DFB Podcast Episode 3: Non-Buffet Character Meals

Hey all! Thanks once again for your generous welcome of our new DFB Podcast into your listening list!

Just wanted to drop a line this afternoon to let you know that the third episode of our DFB Podcast is now posted and ready for downloading!

In this episode, we take a look at Disney Food News, answer listener questions, reveal our trivia winner from last week, and take a look at why it can be good to choose a non-buffet character meal in Disney World and Disneyland!

Click here to go to the Podcast page for Episode 3. And don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast via RSS or on iTunes!

Take a gander and a listen and let us know what you think! Your feedback is important to us — we’re still super new at all of this and want to make sure we’re packing the podcast full of info that YOU want.


  1. Elisabeth says

    AJ I love your and Brad’s new podcast! I’ve listened to all 3 episodes and can’t wait for more. You both have a great sense of humor and play off each other really well. Hope you can find the time to keep em coming :)

  2. says

    Elisabeth — Thank you so much! We’ll keep them coming; hopefully with less time in between!

    Carolyn — I’m not sure we’d be able to do that with our tech abilities! ;-)

    John — Thank you! I’m looking into Stitcher!! Hoping to get it there soon!

    Mark — Thank you! Ooh.. good radio voices! That’s awesome!!

  3. Blanca says

    Am very much enjoying the podcast, look forward to it every week now. You guys have some great information and are fun to listen to as well, love the back and forth banter between the two of you. Keep up the great work :)

  4. Laura says

    Really enjoying the podcast! You both have great podcast voices. Wish you would stop putting yourselves down at the begining of each episode, though. We know the podcast is new :-)

    I did have to share this story about when I was listening to the podcast in the car with my 3-year-old this weekend. AJ was talking about the Triple Yetti Blast and Brad said something about a double Yetti not being enough and my son yelled “We need FIVE YETTIS!!!” It was really silly and now I will definately remember to get one during our next trip. Thanks for not only putting together a great podcast, but one that I can listen to with my son.

  5. says

    Blanca — Thank you! We’ll do our best. Need to get another one recorded ASAP!

    Heather — Ha ha! I know, right? Hopefully that is just a passing feeling.

    Laura — You are too kind; thank you! I love the FIVE YETTIS comment — awesome!

  6. says

    hey AJ! just listened to your podcast for the first time (don’t have much extra time with the kiddos), and it was FANTASTIC! so informative & SO FUN! i’m listening to epi4 right now. kudos to you on doing such an amazing job. yay!!!

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