Cars Land First Look: Food Photos and Reviews From Sally’s Cozy Cone Motel

After our fun look at Flo’s V-8 Cafe, I couldn’t wait to tell you all about Sally’s Cozy Cone Motel and the eats you can find there come June 15th at Disney California Adventure’s Cars Land!

We now have even more info than we did in our previous Cars Land Menu Post. Read through the menu below, then take a look at our tasting reviews!

Cozy Cone Motel Menu

Cone Number 1
Churro bites with cinnamon-chocolate sauce, cinnamon-spiced hot cocoa, and Ramone’s Pear of Dice Soda made with dessert pear syrup, mojito syrup and Sprite.

Cone Number 2
Soft-serve ice cream and “route” beer floats.

Cone Number 3
Savory bites all served in edible bread cones, such as a bacon-scrambled egg cone for breakfast, chicken verde or chili “cone” queso for lunch and dinner.

Specialty beverages are Fillmore’s Fuelin’ Groovy Ades, all-natural lemonade with wild berry foam, or pomegranate limeade with lemon-lime foam.

Overall Display of Cozy Cone Motel Goodies

Cone Number 4
Serves pretzel bites with cheesy sauce and Red’s Apple Freeze, a fat-free, frozen concoction with apple juice, toasted marshmallow syrup and passion fruit-mango foam.

Cone Number 5
Two flavored popcorns daily, such as dill pickle and sweet & spicy. Other flavors include bacon and cheddar, nacho cheese, salt and vinegar. Specialty drink is Doc’s Wild Grape Tonic (Sprite with wild grape syrup and wild berry foam).

Tasting Reviews

The first thing we got to sample at the tasting was the Pretzel Bites from Cone 4. These were really good, and I think that — when served warm with dipping sauces — they’ll be delicious.

Pretzel Bites, Popcorn, and top of Chile Cone Queso

Once we were over in Flo’s we got to try mini samples of the Chili Cone Queso! You’ll remember this one from our Cars Land menu post a while back!

Chili Cone Queso at Cozy Cone Motel

The chili is not too spicy, and the cheese was really melty and delicious. The cone was thick like a pretzel bread so the chili couldn’t seep through the cone (nope — sadly it isn’t actually pretzel bread). And there are actually real Fritos in the topping as the cone is based on “Frito Pie” from the 1950’s.

The chili is all-beef, and spoons are optional. Really, the food is designed to be eaten right out of the cone (like a Handwich), but if guests prefer, there will be spoons available.

Chile Cone Queso and Churro Bites

To lighten things up, we sampled the Dill Flavored Popcorn, which I got the chance to taste at the Annual Passholder preview a few weeks ago! Here’s my review (I love it!).

Dill Popcorn

We also got to try the “better-for-you” Red’s Apple Freeze beverage from Cone 4. This is frozen apple juice with passion fruit foam (though we didn’t hear anything about the marshmallow syrup; instead, they said they use a “secret ingredient.”)

This drink is fat free, 100% real apple juice, and only 190 calories. It was very good — not too sweet, and really refreshing. The apple juice was tasty, and the foam was nice and light. The consistency wasn’t frozen like a slushy; rather, it was just kind of thick, almost like a slurpee.

In the display, you’ll see some really fun Sippy “Cones.” We didn’t get prices on these, but they do look like a lot of fun!

Sippy Cones and Red's Apple Freeze

We should note that those Fillmore’s Fuelin’ Groovy Ades — all-natural lemonade with wild berry foam, or pomegranate limeade with lemon-lime foam — can be made “high octane” by adding Vodka when you order!

You can see a review of the lemonade with wild berry foam here — they have this at Sunshine Tree Terrace in Disney World right now.

Lemonade with Wild Berry Foam

Fun Merchandise and Food Containers

This Lightening McQueen is actually a popcorn bucket, and you can either order your popcorn in that or in the cone.

Lightning McQueen can be your popcorn bucket!

Speaking of Lightning — you can also get this fun light-up cup featuring the star of the show.

Lightning McQueen Cup


I think the Cozy Cone Motel will be a great grab-and-go stop, and the food will be the perfect addition to Cars Land. Beverages are refreshing and different from what you’ll find elsewhere in the park (and we like that High Octane version as well!).

Don’t forget to peek at our review of Cars Land’s Flo’s V-8 Cafe entrees and desserts here as well!

What menu items will be on your list when you visit Cars Land?

Thanks to Disney for inviting me to attend this Food Preview event! While the food was complimentary, all of my opinions are my own. See more on our disclosure policy.

Heather Sievers is the Disney Food Blog’s Dining in Disneyland columnist. See more of her columns here!


  1. Brooke says

    Wow! This looks sooo cool! What a completely immersive experience. With every post y’all do about Disneyland and the new Carsland stuff, I’m pretty sure we’re going to be making a trip west SOON! Thanks for the awesome info!

  2. Suzanne says

    These sound terrific! I would definitely want to try the dill popcorn and the chili cone–for starters. Would so love to see Disneyland! I’ve been going to WDW since its opening.

  3. says

    Kim — Agreed! I’m hoping to try some of the other cones when I’m next in DL at Cars Land!

    Christen — Ha ha! Me, too!

    Brooke — I’m hoping to get over there soon, too. Looks awesome!

    Suzanne — Thanks for your comment! Disneyland is great for food-lovers!

    Melissa — Yes — such interesting merchandise here! Good point!

  4. Essie says

    I’ll probably never get to Carsland or DLR :( , but I’m really enjoying your reports from there. The new Carsland looks very well done and I know that my little nephew would love it. I think the creative foods that they’ve come up with look wonderful; I would love to try them and the drinks. Thanks for sharing them with us!

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