Splitsville: Opening Fall 2012 in Walt Disney World

We’re looking forward to the Fall 2012 opening of Splitsville at Downtown Disney! With food and bowling, who could ask for anything more? ;-)

Splitsville Concept Art

This games-meets-food “lounge” will be a great family dining spot, I’m sure. We’ve got the menu from the Tampa location below, and — from the looks of it — the Orlando menu will be very similar (of course, it’s subject to change).

Splitsville Tampa Menu -- Click to see larger version

Come on — filet mignon at the bowling alley? 60-ounce alcoholic drinks? Awesome. I’m pretty excited to try those Firehouse Sliders and the Kool-Aid Bowl myself…

Since it’s not quite open yet, though, here are a few pics we snapped on a recent visit to the construction site:

Opening Fall 2012

A bowling alley with sushi!

Sushi Anyone?

Sushi, Pizza, Sliders, and Cocktails; sounds good to me.

Sushi, Pizza, Sliders, Cocktails!

How do you roll?

How We Roll

Stop in for burgers, sushi, and pizza!

Burgers, Sushi, Pizza

Stop in to Splitsville where you can – Dine, Dance, Drink, Bowl!

Dine, Dance Drink, Bowl!

Yep, we’re getting hungry for some eats at Splitsville!

Hungry Yet?

So, I’m thinking that even if you don’t love bowling, this spot will still be a good place to visit for some fun comfort fud!!

What do you think about Splitsville coming to Downtown Disney Orlando?


  1. says

    Yum, on so many levels! And the prices look extremely reasonable. But when exactly is Fall? Should I try to work this into our 9/22-10/6 trip?

  2. Erin says

    OMG. Crossing my fingers so hard this is open by the time we go in October!!!!!

  3. JoAnn says

    The food sounds really good. Hmmmm…. maybe I should pack my bowling shoes just in case.

  4. says

    Becca — I know, right? No idea when in the Fall. Hopefully sooner rather than later! Hope to see your when you’re there! I should be around at that time!

    Erin — Me too!

    JoAnn — Ha ha! YES!

  5. says

    Sushi and bowling sounds like a GREAT combo to me. I don’t think I’ll have time on my next trip to try it though but I think this is a fun idea for the day you arrive at WDW and don’t want to use a park ticket to get in the parks. Also could be fun for a “relaxing” day (haha) when you just want to do something different… or even on a rainy day! Love it!

  6. Elizabeth says

    I’m thinking there may be a “Disney premium” on the pricing at this location compared to the prices in Tampa. I’ve been to the one in Tampa a couple of times, it is really fun. Looking forward to checking this one out as well.

  7. Carolyn says

    Personally I think this looks like a great addition to Downtown Disney. And it looks reasonably priced. Plus I love that there will be another sushi option.

  8. canadianslovewdw says

    i just dont see how a 60 ounce drink and bowling could be good together… hopefully they have steel toe bowling shoes…

  9. says

    @Elizabeth – yes, I think you’re right. Mind you, even a mark-up of 50% would leave reasonable prices in Disney terms.

  10. says

    Jasmine — Me too!

    Anna — I never went to any in NYC! I must try them out the next time I’m there!

    Marci — Great point on doing this on arrival day or on a rainy day!

    Elizabeth — Thanks for sharing your experience! Yeah; agreed on the pricing premium.

    Carolyn — We’ll really have to have a “sushi throw down” for Disney after this!

    Canadians — Ha ha!! I think they’ll be GREAT together! ;-) (Though I’m guessing they won’t be all that strong…)

    Becca — Wow! So strange to think that that might be true!

  11. Chuckie says

    The Menu looks great! Do you think prices will be raised when it is put on Disney property?

  12. Jonathan says

    I really hope this place is open by the time we go in October, as well. Food prices look good for Disney-area terms, and $21 for 60oz drink is cheaper than most bars! My girlfriend and I are crossing our fingers!

  13. Michele says

    So, do you think this will be for ages 21 and up after 8pm like the other Splitsville locations? That will really make a difference for the average Disney World visitors!

  14. Chris says

    I hope it is open when i come down in late november. I wonder if you will need reservations to eat there? I also wonder if they will accept the disney dining plan.

  15. Raquel says

    I’m really hoping Splitsville will be open for our late October trip. Hubby will be thrilled since he loves to bowl and the league we were in is no more.

  16. says

    The Splitsville here in Tampa is super cool and fun and I’m excited about the one opening in DTD. But a word of caution… don’t be fooled by the apparently low prices. Splitsville charges by the HOUR instead of by the game like most bowling alleys do. So if you’re not careful you’ll find your lane shut off in the middle of a frame. And more often than not, especially on weekends, there will be people waiting for that lane so you can’t just have them turn the lane back on. You have to wait for a new one to open up.

  17. Linda says

    Great news. Finally a place for parents to hangout while waiting for their teens and tweens at concerts at House of Blues

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