Review: Aquavit Shot in Epcot’s Norway

In my all-consuming quest to try each and every drink around the World Showcase of Epcot, today we visit the Norway Pavilion for our first sip of Aquavit!

I had never tried Aquavit, but my friend was game, so we decided that today would be the day to savor this important Scandinavian spirit.

Aquavit at Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe

Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe features Linie Aquavit, so named because it crosses the equator, or “Linie” (did you know the Equator had a nickname?), twice during the aging process. How, you ask? Apparently, in a hull of a ship, secured in sherry casks.

You can even track your bottle. I’m so not joking. (See, we all learn things here on the Disney Food Blog.)

Back of Aquavit Bottle

The strong spirit, which is traditionally a grain or potato distillation, clocks in at around 80 proof, and is flavored with herbs and spices.

Some drink it as a shot, while others savor it in small, tulip-shaped glasses. At Epcot, the former is clearly the preference…thus the strange, day-glo shot glasses.

Aquavit Shot

We asked one of the Norwegian cast members her opinion of Aquavit, and we were greeted with a wrinkled-up nose. I gotta tell ya, after sipping it, I’d agree with the summation.

We decided that it tasted a whole lot like cough syrup…but licorice cough syrup, which is a little better than normal I guess. Regardless, a couple of sips were enough to confirm that this probably wasn’t something I needed to do again immediately. ;-)

Have you tried Linie Aquavit at Epcot’s Norway? Is it a favorite ritual for you and yours? We’d love to hear your story in comments below!


  1. says

    My daughter in law tried it and when she ordered it the girl told her if she could drink it without making a face it was free. We walked outside and we were talking when all of a sudden she drank it. Like a shot. No face or anything (we didn’t try to get $$ back!) She did admit it wasn’t very good but………………Thats my girl! hahahah

  2. Galloping Gourmand says

    Yup, I dislike it too. With a passion. Had my lone shot of it at Marcus Samuelson’s Aquavit restaurant in NYC. It seemed like the right thing to do -ask for the best shot of the restraints namesake that I can afford. Bad idea. Bad, bad idea. I coughed, geared up, and the waitress was nice enough to bring me some milk to remove the taste.

  3. says

    JoAnn — Let me know what you think!!

    Rose — Way to raise a strong daughter!!! ;-) I’m not sure I could drink it without making a face!

    GG — Ha ha ha! I can’t imagine Aquvit + Milk!!

  4. Brandy says

    Too funny!! My husband did the same thing,asking the cast member and getting the same reaction-except it was a guy from the stand outside. My husband shot it like a man and politely smiled and gagged after he walked away! I can’t remember what the cast member said that they usually cut it with but he said they usually prefer it mixed with something…DERN IT!! I wish I could remember!

  5. RB says

    I’ve never had Linie Aquavit in Epcot’s Norway — but I was served a sizeable cocktail glass of it by my hostess during a vacation to Sweden. I really enjoyed it, but that may have more to do with the way it warmed me up in the Stockholm February weather, than with its actual flavor! I’d enjoy having some again in Epcot, if only to relive that fun “sensory memory” of Scandinavia.

  6. Hillarie says

    The CM who sold me Aquavit earlier in the month told me if I drank it without making a face, I could call myself a viking. It was my first taste and I can honestly say now that I actually like the drink!

    -Hillarie the Viking

  7. Alan says

    I like most of the licorice and anise flavored liqours but amazingly I have never tried Aquavit. I must have been too busy staring at the pastries when at the bakery to notice it. Very unusual for me and something I will remedy next time there!

  8. Erica Jensen Kelsey says

    Do the shot quickly and it will burn less if its cold. We keep bottles in our Freezer at home. Love the stuff. Can”t wait for our nexy trip to Epcot. I will be enjoying Akavit with my rice pudding.

  9. Kendra says

    Never tried it at Epcot, but almost on my honeymoon. We were on a Norwegian cruise where they give everyone a shot. DH took it first, looked over at me with two watering eyes and said “Do not drink this!” Ha. I might have him do a shot at Epcot for old times sake.

  10. Geoff says

    Hmmm. I’m intrigued. I may have to give this a shot (pun intended) this December….and follow up it with:
    Viking Coffee (flavored with Kamora Coffee Liqueur and Baileys Irish Cream) $8.50

  11. says

    It’s not something I’d drink every day, but I actually like it. In fact, I have a bottle in the bar at home. To me, it tastes more like caraway than anise, but that might depend on the brand you’re drinking as well.

    My favorite way of drinking it is in place of the vodka in a Bloody Mary. The herbal flavors are at home in a savory drink, and it’s not as harsh as drinking it straight.

  12. Rick says

    Geoff, I have to giggle a little when you mentioned the Viking Coffee.

    Kamora Coffee Liqueur (Mexico)
    Bailey’s Irish Cream (Ireleand)
    Coffee (South America or Africa)

    I guess the shot of Aquavit before it makes it a Viking coffee ;)

    (sorry, I couldn’t resist)

    Actually, I bet the Aquavit with an espresso would be very tasty indeed!

  13. Ted G says

    With due respect, I’d have to call this a unfortunate review and one lacking in any real appreciation for this type of spirit. As for the Norwegian friend, I assure that he is the exception to the rule in Norway specifically and Scandinavia in general. People should try this Akavit and make up their own minds. For the record their are other brands and while caraway is a typical flavoring, other herbs and spices are used in some brands.

  14. says

    It smells nice but I cannot say I like drinking it. It sits on the shelf and mocks me for taking it home instead of something easier on the tastebuds. I think that I must have been oxygen deprived walking through the perfume area when I bought it. After reading this page, I now have a way to convince guests to try it.

    I wish there were some more suggestions for mixing the alcohol into something palatable.

    Coincidentally when making the statement that it smells like trolls in the perfume area, nobody ever denies it. Norway seems like quite an interesting place with interesting people. Too bad the majority of what I know is from a 30 year old Epcot film and the back of of a barely used Aquavit bottle.

  15. Ron H says

    Bought my first bottle at Epcot. Since then I’ve ordered several bottles from my local store. A lot cheaper than going back to Disney to get it. :)

  16. Liam says

    Tried it today… since my drinking in response to Trump’s election last night was more adventurous than the norm. The two lasses I was with wrinkled their noses upon sipping. I took one sniff (reminded me of Ouzo) and shot it. Was easy to down. Recommend this over sipping!

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