Review: Beaches and Cream Soda Shop Desserts

On our most recent trip to the magic, it was time to revisit one of our favoritest spots, Beaches and Cream Soda Shop!


Located at Disney’s Beach Club Resort, Beaches and Cream Soda Shop has long been a favorite of Disney World guests, featuring lots of decorative touches that whisk guests right back to beach vacations of their childhoods.

With vintage “beach balls” scattered throughout, giant ice cream cones lighting your way, a jivin’ jukebox playing tunes you remember from the 50’s and 60’s, and a nostalgic and simple menu, you’ll feel like a kid again…and YOUR kids will love it just as much.


Seating is either in big pink booths or at small, white wrought iron tables. If you’re in a rush or just looking for a bit more fun, ask for a stool at the counter where you can watch the chefs and servers work their magic on classic burgers and massive ice cream sundaes.

Booth Table

Choose a favorite song from the vintage jukebox if you really want to get the joint jumpin’!

Seating and Jukebox

The Coca-Cola display pays homage to bottle designs of days gone by, and reminds you that you can get your favorite “soda pop” in vintage bottles here!

Don’t forget that guests can re-live the good old days by ordering flavored cokes like cherry, lemon, chocolate, and vanilla. (Here’s a tip! Remember that these can also be served in your Beach Club resort refillable mug!)

Coca-Cola Display

The 1950’s schoolhouse lighting is a nice touch, I think. It’s the little things — the ones that few folks ever notice — that make Disney’s restaurants so authentic.



Beaches and Cream specializes in burgers, sandwiches, hot dogs, french fries, and all other wonderfully Soda Shoppy things. Check out our review of the regular Beaches and Cream food here! There are a couple of soup and salad options (plus a veggie sandwich) to lighten up the menu just a bit.

Menu - click image for larger version

But the real reason we were here? The ice cream, of course! Home of the famous (and gargantuan!) Kitchen Sink Sundae, there are also plenty of ice cream shop favorites here, from classic banana splits to milkshakes and floats.

Menu - click image for larger version

Freshly made cakes and pies, ready to be sliced, tempt you with all the decadence that awaits you. I really dig how they display them on pedestals under clear domes, old school.

Cake and Pie

Wanna know how these ones taste? Check out our review of the cranberry-apple pie and the new chocolate cake here!

Chocolate Cake - close-up

Apple and Craisin Pie

We were really in the mood for a taste of Florida during this visit, so we went with the Frozen Sunshine and the Strawberry Shortcake.

The Frozen Sunshine is a cross between an ice cream soda and a milkshake. Made with lighter orange sherbet instead of ice cream, and blended with seltzer instead of milk or cream, it was light, frothy, and delicious, with just a hint of bubbles.

The blended beverage is topped with whipped cream for a rich finish, and garnished with fun candied orange slices. Look how pretty it is in the glass!

Frozen Sunshine

I’d been wanting to sample the Strawberry Shortcake for quite a while, and this evening was perfect as I’d just had a big dinner and didn’t have room for my standard peanut buttery and chocolatey No Way Jose sundae!

But don’t be fooled; the Strawberry Shortcake is decadent. Featuring a cake that is more like spongecake than shortcake, it’s topped with freshly made strawberry compote, a huge scoop of vanilla ice cream, and softly whipped cream that gently blankets the whole thing. Sprinkles and a cherry complete the picture.

It differs from the wildly popular Sunshine Seasons Strawberry Shortcake in that it’s made to order and a little more expensive.

It offers a moister shortcake experience, as well as a generous serving of ice cream to complement the cake and not-too-sweet fruit. The ingredients were in perfect ratio to one another, and we tasted creamy ice cream, tangy fruit, and moist cake in every bite.

Strawberry Shortcake


So, we all had that favorite soda shop growing up, right? The place at the beach or vacation getaway, or even in our hometown, where you (or your parents) remember going years ago.

Beaches and Cream perfectly channels that vibe, getting the nostalgia and the tastes of yesteryear just right. If you’re looking for a fun place to get away from the park crazy and enjoy a vacay treat, Beaches and Cream fits the bill perfectly, Daddy-O (Sorry. I couldn’t resist.)

Have you been to Beaches and Cream? What is your MUST HAVE treat when you visit?


  1. Alan says

    Beaches and Cream reminds me of the old timey ice cream parlors that were so ubiquitous as I grew up on Long Island. They have mostly disappeared over the years. There are ice cream places in N.C. where I live now but nothing like an old fashioned sweet shop. The last time I was in anything similar was at a place called, if I remember correctly, called Parkside Candy in BFLO, N.Y.

  2. says

    I’ve been trying to get to this place forever now and just never seem to! I love the decor and my husband would definitely prefer to sit at the counter and watch all the action! That frozen sunshine looks sooooo good too btw.

    One question… you mentioned getting your cokes served in your refillable mug from the resort. Why would you want to do that? Just curious, it’s not like it would be free, correct? Just for fun? lol. Sorry if that’s a weird question! LOL.

  3. Betsy says

    As if I didn’t already love this place enough, it’s such a bonus that B and C accepts Tables in Wonderland…what’s not fabulous about 20% off your ice cream sundaes??

  4. Eric says

    I love B&C!!! First, the onion rings are outrageously good! They’re crispy and not greasy! Even though I don’t like fried foods, I love the rings! Burgers are awesome here. The chocolate cake and the brownie are a chocolate lover’s dream. They both walk that fine line of richness, but both are so delectable! And of course, the ice cream is so good. I love seeing The Kitchen Sink brought out and bulging eyes as it’s delivered. This place is an absolute treasure!

  5. Aubrey says

    Had the chance to dine here last summer. Soooo yummy! We went in with the intention if just getting ice cream, but the smell of fresh onion rings was so amazing when we walked in the door I just couldnt resist. It is maybe my best pregnant craving story: massive order of onion rings followed by the No Way Jose (a preggo’s dream dessert! Ice cream, fudge sauce, peanut butter!!!). And you better believe I ate every last bite!

  6. says

    The Frozen Sunshine looks yummy! It reminds me of Orange Julius. Does anyone remember those from mall food courts in the 1970s?

    Our family loves Beaches & Cream. I love going there to get a real Cherry Coke.

  7. Kim says

    Alan, my hubby is from Buffalo and yes, it is Parkside Candy! We both went to UB. Great memories!

  8. Gaylin says

    I love the Frozen Sunshine and usually get one each time I go to the World. It is a nice break from the noise and bustle of Epcot to take a walk over to B&C and get one.

  9. Essie says

    I’ve never been to B&C, but we’re definitely going on our Christmas trip this year. We’re planning on making it a lunch on one of our EPCOT days. Since I’ve been eating healthier and exercising more, I’m looking forward to a treat of one of their fountain Cokes, cheeseburgers, fries and a Milky Way sundae for my meal (That’s really helping me stick with my healthier eating and walking!). LOL Would that be a QS credit or wouldn’t the Milky Way be allowed? I’ll pay OOP if not. Also, could someone advise me the best time of day to go for lunch? We’re going on an ‘off’ time (the week after Thanksgiving), but I’ve heard that the shop is small and it can be hard to get in. Thanks for any info you can help me with.

  10. says

    When hubby and I were on our honeymoon at The Beach Club Resort, our first meal was at B&C. We enjoyed the fun atmosphere and all of our food. During our trip last week, we were able to take my parents and our boys for dinner and goodies. We split some adult options (to save room for ice cream of course) and the kids devoured their meals. Love that they were willing to make a grilled cheese for my kiddo that did not like the other kid meals. When it was time to order dessert, TechyDad and I recalled what we had on our visit there as newlyweds. To celebrate almost 11 years of magical memories, we ordered a Banana Split to share :)

  11. says

    Alan — I haven’t been too Parkside Candy! I’ll have to look it up the next time I’m back in western NY. Sounds like fun!

    Marci — Yep; getting your cokes in the refillable mug here IS free (as long as you purchased the mug). It’s considered a refill station (unless something has drastically changed in the past year or two).

    Betsy — Exactly! Beaches and Cream is already a pretty great deal to start with, but with TiW it becomes an even better value.

    Eric — I’m SO with you on that review! I haven’t had the brownie there in a couple of years; I’ll have to get it again soon!

    Aubrey — Onion Rings + No Way Jose is the perfect meal, I think. ;-) Congrats on your new little one!

    Shayne — Yes! We had an Orange Julius in our little tiny mall back in the 80’s. That place was always packed!

    Mark D. and Elizabeth — Good times, good times! ;-)

    Kim — We must go to there.

    Gaylin — Great idea! Take a break from Epcot and grab a frosty treat.

    Essie — Beaches and Cream is a table-service credit; you won’t be able to use a QS credit there at all as far as I know. And if you’re going for lunch, the best time to go — hands down — is when they first open at 11am. Then you’ll have your choice of tables and booths, and your meal will be quick.

    Beth — That’s an awesome story! And it was so good to see you guys last week in the World!

    Christine — Ha ha! I’ll go check out that original!

  12. Clair says

    Love this place! The Frozen Sunshine looks tasty. On one trip I will have to try something different but for me it has always been the No Way Jose. Yummmmyy!

  13. chrisfabo says

    I remember on my last trip to the World, a friend took me to B&C around 11 PM, during a roam around the resorts. I’ll never forget how good the Milky Way sundae was. ^^

  14. Frank says

    Went yesterday. Burger changed. Just didn’t have the same flavor. Fries used to have seasoned salt. Didn’t have it. Milkshake was great. It’s a tiny venue. 7 tables, 3 booths, and 10 counter seats. Needs to be expanded.

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