Review: Chocolate Raspberry Cupcake in Epcot

I don’t go to Sunshine Seasons in Epcot nearly enough. (This is true of everyone pretty much, right? ;-) )

This great spot is smack in the middle of the Land pavilion in Epcot, and offers some of the best counter service food in all of Walt Disney World. This includes some very unique desserts, and anytime I DO visit I can’t resist trying out a few new treats. Today: the Chocolate Raspberry Cupcake…

Chocolate Raspberry Cupcake

This is what I would call an “attractive” cupcake (minus the condensation droplets…sorry about that…). Colorful Mickey sprinkles and dark chocolate curls, thick pink buttercream frosting, chocolate cake — admit it; you’d fall for it, too. But let’s get down to the review of what’s inside!

As my friend and I took initial bites, we debated whether the frosting (I always start with the frosting) was actually raspberry-flavored, or if it was just pink buttercream. In the end, my friend — who happens to be a pastry guru — said yes, it was raspberry. I wasn’t convinced, so if you’ve tried this one, let me know what you think!

Now, I’d been told by the cast member at the counter that the cake did have raspberry filling (YAY!), so I was excited to see what was inside… . When I split the cake down the middle, I found what was basically seedless raspberry jam…kind of like thick raspberry donut filling.

This I found encouraging, since raspberry donuts are my favorite (trumped only by lemon donuts…of which I eat the lemon filling and leave most some of the donut). And, sure enough, the filling was delicious.

Cupcake Cross Section

As for the chocolate cake itself, it was good, though nothing really WOW-worthy. The addition of the raspberry filling made it delicious, but we found our interest in the cupcake waned once the filling was gone and we were left with plain chocolate cake.

Filling Close-Up

To sum this one up: pretty, but ultimately not one of my favorite Disney Cupcakes.

It’s not a mix of interesting flavors like the Guava Cream Cheese Cupcake (also at Sunshine Seasons). And it doesn’t carry the flavorful heft of the Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Cupcake at the Main Street Bakery.

If I could only choose a certain number of cupcake contenders for the Disney World cupcake crawl, this one probably wouldn’t make the cut. ;-)

What is your favorite must-have dessert at Sunshine Seasons? Will you be adding this entry to your own cupcake crawl? Let us know below in comments!


  1. Becky says

    Ooh, I think this looks amazing! Chocolate and raspberry is one of my all-time favorite flavor combinations, so I’ll have to give this a try!

  2. Jenny says

    This does look pretty yummy, but I wonder if there is a chocolate orange cupcake out there somewhere. If not maybe they should make one, that would be very yummy.

  3. Josephine says

    It looks ok, but the peanut butter/chocolate cupcake is my absolute favorite. I could go for one of those right now!

  4. says

    Jenny — Yum; that sounds like a great idea to me. I’ve always been a chocolate/orange fan. Maybe we can convince the folks at Sunshine Tree Terrace…

    Josephine — Agreed. That chocolate peanut butter cupcake was truly amazing.

  5. Paula B. says

    Agree with all of the above – choco-raspberry combo, yum. Orange, yes. With peanut butter, definitely. But keep all the updates coming on ANY new cupcakes you “encounter”.

  6. Cherry says

    It’s a good thing you test these out for us since I probably would have passed it up since the frosting makes it look like it would have fake raspberry flavoring (yuck!). :-) I’ll have to add it to my list of things to try the next time I get to WDW.

  7. Essie says

    First of all, I agree with Jenny; I would love anything that’s chocolate with orange together!
    As for the Chocolate Raspberry cupcake, that is something that my Mother would enjoy very much so I would certainly take one home for her. I’m working on a plastic ‘cupcake carrier’ to take on my trip with me (thanks to this blog :) ).

  8. Eric says

    Oh my good sweet baby Jesus!
    Consider me at Sunshine seasons… please tell me this isnt seasonal.

    Give me a cupcake with yumminess inside and I’m there!

    Awesome AJ!


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