Favorite Finds: Star Wars Spuds

Sometimes we come across some seriously awesome food-related merch and we just have to share it with you. This time? STAR WARS SPUDS! And by spuds, we mean Mr. Potato Head. Yes.

As I mentioned earlier in the Star Wars snacks post, my family is headed to Walt Disney World soon. One of the main reasons that we are gearing up for a June trip is to attend our second Star Wars Weekends event at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Star Wars Weekends

The first time we attended my husband RAN for a picture with a Stormtrooper, leaving his then 8-year old son in his lightspeed-wake. It’s the kind of event that encourages grown adults to recall their youthful summer days having backyard battles with makeshift lightsabers. Are you with me?!

One of my favorite places to browse while my son is on his 9th ride (seriously, I am SO not kidding!) on Star Tours is Tatooine Traders. After two galactic missions IN A ROW, I’m ready for some shopping!

Star Wars-Inspired Mr. Potato Head Toys

And, luckily, Disney Theme Parks sell exclusive Star Wars Mr. Potato Head figures. This 5-part Limited Edition set makes a great gift for your Star Wars fans! ;-)

Star Wars Mr. Potato Head Display

I wonder if this protocol droid, C-3PotatO, would help my young padawan with his manners!


Take loyal Chipbacca on your next smuggling run!


C3PO and Chewbacca in Disney's Hollywood Studios

Mashter Yoda shares his wisdom — “Truly wonderful the mind of a child is.” Treat your apprentice to one of these imaginative toys!

Mashter Yoda

Collect your own bounty when you wrangle up Spuda Fett!

Spuda Fett

Boba Fett in Star Wars Weekends Parade

Darth Mash wields his double-bladed lightsaber!

Darth Mash

Darth Maul at Star Wars Weekends

So, whaddya say? Are you all ready for Star Wars Weekends?

Grab your Mr. Potato Heads at Disney’s Hollywood Studios or click the links provided to start your collection!


  1. Brooke says

    These are so cute! I’m thinkin’ there will be several of these on my Christmas list this year! Thanks so much for the informative write up. I’ve never made it to Star Wars Weekends :-O

  2. Patty says

    LOL! I can only imagine how much fun the creators had when they designed these and the names are hilarious! Potato Heads Rock!!

  3. says

    Dang… I clicked on this post thinking it would be about some new fantastic, intergalactic potato-based snack – LOL!

  4. Kim says

    Brooke – May the Force be with you. You gotta check out the fun at SWW!

    Patty – So much fun, right?!!

    Carrie – LOL. Now and then we sneak in something non-edible. ;-)

  5. Heather says

    I wish they had the full sized sign this year like in your pic. They still have the Let the Memories Begin with just a small thing about SWW in a star in the corner. (I know that has nothing to do with food, lol.)

  6. says

    Hmmm…I’m a huge Star Wars fangirl, but these kinda wierd me out. I think I’ll be sticking to the themed cupcakes and leaving these for y’all!

  7. Kim says

    Heather – thanks for the info about the sign. Hey, the entrance is the gateway to food, right?!

    Jaia – we must never forget about the cupcakes!! ;-)

  8. Melissa says

    These are awesome! I’m so bummed we weren’t there for Star Wars Weekends since my son is obsessed. I may have to get him Darth Mash!

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