Not Your Typical Top Ten Disney Dining Lists

Thanks to reader and facebook friend Roger Sauer at TravelScribbles, we’ve been laughing our heads off at these clever Disney-themed top 10 lists!

I couldn’t wait any longer to share a few with you! Feel free to add your own top 10 lists, or tack a few items on to Roger’s, in our comments section below! :-)

Top Ten Least Popular Walt Disney World Food Items

10. Captain Jack’s Sweaty Sailor Soda

9. Stitch’s Slimy Soy Bursts

8. Davy Crockett’s Toasted Ferret Feet

7. Tinkerbell’s Very Merry Fairy Berry Non-Dairy Lighter-than-airy Spun Sugar Wads

6. Pumbaa’s Five-Alarm Chili Bombs

5. Splash Mountain Gator Grab Bags

4. Cosmic Ray’s French Fried Beet Rings

3. Uncle Roy’s Thunder Mountain Oysters

2. Bay Lake Lager

1. Bob Dole Whip

Top Ten Low Cost Buffets Within Ten Minutes of Disney World

Mine! Mine!

10. Freightliner’s “Road Scrapin’s” Buffeteria on 528

9. Louie’s Low Tide Surplus Seafood Feast (open only Tuesdays at the edge of the Big Walmart on 535)

8. Lil’ Paree Authentic French Hors d’oeuvres by the Kilo in Winter Park

7. Tacos, Tacos, Tacos!! Eat Here and Get Gas!! (never in the same place twice; this trailer was last seen behind the car wash at the Hess Station on Buena Vista Drive)

6. “Meat du Soleil” Carnivore Buffet and Select Circus Acts on 192

5. “Just Like Mom’s” Dinner Buffet and Guilt Party in Kissimmee

4. “Mine, Mine, Mine!” All-You-Can-Eat Seabird Specials just west of Cocoa Beach

3. Mike, Mike, and Len’s “Mouse Feast” Featuring Slow Roasted North Carolina Muskrat

2. The Cafeteria at Valencia Community College near St. Cloud on 192

1. The Official Disney Leftover Restaurant at the Premium Outlets

Top Ten Little Known Features of the 2012 DFB Guide to Walt Disney World Dining*

Roger even created a top ten list for our new Disney Food Blog Guide to Walt Disney World Dining 2012!!!

Disney Turkey Leg

10. Half the calories of the 2011 edition

9. If you print it out, it’s gluten free!!

8. Pages 196-97 feature a full color fold out of Lou Mongello …dining at Bistro de Paris

7. It can be converted into a medium size popcorn container

6. It includes a coupon which, when presented in the Magic Kingdom, entitles the bearer to a turkey leg and small soft drink

5. Forty recipes for indigestion relief are included in an accompanying plastic card signed by AJ Wolfe

4. Contains a powerful endorsement written by Len Testa before a memorable couple of hours at Cava del Tequila

3. Fresh minty taste

2. It makes the menu at Nine Dragons appear somewhat palatable

1. Two words: Lactose tolerant

*Note: we don’t necessarily vouch for a few of these…OK, we don’t vouch for any of these…though that doesn’t stop us from wishing that numbers 8, 7, 6, and 2 were true… ;-)

Find more of Roger’s hilarious Top Ten Lists here! Thanks to Roger for including us!! :-)

Do you have a Top Ten idea to add to one of these lists? Chime in the comments below!


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    Some interesting items on this list. Not sure how I missed Cosmic Ray’s beet rings. That is one of my favorite stops in MK.

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