Art of Animation Food Court Walk-Through Video

Hey all! I promised this video and here it is! Don’t forget to check out all of our still photos and menu pics from the Art of Animation Food Court as well!

I admit, I’m not the savviest videographer in the world, but at least the music is fun!! :-)

Art Of Animation Entrance

Art of Animation Resort, Disney’s newest value resort complete with family suites, will be opening in late May 2012! Let us know if you’re staying there anytime soon! :-)


  1. Ron says

    Enjoyed that video. But I particularly liked the song. What is that track? LOL!!

  2. Essie says

    Beautiful, AJ!!!! You did a great job on the video. We’re going in November and I can’t wait; I’m so excited. The court looks very well designed. With so many different smaller sections, I think it will have a more intimate relaxed feel. Food courts are usually one huge cavernous room and they come off as too busy, noisy and hectic. I think this one will be really enjoyable.

  3. says

    Ron — Ha ha! Fun, right? It’s one of the free songs you can pick when you make YouTube videos. :-)

    Essie — Thank you! You’re so kind! I’m working hard at doing more video for the site, and I’ll learn how to be a superstar eventually! ;-) I agree that this food court will be enjoyable; you can sit in a different movie section each day!

  4. Jeff says

    Wow A.J. the place looks great, but more more to the point, you are an awesome videographer! How on earth did you get such smooth, sweeping shots without any shakiness or hesitant, jerky shots seen in most non-professional videos? Can I ask what equipment you used?

  5. Jennifer says

    We are going in September and will be staying in the Little Mermaid rooms. I really like the smoothie option in the food court but I wish they had more options other than burgers and those two other dishes (the fish and the stir fry). It would have been nice to see a chicken dish or something similar.

  6. Audrey says

    AJ, you underestimate your videography talents! That was excellent! What camera are you using, my friend!

  7. Danielle says

    Yay! Thank you so much for that video! We just booked our next Disney holiday today where we will be staying at the Art of Animation resort for next year!
    This video just makes it even more exciting (though we have ages to wait until we actually go)
    (Cue big countdown starting now!) :D

  8. michael stapf says

    that is one of the most elaborate, and awesome looking food court i have ever seen!
    quite possibly one of the biggest, i like it, too bad i’m not staying there next summer when i come down for a vaction, but sometime in the future. :D

  9. Raelynn says

    Great video! We are staying in December and I am now worried about what my picky eater son will be eating. While I’m sure most parents are happy with the Kids Pick variety offered here, I’m puzzled that the didn’t include the old stand-bys hot dog and kids pizza. We might be crossing over to Pop for him.

  10. Kim says

    Thanks so much AJ! It will be so exciting to head to AoA. Quick question – at one point you went past a dispenser that said “Fresh chilled dairy” – was that coffee creamer or milk? It would be great if the refillable resort mugs would include milk. Thanks again, and great videography!

  11. Karen says

    The video is great and dig the party music in the background! That place looks humongous! I wonder how many people it can seat at full capacity. The set up is very interesting too, it almost makes me thing this would be an interesting set up for a cruise. Keep up the good work!

  12. says

    Jeff and Audrey — I just used my Canon T1i camera, but YouTube has editing options where you can “stabilize” your video! Score!!

    Christopher R. — You bet!

    Jenny — Thanks!! Yes; it is very big!

    Jennifer — They’ll have more options; no worries. When I was there, there were at least two menu boards not working yet, so I couldn’t capture those dishes. :-)

    JoAnn — Thank you!

    Danielle — Yay! That countdown will go by so quickly!

    Michael — Maybe you’ll need to take a trip over to AoA to dine there :-D

    Raelynn — Don’t be too worried; like I said above, I’m missing a couple of menu boards there. I’ll bet there are a few more kids items to be revealed.

    Kim — Hmm.. I’ll have to go back to the video and check it out! My guess is that it’s creamer.

    Karen — Interesting about the cruise idea!

    Diana — Yay! Have fun!

  13. Valerie says

    This video made me super excited for our end of September trip!!! GREAT pick on the tunes!!!

  14. Deborah Vommaro says


  15. Stephanie Whiley says

    Does anyone know if they have frozen icees here? Usually you can get cherry or coke in some of the other resort’s food courts. Didn’t see them in the video, but my family loves them and could be a big factor for us :) Thanks for the video!

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