“Biramisu” Review and Recipe, Portobello Trattoria

Beer? For Dessert? Yes, indeed.

Despite the fact that I don’t know much about beer and I’m not a fan of tiramisu, I’m extremely glad that I got to try this combo of the two — Biramisu — at Downtown Disney Orlando’s Portobello Trattoria.

I’d known for months (over a year, maybe??) that I needed to get my butt in a chair over at Portobello to try this dessert. It’s pretty innovative, eh? Beer + Tiramisu? And the fact that they make it with a local Orlando Brewing Company porter makes it even more compelling.

Biramisu on the Dessert Menu

The local Organic Blackwater Dry Porter that’s used to make the Biramisu was new to us when we got to the restaurant, but we tried a bottle during lunch to check it out. Liked it!

Orlando Brewing Company Organic Blackwater Dry Porter

But when it was time for dessert, I was still skeptical. (Don’t worry, though; we ordered the white chocolate creme brulee, too, just in case.) I’m just not a big fan of soggy cake, alcohol-soaked anything, or beer in my dessert (as far as I knew). And isn’t that pretty much what this was?

But, if you’re like me and concerned, not to worry. If you take a look at the recipe for this stuff, there’s more cheese and sugar in it than anything else. (Now you’re speaking my language, Portobello!!) And the beer is actually a heavily sugared beer reduction, so the taste is just a slight flavor under the stronger rich sweetness of the dessert’s other ingredients.


In fact, I really enjoyed this dessert! We easily polished it off…and kind of wanted another one!

The mascarpone cream was very rich, and the dark beer gave it a depth that I didn’t expect. It’s one of those desserts where you need to pay attention to each bite, because both the creamy texture and the interesting flavor deserve your full focus. Here’s a tip: don’t share.

Cross Section

Speaking of the recipe; if you’re interested in trying your hand at this dessert at home, here it is: Biramisu Recipe.

Have you tried the Biramisu at Portobello? Do you think it’s something you would enjoy?


  1. Beer Man says

    I actually am a fan of soggy cake (bring on the trifle and the summer pudding!), but I’m always a bit skeptical of this increasingly trendy “fusion” type of dish. Having made those confessions, I now have to say . . . damn, that thing looks deeeeeelicious!!!

  2. says

    Showed this to Aileen, and I think she is trying to figure out when our next trip is so she can make a reservation just for this dessert!

  3. says

    Beer Man — Ha ha!! It IS delicious!! Hope I get to hear your review!

    JoAnn — Exactly — open to anything! :-)

    Ryan — I’m surprised she hasn’t had it!! Can’t wait to hear what she thinks.

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