when I ordered, the cast member asked if I’d like to mix the two alcoholic frozen drinks! Um…SURE!

Making the Frozen Drinks

So he added a dollop of the coconut rhum frozen drink on top of the hibiscus lemonade that I’d ordered. The combo was delicious, but being a fan of sour drinks, I enjoyed the lemonade much more than the coconut! It was out of this world! Seriously the best frozen lemonade I’ve ever had. A sweet-tart-sour experience of wonderfulness on a hot day in Epcot.

Combo Coconut and Hibiscus Lemonade drinks

Though, perhaps the wonderfulness also had something to do with the fact that Starship was playing at the Flower Power concerts that night in the American Pavilion, and I could hear it from the Haiti booth. Who doesn’t love Starship!?! We totally built this city.

I also opted to try the non-alcoholic Mango Punch, which, admittedly, wasn’t as good as the lemonade. It was a bit too sweet for my taste; but if you’re a sweet drink fan, you’ll love it!

Mango Non-Alcoholic Drink


At $8.25 for the alcoholic frozen drinks and $4 for the non-alcoholic punch, these prices are generally in line with other frozen drinks in the park (and are actually cheaper than some — I’m looking at YOU, France slushies!). So I think the value is fine here, but if you’re having trouble making up your mind between the flavors, ask the cast members what their choices are!

I really like (naturally) the additional food kiosks that have started to make appearances during the Flower and Garden Festival. While you’re there, don’t forget to head into the Festival Center to check out the cafe there as well! :-)

Have you been to the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival? Let us know your stories here!


  1. Jenny says

    Yumm, I would want the lemonade frozen drink, my DH the coconut. they sounded wonderful. I would hope they would keep it for the food and wine Fes. That way I could try them.

  2. Alan says

    I’m not a big fan of frozen drinks but this is still a nice change of pace. Haiti can use all the publicity it can get – even if it’s just a drinks counter at Epcot. Good for them.

  3. says

    Alan! I’ve missed you! :-) Agreed, it is a nice change of pace; and you can always get one of the flavored coffees — those aren’t frozen as far as I know.

  4. Angie says

    Delicious! I may have overlooked it, but did you mention where this is located in Epcot?

  5. BooToYou7 says

    I am officially sad because I realize by your reference to Starship that you were at WDW the same time my husband and I were. Shoot, wish I’d known!

    I got the coconut rum punch while were there and thoroughly enjoyed it! Very refreshing on a hot day.

  6. kelly says

    I would also like to know where this is located.

    Would love to try the non-alcoholic Mango/Fruit Punch drink. Sounds right up my alley!

  7. says

    Kelly — It’s over by the African Trading Post. It’s the same spot where they usually set up the Christmas Market and Brewer’s Collections for the Holidays and Food and Wine Festival (respectively).

  8. Jafar says

    Not really a fan. We were served very weak drinks (at very high prices) by non-natives. The people who worked in the hut possessed the attitude of “I was late to work, so Epcot punished me by making me work in Haiti for the day.” People working in Haiti lacked the optimism of the employees working in the other countries. I can now understand why Haiti isn’t featured on the Epcot map. Hope Epcot will eliminate this feature soon.

  9. Meg says

    These were AWESOME!! I wish they would keep Haiti (and the drinks!) there year round. It’s a perfect spot…a place where you are normally thinking, “I wish I had gotten a drink two pavillions ago…” and then Bibbidy Boppidy Boo! Haiti mini-pavillion and frozen lemonade appears!

    (I also wish they’d keep some of the playgrounds year round so the littlies have a place to get their wiggles out, but that’s another story.)

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