Dining in Disneyland Sneak Peek: New DCA Foodie Merchandise

Disney California Adventure is set to release a whole bunch of fun new merchandise when the construction walls come down this June! 

Check out all of the foodie-related items that I found at the recent Passholder Preview this week (where I also tried the new popcorn flavor and slushies that will debut!).  I absolutely love the new artwork being used.

California Adventure Cookie Jar

California Adventure Themed Lunch Bag

I just love the retro-looking image of Mickey and Minnie pulling the trailer on this lunch bag. It’s also insulated, roomy, and it has an adjustable carrying strap!

Lunch Bag Side View

California Adventure Themed Coffee Mugs

Disney likes to call these “toothpick holders.”

Toothpick Holders

Themed Plastic Cups

Love these adorable glass “milk jugs!”

Glass Milk Jugs

Milk Jug Tops

Bottle Cap Magnets

Lightning McQueen Plastic Cups

Cars Land Grand Opening Toothpick Holders

My favorite item? That adorable glass milk jug. I couldn’t leave without it. I’m also digging the lunch box!

Have you had a chance to check out any of the new California Adventure merchandise? Do you have a favorite item, yet?

Heather Sievers is the Disney Food Blog’s Dining in Disneyland columnist. See more of her columns here!


  1. says

    Hehe, the “toothpick holders” look suspiciously like what I like to call a “shot glass”.

    Those milk jugs *are* pretty cute.

  2. Mandy says

    Looks like I’ll definitely be needing to take an empty suitcase for souvenirs when we go!

  3. Heather Sievers says

    @Kelly – Yep! My thoughts exactly!

    @Mandy – And this was only the “food” related merch! Lots of other cute stuff too!

  4. Brandy says

    I have never noticed that they were “toothpick holders”!! HIIIGH-LARIOUS! My youngest,who the sun&moon sets&rises with Cars is going to be in HOG HEAVEN when Cars Land opens! I already know we aren’t walking out of there without the Lightening McQueen plastic cup and anything that has Mater on it *sigh*.
    Not sure if anyone else had one of these but we had this viewfinder thing that you put long,yellow cassettes in(smidge narrower than a VHS) and you’d wind it and it would click,click,click through the movie. Anywho, we had the one when Mickey&the Gang went on a camping trip pulling that very trailer! Of course there was silliness with Goofy&Donald and it unhooking and them bouncing around. Seeing that image printed on the various things brought me back to be like 5 and laughing at that silly viewfinder!

  5. Brandy says

    And that was *WHO THINKS THE sun&moon sets&rises with Cars..stupid preggo brain that still hasn’t gone away 2 years after the youngest was born : D

  6. Essie says

    I’ll be no where near DLR, but if I was I know that something with the M&M car and vaca. trailer design would adopt me. I agree that they and their little car and trailer are just too cute. I too, have a little nephew who also lives for ‘Cars’ and I would probably be taking them home, too.

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