Snacks Series: Ham and Cheese Croissant in Epcot

Sometimes burgers just won’t cut it and you need a little piece of heaven for lunch, right? Who hasn’t felt that way after a few days in Disney World?

So here’s a quick Friday Afternoon Cost-Saving tip for ya: Fill up for less on one of these amazing ham and cheese croissants at Boulangerie Patisserie. Awesome, right?! And the last time we were there, you could get one of these babies for a single Disney Dining Plan snack credit!

Stop by France's bakery for a filling snack!

Enjoy your lunch at the nearby indoor seating area, or outside at one of the bistro tables! And since you’re keeping it “light” and inexpensive for this meal, you’ll be able to sample some more mouthwatering treats on your adventure through Epcot!

Boulangerie Patisserie Epcot

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Do you know of other snack items that would make a great meal? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Jon says

    Ham and cheese croissant with a German beer sounds good to me! That’s the great thing about the World Showcase – multicultural food/beverages – mix and match as you please.

  2. says

    Jon, I agree 100%. And don’t forget to add dessert — Crepes from France, School Bread from Norway, Margarita from Mexico… ;-)

  3. Keith says

    We found this little treasure on our last outing in December. We had our boys and needed something fast… we found these croissants and my wife also brought out the most decadent chocolate eclairs that we have ever had.

  4. Claire says

    That ham and cheese croissant looks unbelievable!! AND ITS A SNACK CREDIT!! I guess its dinner time ;) My husband still raves about visiting France and having sandwiches like this, I showed him this picture and it really got his attention. Guess that’s on the list for our visit in November. I have to say I rarely go into the Boulangerie in France, usually too full from snacking our way around the World during Food and Wine festival.

  5. Jon says

    Desserts? Margaritas? Now you’re talking. La Cava’s avocado margarita and the jalapeno one are great.

  6. says

    Keith — Ah; sounds like a heavenly meal! ;-) I do love those eclairs!

    Claire — It DOES look like what you’d find at the patisseries in France, doesn’t it? These kinds of things are all over the place there. Agreed that it’s tough to substitute a trip to the Bakery for a visit to a F&W Kiosk, isn’t it? Well, maybe the bakery will be closed down for the coming expansion and you won’t have to worry about it! ;-)

    Jon — Yes indeed!! I love the margaritas at La Cava. And the queso — don’t get me started! ;-)

  7. Sarah says

    This is my utmost favorite snack anywhere! One snack credit is right, and it’ s big enough for a light meal.
    Fave dining place too. Def will be getting one in October! They are sooo ooey and gooey!

  8. Leslie Weaver says

    We always use a snack and purchase this item. Take it to our room for a great breakfast the next morning!

  9. Alan says

    I love it when AJ ferrets out these good food bargains. And, this sandwich is good and a bargain. We love this little spot and look toward to the re-hab.

  10. says

    I would love to see an entire post on this Bakery and all they have to offer. Somehow I have never made it in there, but I can assure you I will fix that on the next trip.

  11. Matt says

    I love this place. I really enjoy getting either the ham and cheese croissant, or the ham and cheese baguette, with chocolate mousse. It’s such a great, easy lunch for a reasonable price. Get there between 11-11:30am and it’s usually not too too crowded either.

  12. kirsty says

    We got a couple of these last May and some fruit tarts, it was a nice late night snack!

  13. Corey says

    Make sure you have them warm it up – it is soooooo good served warm.

    And they’re a score without the dining plan – something like $3 or $3.50 (at least they were).

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