Carthay Circle Restaurant Update: Food Pictures and Reservations Available

The Carthay Circle Restaurant will be opening in Disney California Adventure on June 15th, 2012, and you can now make reservations!

And, remember — guests dining at Carthay Circle Restaurant are eligible for complimentary, center-stage viewing for “World of Color.” See details at the end of the post!


The story of the restaurant is set in 1937, on the evening “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” premiered at Carthay Circle Theater! The menu will reflect this time period — with a modern twist, of course! You can see some gorgeous photos of the outside of the restaurant here.

Developed by Executive Chef Andrew Sutton from Napa Rose, and executed by Chef de Cuisine Gloria Tae — also from Napa Rose — the menu will reflect seasonal flavors and Southern California cuisine.

Carthay Circle Seating

Carthay Circle Lounge

What I love is that there will be, essentially, two public dining options at Carthay Circle: a Carthay Circle Lounge downstairs, serving quick meals, shared plates, wine, craft beer, or handcrafted seltzer sodas with muddled fruit; and the larger restaurant upstairs, which will be taking reservations.

This way, if you just need a bite to eat but would like to relax in a more upscale environment (or if junior has finally decided to nap and you need to be somewhere somewhat quiet and air conditioned for a while), you can simply walk into the Carthay Circle Lounge for tapas and a great drink.

The Lounge menu is divided into Bites, Rolls, Snacks, Small Plates, and Finger Desserts, served in a place to “relax, share and have fun,” Chef Sutton says. Tastes range from hot shrimp with a chilled spicy tomato shooter to duck confit sliders with apricot conserve, watercress, crisp onions, and Taleggio cheese.

Lobster Pad Thai Imperial Roll

If you’d like a longer, larger meal, plan on heading upstairs to the Restaurant!

Halibut Ceviche with Green Tomatillo Salsa and Plaintain Chips

Carthay Circle Restaurant

And you can take a peek at the decor of the restaurant here. It’s upscale, yet still comfortable.

But guests will definitely be made to feel special: “Upon arrival, guests are greeted downstairs and escorted up the graceful staircase or by elevator to the restaurant,” says Joy Cushing, restaurant manager. Wow; sounds very Club 33, no?

Carthay Circle Staircase

Lunch features exciting options like crispy firecracker duck wings with soy, lime, and Sriracha chili sauce; sautéed northern halibut with roasted red bell pepper, caperberry, and orange relish; and Angus flank steak cobb salad with Mine Shaft Blue Cheese, bacon, avocado, and arugula with Cabernet essence.

Signature Fire Cracker Duck Wings

Angus flank steak cobb salad with Mine Shaft Blue Cheese, bacon, avocado and arugula with Cabernet essence

On the dinner menu, sample Colorado rack of lamb with fried zucchini blossoms, fennel puree, and summer succotash; grilled Jamaican jerked kingfish with a tropical salsa of pineapple, mango, black beans, and lime; and strawberry-lemon roasted organic chicken salad with jicama, haricot verts, upland cress (greens), and buttermilk-lemon vinaigrette.

Jamaican jerked kingfish with a tropical salsa of pineapple, mango, black beans, and lime

Dessert sounds incredible. Try the seasonal county pie with whipped brown sugar sour cream (what?!? Yum!); toasted lemon pound cake with fresh marinated blueberries, lemon curd cream, and Tahitian vanilla Chantilly; “Peaches In All Their Glory,” with peach and white chocolate cannolis with fresh grilled peaches and peach sorbet; and the fried banana split Monte Cristo sundae with raspberry and chocolate fudge ice creams, toffee nuts, and warm caramel rum bananas.

banana split Monte Cristo sundae with raspberry and chocolate fudge ice creams, toffee nuts, and warm caramel rum bananas

Kids’ Menu
The 256-seat restaurant (200 inside, 56 on a terrace) will also serve a fun kids’ menu! Kids can choose from interesting options like sloppy joes with house-made slaw, pasta and mini crispy tacos, or a beef filet or fish for dinner.

The restaurant and lounge are open 11 a.m.-10 p.m. daily. To make a reservation, call 714-781-DINE or email with date, time, and contact information.

World of Color Packages Available

More great news!! Carthay Circle Restaurant has been added to the World of Color Dining Package docket!

Each guest who orders an appetizer and entrée or an entrée and dessert will receive complimentary, center-stage viewing for the “World of Color” nighttime, water spectacular on Paradise Pier Bay.

Lunch guests and guests who have dinner before 7 p.m. will receive tickets to the first “World of Color” show; guests who dine after 7 p.m. will receive tickets to the second show.

What dishes will you be ordering at Carthay Circle Restaurant?


  1. Madoka says

    I am beyond thrilled! Chef Gloria is so nice and wonderfully talented. I’ve had the pleasure of dining at the Napa Rose Chef’s Counter multiple times with her at the helm, and each time has been a pure delight not only because of the quality and inventiveness of the dishes but also because she makes each Counter guest feel so welcome. The menu items designed by Chef Andrew and highlighted here look absolutely delicious, and the decor is gorgeous!

    Can’t wait to eat there! :D

  2. says

    Madoka — I feel the same. Though I haven’t had the pleasure of dining at the counter with Gloria, I’ve heard wonderful things about her! Thanks for your positive comment!

  3. Anderson says

    I cannot wait to eat here! I absolutely love eating at the Napa Rose chef’s counter, so I can’t wait to see what Chef Sutton and Chef Tae have come up with!

  4. Tracy says

    Love Chef Sutton’s food-can’t wait to try it here! I’m trying to gauge the “child-friendliness” of the Carthay. I know it is a theme park restaurant, on the other hand, I wouldn’t bring my two year old to Napa Rose because I want to enjoy my meal without worrying about her ruining other’s meals. We are heading to Disneyland at the end of June, and would love to try it out. Maybe I’ll just have to be the pioneer?!

  5. Margret says

    Remember The Golden Vine above Wine Country Trattoria in DCA? That place was *magical*! I spent the best Christmas-away-from-home dinner there way back in 2006. Unfortunately, they closed it down years ago :(. Looks like ~ at long last ~ there may be a sort of replacement for it. Although, I liked the menu (hoity-toity California cuisine) better than the menu for CCR. However, that said, I’ve never had an experience less than superlative at Napa Rose (is it inappropriate to try and order the mushroom bisque in a bucket?). I’ll definitely try CCR or Lounge when my family visits end of June (if we can get seats!). Didn’t know about the restaurant opening/World of Color option till now, though, so will stick with reservations through Trattoria for that. I’d say, btw, that the food there has improved *lots* since I first ate there when it was new.

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