Disney-Themed Ice Cream Takes the Art World By Storm

Well… sort of. ;-)

During a design experiment, the advertising agency STOYN took iconic figures easily recognized in global culture and made them into ice cream images (Um…awesome!!).

In August 2011, this ice cream art was on display and for purchase at the Fountain Art Fair in Miami. Check out a few of these rockin’ creations!

Darth Vader is flavored with blueberry and licorice:

Darth Vader

Donald Duck’s all about the bananas and chocolate!

Donald Duck

Mickey Mouse is an icy Mango flavor!

Mickey Mouse

Be sure to click over to the post to see the rest of the ice cream-ified icons. Very cool!

Which ice cream creation above tickles YOUR fancy?


  1. Galloping Gourmand says

    While I’m willing to try the blueberry licorice out of curiosity, I have to say that I’d pay 4.50 for that Donald Duck any day.

  2. says

    Christa — I know, right?! Aren’t they fun?

    Marci — I agree!

    Jasmine — I think so, too!

    GG — Ha ha! It’s cheaper than Disney! ;-)

  3. Alicia says

    I didn’t see in the post how much they were selling for. I see in the comments someone said only $4.50, is that true?

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