Be Our Guest Restaurant to Open By The Holiday Season in Disney World

UPDATE: Read about the Opening Date for Be Our Guest Restaurant and Reservations Info!

Great news! The opening date for the brand new Be Our Guest Restaurant and Gaston’s Tavern, located in the Beauty and the Beast section of the new Fantasyland in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, has been narrowed down!

Be Our Guest Restaurant Concept Art

While we knew before that the restaurants would be opening in late 2012, we now know that Be Our Guest Restaurant and Gaston’s Tavern will be open for those of you hitting the parks during Christmas break! Yep — according to the Disney Parks Blog, “we’ll have plenty to celebrate this holiday season, including the openings of…Be Our Guest Restaurant [and] Gaston’s Tavern….”

For Disney World, the “holiday season” means anywhere between mid-November to the end of December, but my fingers are crossed that the openings will be a bit earlier!

How about you?

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  1. kirsty says

    Hope its earlier, someone talked to a castmember at dining today and she said that they were told that adrs can be taken starting in August and it would be open in mid October, which is what we are hoping for!

  2. JoAnn says

    Such a tease. LOL Keeping my fingers crossed that Be Our Guest will be open when I’m there in November.

  3. Galloping Gourmand says

    Yeah, I wish it earlier too. But then I thought, “why would they open a new restaurant during Food and Wine?” It doesn’t make much sense from a business standpoint.

    I hope this doesn’t mean that we’ll have to wait until November for the rest of the Fantasyland expansion to open!

  4. 1sttrip says

    Oh I was so hoping it would be open late September. we are taking my girls their first time then..

  5. september trip says

    I am wondering if they will be having a “soft” opening earlier like many resorts and restaurants do. hmmmmm. Here is to hoping. :)

  6. says

    Kirsty — Ooh, exciting!!!! I hope so, too!! I’ll be there at the beginning of October!

    Emma — Don’t lose hope! I’m not! I’m hoping Kirsty’s right!

    JoAnn — Me, too!

    GG — Well, they opened La Hacienda de San Angel and Tutto Italia pretty close to if not during food and wine in 2009, so there’s hope!!!

    1sttrip — My fingers are crossed for you that the timeline speeds up! You never know!

    September trip — I hope so, too! We’ll see you there if you’re going in late September!

    Alan — Ba ha ha!! YOU’RE my sources, so keep an eye out and an ear to the ground!

  7. Margie says

    I would love to dine there. Is Gaston’s Tavern a separate restaurant? He is one of my favorite animated characters!

  8. Margie says

    OK So I just read your item on Gaston’s. Now I know it’s a separate and different restaurant.

  9. Jill D says

    ok so we go in January, so i have to wait until July to make an ADR?

    any idea how many table credits this will be?

    i’m a little excited!

  10. Kim says

    They’ve certainly left lots of room open with the “Holiday 2012″ announcement, haven’t they? ;) We are there 12/1-12/8 and I think I will be pretty disappointed if the Fantastyland Expansion and the BOG restaurant is not open! However, I’m certainly not counting on it at this point. Fingers will be crossed that inside ADR info is correct. Thanks for the info and all your great food blogging work!

  11. says

    We’ll be there the last two weeks in December-I will definitely be calling starting in June everyday to see if they are taking reservations!

  12. JoAnn says

    On the Disney Parks Blog, they also mentioned Ariel’s Grotto as part of the Fantasyland Expansion. I don’t recall seeing it mentioned before. Is this going to a restaurant like the one in Disneyland?

  13. JoAnn says

    Nevermind… I found the answer to my question. I got all excited thinking there was another restaurant coming that I somehow missed.

  14. Danielle says

    Does anyone know if they will offer character breakfast there or just dinner ???

  15. says

    Danielle — Be Our Guest is slated to serve counter-service during the day and table-service at night for dinner. Nobody’s mentioned whether they’ll be serving breakfast at all, but if they do, it may be just counter service.

  16. Danielle says

    Thanks did they say if it would be a character dinner ?? Or just a fancy restaurant ?

  17. Sara says

    I have a friend who was there the weekend before Mother’s Day and she saw a sign saying they were beginning a “soft opening” May 15. So perhaps there’s hope for a late fall official opening!

  18. Brittany says

    Fingers crossed I will be down there in late October! We are keeping our eyes open to make reservations :)

  19. holly s says

    I work for dining and all we have been told is by the holidays. Not sure who said October but nothing has been said about that

  20. katrina says

    They have already stated that Fantasyland is opening in stages. With the new mine like coaster ride not opening till sometime 2013. It’s going to be a year or more before it’s all open. This is the biggest expansion of WDW magic kingdom since it opened in 1971!

    Complete – Hundred Acre Wood facade for The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
    Late March 2012 – Half of Storybook Circus with double Dumbo, Great Goofini coaster, Fantasyland Train Station
    June 1, 2012 – Snow White’s Scary Adventures closes permanently to make way for Princess Fairytale Hall (last day of operation will be May 31)
    July 2012 – Casey Jr. Splash and Soak Play Area, second half of Dumbo
    Late 2012 – Under the Sea ~ Journey of the Little Mermaid ride, Be Our Guest restaurant, Beauty and the Beast village, Belle meet-and-greet, Castle wall
    Early 2013 – Remaining pieces of Storybook Circus with Pete’s Silly Sideshow
    Late 2013 – Seven Dwarfs Mine Train roller coaster
    (Timeline updated on 2/23/12)

  21. Kk says

    I was told by a Disney cast member that they will start taking reservations immediately once a firm opening date is announced!

  22. CD says

    Going to WDW in early December 2012 and hope it will be open. I wonder if it will be part of dining plan or not. I’ve read reservations may be available in August some time. Anyone else have any info to pass along?

  23. Vanessa says

    We will be at disney for the thanksgiving holiday hopefully the Be Our Guest resturaunt will be avaliable !!!! my boys will love it!

  24. Melanie says

    I just read on the Disney Parks Blog website that they will have more details regarding the Be Our Guest Restaurant.
    “Many of you have been asking for an update on the Be Our Guest Restaurant, and I’m happy to announce that we’ll have an update on this topic tomorrow on the Disney Parks Blog. Our Food Author Pam Brandon will share details with you on the delicious menu items you can expect, when reservations will begin, and more! Don’t miss it.” (quoted from Disney Parks Blog)

    Whoo-hoo…I think I’m too excited to sleep!!

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