News! A Video Look Inside 1901 Lounge AND Club 33 Invites New Members!

Club 33 Sign

Exciting news announced on the DisneyParks Blog!

Club 33 Invites New Members

Club 33 is celebrating its 45th anniversary by inviting a limited number of new members for exclusive membership!

Walt Disney was inspired to create Club 33 by the executive lounges at the 1964 New York World’s Fair. Since 1967, the club has intrigued Disney fans!

Disneyland fans that receive new Club 33 membership will get some extra perks too — sneak peeks to new attractions, VIP tour guides, itinerary planning, valet parking, and comp resort upgrades — for an exceptional concierge experience.

A Peek Inside the Exclusive New 1901 Lounge

Access to the new 1901 lounge inside the Carthay Circle Theatre (opening June 15) is also included in these new memberships.

Check our our earlier reports on Club 33 membership and the 1901 Lounge for details on these exclusive locations AND on the ins and outs of membership!

Check out this video for details and a peek inside the new 1901 Lounge in Disney California Adventure, opening June 15th…

Initial membership offers will first go to the Club 33 waiting list. Email for more information!


  1. vanessa says

    Even if I was rich, this is not all inclusive, which bothers me a lot. My goodness, 25,000 dollars plus other fees just to enter the place? Yikes! It would be nice to visit it one day though as a guest, that’s for sure. =) Thanks for the news!

  2. says

    Vanessa — Yes; it’s a very high cost. I think many of the memberships are now held by companies and corporations and used among many employees, so that may make it more palatable. But for a single person or family, very high.

  3. Margret says

    Momentarily ~ before I knew about the $25K initiation fee ~ thought that maybe my Mom and 2 of our friends could go in on a membership together making it only (gasp!) $2,500/year. As I don’t live in SoCal, even by itself, that is just out of the question. I wish they’d run these clubs also like day spa’s: pay an exorbitant fee to get in the door (which is on top of already having paid for the ticket/park hopper/annual pass); the access is good for one day, at the most, and maybe only for the duration of the meal; make it available only on slow days when seats aren’t filled by full members; don’t ever advertise when the opportunity arrises ~ so that interested guests have to ask a Disney dining cast member, for example; or make it that you have to ask at City Hall; or mix it up like they used to for Fantasmic: you never used to know when/where you needed to be to get tickets, as it always changed without warning or notification, making it kind of a game of chance. That would open up the sort of extreme, outside chance that one of us ‘unwashed masses’ might some day be able to fulfill the dream of going there.

  4. Sam says

    There are ways around visiting without the membership. If you know someone who is a member, or who works there, ask them to put your name down for a reservation. I met a hostess that works there while walking into Disneyland and she was able to get us in. You get to get into to Disneyland free, and just have to pay for dinner (approx $100pp), which I think is reasonable considering it’s now almost $100 just to get into Disneyland!

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