Review: Dinner at Kouzzina by Cat Cora

I’ve been writing this blog for a loooooong time (since early 2009, to be exact), and you know we make it our focus to visit and review any and all Disney restaurants on an updated schedule.

Well, it had been a while since we had been to Kouzzina for dinner (for breakfast, this is one of my favorite spots!); so on a recent visit to Walt Disney World, we took ourselves over for a lazy stroll on the Boardwalk to have dinner at this rustic, Greek-style family restaurant.


Kouzzina is the first signature restaurant developed by Iron Chef Cat Cora. We visited for dinner when the restaurant first opened, back in Fall of 2009 (you can read that review here). There has been a mini-renovation in the dining room and lobby since we last visited, and there are a few new menu items as well.

And even though Kouzzina is branded with Cat Cora, you can still catch little Disney touches like this hidden Mickey we saw in the lobby. See if you can spy it the next time you visit!

Entryway Decor - Hidden Mickey

The first thing you notice when you enter the restaurant post-renovation is that the lobby is now actually less “waiting area” and more “gift shop,” with Kouzzina and Cat Cora’s wares throughout.

Entryway Sales - Cat Cora's Cookbooks

You’ll find cookbooks for sale here, as well as the types of olive oils and spreads you’ll find served in the restaurant.

Entryway - Merchandise For Sale

Entryway Sales - Organic Mixed Olives and Cookbooks

The restaurant proper still carries echoes (sometimes literally) of Spoodles, the previous dining spot found here.
The general feel continues to be rustic, Mediterranean farmhouse: wooden floors, ladder back chairs, and unadorned wooden tables continue to make this a warm, comfortable, if quite loud place.


Table Setting

Interestingly, the new renovation brought a citified, unified decor element with these olive oil bottles. It feels a bit like “trendy bar” meets “farmhouse breakfast room” in here now, so I’m not sure if I’m liking the look. I’d much rather have a seat facing the open kitchen!

Decor - Olive Oil


Speaking of — the open kitchen is a mainstay here at Kouzzina. With marble surrounds, wood-fired ovens, gleaming copper pots, and flaming pans, this is a great show! While the staff seems to have done away with shouting “Opa!” every time they fire up a pan, it’s still a fun and exciting view for guests.

Open Kitchen


Chef Cora has thoroughly woven her brand right into the menu, as you can see at first glance. The celebrity chef has her own label of wines, named Coranation. You can choose from two white and two red, which range from light- to full-bodied. All four wines are sourced from and crafted in California.

There are also some interesting signature cocktails, and a few Greek beers as well.

Drink Menu - click image for larger version

Wine flights have become popular here. Guests can choose from a “Cat Flight” (HA!) from Cora’s own offerings, as well as two different flights of Greek wines. If fruity wines are more your style, there’s also a fun “California Fruit Bomb” flight to round out the choices.

Kouzzina Wine Flights - click image for larger version

Since beers are a new hobby for us, we sampled a couple of the more interesting options on the menu. First up, the Mythos Beer from the Mythos Brewery — the second largest Greek Brewery. This one was light and crisp, but a bit skunky for our liking.

Mythos Lager Beer

The Alfa Beer, also a Greek beer, was a bit bittersweet and smooth. It’s a toss-up as to which beer we enjoyed more!

Alfa Lager Beer

After getting our drink orders out of the way, it was time to turn our attention to dinner. There have been a few additions and changes here, but some of the dishes I didn’t think would make it this long are still on the menu (Whole Fish, I’m looking at you…and you’re probably looking back at me with your beady little eyes). ;-)

Menu - click image for larger version

First up, we dug into Kouzzina’s complimentary bread service, which features two types of olive oils as well as marinated olives. This was a new touch since the renovation, and we thought it was really nice.

Bread Service

Bread Service: Olive Oils and Olives

In addition to our bread, we also ordered the Greek Spreads. For this appetizer, you can choose three or six different spreads to accompany your warm pita bread wedges. We went for three — the Eggplant Spread, Chickpea Hummus, and Tzatziki. This was a flavorful, full-bodied assortment of spreads and you could easily make a meal out of ordering six of them. The pepperoncini and olive garnishes were nice touches as well.

Greek Spreads

During our last visit, we also sampled the Saganaki, an amazing golden-flamed Greek cheese seasoned with roasted lemons and oregano. It was so fantastic, we seriously wished that we would have ordered it again as well.

I snapped a pic when I saw it in the open kitchen and include it here for your cheese-viewing pleasure…


Another dish that we really love is the Spanakopita. While it’s replete with spinach, I don’t hold that it. ;-) It comes in with the creamy, salty flavors of cheese aplenty to compliment all the green.

This is probably some of the best spanakopita that I’ve ever had. Very simple, with the flavors highlighted as the stars of the dish.


Spanakopita Close-Up

When it came time for entrees, I couldn’t decide what to order. Luckily, they had me covered with the new Kouzzina Trio, which offered tasting portions of three favorites: the Cinnamon-Stewed Chicken with Orzo, the Char-grilled Lamb Burger, and the Greek-style Lasagna also known as pastitsio.

Kouzzina Trio

Everyone LOVES the Cinnamon Chicken, and I would have to agree; it really is fabulous. If you’re going to Kouzzina and you aren’t sure what to order, go for this dish — you simply can’t go wrong with it.

Cinnamon Chicken - Trio

The burger was just…okay. It was slightly spicy (good!) bit well-done for my taste (bad). It was fine, but it wasn’t a standout.

Lamb Burger - Trio

Once again, I tried the Greek-style Lasagna, and once again, I hoped that it would be better than it actually was. I always want this to have a little more flavor than what comes through. I do like the robust feel of the dish, though — definitely comfort food.

Lasagna - Trio

I liked it better this time than last, owing to a creamier consistency of the cheese topping. Still, overall, I thought it was a bit bland. Let me know your thoughts on this if you’ve tried it; maybe my expectations are all wrong.

Inside Lasagna

My dining companion went with the server-recommended Short Ribs, which were very good. While it’s not a particularly original dish — some variation of short ribs, potatoes, and a vegetable can be found on most Disney menus — it was a good consistency with loads of flavor, and the smoked feta mixed into the mashed potatoes was a delicious and different touch. We both enjoyed this one a lot.

Short Ribs

Before long, we were on to dessert. This time, it was all about the baklava. I’m trying to become a baklava connoisseur, you see…

Baklava Dessert

This was lovely and wonderful and flaky and fabulous, just as it should be. Served with perfect cinnamon ice cream, the baklava was a home run for sure.

Baklava Dessert Close-Up

Our second dessert — the Galaktobouriko, or semolina custard baked in phyllo dough — was not perfect. This was just not in my dessert wheelhouse. I didn’t care for the taste or the texture (though since I’m not a raging fan of custard, you might take my point of view with a grain of salt). ;-)

Custard Dessert

Two bites in, and I regretted that we didn’t go for a double order of the baklava instead.

Custard Dessert Close-Up

Have you tried it? Lemme know what you think!


Although Kouzzina tends to be a little louder than we like, this is a nice restaurant with interesting offerings that you don’t really find anywhere else at Disney. We very much enjoyed our visit and our meal, and we’ll continue to go there for an interesting slant on comfort food.

I am learning through multiple visits that there are must-haves on this menu for me (saganaki, anyone?) and dishes that are going to leave me wanting (the Greek lasagna, whatever the name, just doesn’t live up to my expectations.) However, there is enough that we enjoy about this cozy spot on Disney’s Boardwalk will keep us coming back for more.

Just a reminder, Kouzzina does now have a Chef’s Table experience. I haven’t tried it yet, so if you have, let me know what you think. :-)

What are your thoughts about Kouzzina? Is it a must-try for you and your family? Leave us a comment and let us know your favorite dishes!


  1. Aubrey says

    When I went with my husband’s family in 2010 we though Kouzzina was one of the highlight’s of our week! Everyone’s favorite non-signature meal. And I LOVED the whole fish! It was wonderful. Don’t be intimidated by it. Your server will debone it (i guess filet it?) tableside for you. :)

  2. says

    We ate here in February and while we did enjoy our meal I don’t think I would be rushing back to this location anytime soon. I had the fisherman’s stew, which was pretty good, but I’ve had something similiar to it at Yak and Yeti which I thought was better. My husband got the whole fish, and while he did like it, I don’t think he would order it next time…. probably because my mom got the cinnamon chicken and gave us all a bite of it. We all agreed that THAT was the best dish on our table. There’s a reason the cinnamon chicken is a favorite, it’s really, really good!!!

    We all ordered desserts but I couldn’t even tell you what we had right now… which is a bad sign. I think the meals are better than the desserts at Kouzzina so next time I would probably just get an entree and then go out on the boardwalk or into World Showcase for dessert.

    Great review AJ!

  3. Alan says

    AJ’s photos certainly make this a tempting restaurant but Greek inspired foods can be an acquired taste. It definitely has a different flavor profile than I would ordinarily care for. I did enjoy many meals at Spoodles and feel nostalgic thinking about it. If I can hypnotize my picky eater I will give Kouzzina a try on our next visit.

    It’s too bad the beers are in green bottles, a major cause of skunkiness.

  4. Betsy says

    My family is Greek so naturally when this restaurant opened we were curious. Authentic Greek food that we like as much as “Yia-Yia’s” cooking is hard to find so we don’t seek out Greek restaurants very often. Over Easter weekend we finally decided to take the plunge and try Kouzzina. Overall, we found that the Greek dishes were pretty authentic. Almost all of us ordered the trio as our entree and we really enjoyed it. The pastitso (Greek lasagna) was cheesier than we make it at home, but it was tasty nonetheless. It is supposed to be sort of bland, as it is comfort food, but we found Kouzzina’s version to be slightly more cinnamon-y than the home version. Overall we were pleasantly surprised by how much we enjoyed the food at Kouzzina.

    While we enjoyed the cuisine here, we will probably not be back because it was the noisiest meal we have ever had (and we are big fans of Flying Fish!) Even though we had an 8:45 PM reservation, we had to practically shout across the table to make conversation. I don’t know why this is or what Disney can do about it, but it really took away from an otherwise great experience. We still had a fun night, and thought Kouzzina is a decent example of Greek cuisine that goes beyond gryos and souvlaki!

  5. Jen says

    I enjoy it here. My husband likes breakfast better though, so we typically go here for breakfast. It is much more quiet and laid back at breakfast. It is also very empty, which is a plus in my book! It’s a great way to start the day.

  6. says

    Aubrey — Thanks for your great review and recommendation! I’m still scared of the whole fish, but hopefully I’ll get over it soon! ;-)

    Marci — I think I agree that the desserts on the Boardwalk, at The Fountain, or at Beaches and Cream are a better option. I haven’t been hugely impressed with many of Kouzzina’s desserts. Apps are a better place to spend money here! Thanks for your review!

    Alan — Really?!? Green bottles = skunky beer? I had no idea! I learn from you all the time. And I can agree, Greek flavors are more “different” than you expect them to be. I think that when people go for African food, they expect to be surprised; but with Greek food, you figure you’ve probably had those types of flavors before. Maybe folks are just a bit more unprepared. I do enjoy this restaurant, and I remember the steak being great on my first visit. Fingers crossed for your picky eater!

    Betsy — Thanks for this awesome review! It’s great to get this feedback from someone who’s very familiar with the dishes and flavors of Greek cooking! I agree that this place is LOUD. I think this is less so in the morning at breakfast, though, so that’s one more reason to recommend this spot for breakfast.

    Jen — Yep, I think that’s totally right that it’s more laid back and quiet at breakfast. Agreed with empty being good! ;-)

  7. John says

    We hit Kouzzina up last June when we went and it was one of the highlights of our trip. The unique and delicious meal we had there stressed just how boring and uninspired most of the former “highlights” have become in the DDP era. We went back for breakfast during Food & Wine, and that was fantastic as well (and kudos to them keeping the Spoodle’s French Press coffee – the best coffee on property).

    We centered a whole night around Kouzzina during our trip in a couple weeks – afernoon cocktails at the Belle Vue Lounge, a 2 hour dinner at Kouzzina and then an Illuminations fireworks cruise. Very much looking forward to it !

    And my recommendations ? The cinnamon chicken is great, but my wife thought the fisherman stew is one of the best she’s ever had. And I loved both the Bacchus and the Coranation wine flights – good value and some very interesting wines !

  8. Andrea says

    My family tried Kouzzina for the first time in March it was by far all our favorite meal of the whole trip. Our waitress was amazing and my sisiter is glutten free and the chef was so great she could eat almost everything on the menu. I had the fisherman stew which was good and my hubsband had the whole fish and we all agreed it was one of the best we ever had so flavorful. Dessert was good I had a chocolate molten style cake and the best part my 3 yr old also was able to eat fish for dinner she loves all types of food and so happy she was able to eat better food as well I cant wait to go back!

  9. riley70 says

    I have tried it twice. The first time, I was overwhelmed by how loud it was, but I loved the Stewed Chicken. The second time I had better atmosphere, but the chicken did not live up to my memory. I think maybe I just got a bad serving (it was fatty). All in all, I found it disappointing both times, but I might try it one more time.

  10. Kb says

    I’m a big fan of good custard and anything that’s wrapped in phyllo dough so I really enjoyed that dessert. I would also recommend the turkey hash that is on they breakfast menu. It was so delicious!!

    The atmosphere felt a little more upscale than other resort dining options but we still felt relaxed and comfortable having our rambunctious 2 yr with us during the breakfast hours. (she actually sat still there;)

  11. A Newton says

    Hah, the lamb burger in the trio is my favorite part! It’s always been nice and juicy for me. The server shared with us last time that while it doesn’t specify it in the menu, the trio is mix and match. So I switched out the cinnamon chicken for another burger. ^^

  12. Julie says

    Kouzzina is our Christmas tradition every year now. While we’re all tempted by other great-sounding dishes, we order the Fisherman’s Stew every time. The first year we had a great cast member recommend the stew because the ouzo butter tomato sauce was so good, and she promised if we didn’t like it she would eat them all herself. After one bite we informed her that sadly she would have to get her own because it was too good to share :). I would eat that broth all on its own in a big bowl as soup and be a happy camper! Also a tip for those in your party that don’t like spice: they tend to add in an extra pinch of red pepper flakes so just ask them to do it mild and they’ll refrain from adding more.

  13. says

    I have yet to try Kouzzina, but for me, its in a bad spot.

    Now, I understand it is on the Boardwalk (and believe me, I am a fan of the Boardwalk), but I dearly love Flying Fish (mmm…cheese plate) and many of the places at the Swan and Dolphin, plus the Boardwalk is about a five iron from Epcot and the food there. So with all of those options combined with my admitted lackluster attitude toward Greek food and you get apprehension about choosing Kouzzina.

    But, a couple of items in your (fantastic) review look nice, so I may have to try breakfast or do an appetizer before a dinner elsewhere just to give it a shot.

  14. Summer says

    We looooooooove Kouzzina! I’m pretty sure the table in the foreground of the first pic is the same table we were at last year for our 3 year anniversary…and I know that because that round booth in the background was packed full of extremely ill-behaved children…all the adults were seated at the table to the left, backs turned, without a care in the world…ugh. Any-who…the saganaki is a MUST have for us each time. That stuff is sinful! I had the trio entree last time too and loved it…we also like to add a side of brussel sprouts to share to whatever we order…they are so good there! I haven’t been able to try any other desserts other than the Loukomades (I probably spelled that wrong!)…I love them so much, I just can’t bring myself to try anything else, and I’m a big fan of bakalava! My BF doesn’t really care for desserts of any kind (crazy alert!), so we usually only get one just for me. We’re trying Kouzzina for breakfast this September for the first time and really looking forward to it! One last tip…beware of the Ouzo-tini. That cute little unassuming pink drink packs one serious PUNCH! I had a serious case of the giggles only halfway through it. I’m suprised I could even taste the rest of my meal! :)

  15. says

    The whole fish, the lamb shank, and the fisherman’s stew are all fantastic.

    I don’t think they do themselves any favors with the trio as I would agree on the 2 of the 3 that weren’t great.

    We love Kouzzina for dinner and it is our only “must do” restaurant at this point.

  16. Jim R says

    I guess we are in the minority, having lived in Greece for 2 years I was not impressed. Also as it is the restaurant of an Iron Chef, also not impressed. There are way too many excellent dining options at WDW to head back

  17. Bekah W. says

    My husband and I went to Kouzzina last time we were at Disney and LOVED it. I agree that the decor is a little confused. But the food was pretty good. The true star of the mean for us was the FISHERMAN’S STEW! I am literally salivating at the thought of it! What’s crazy is that I’m really not a huge seafood person but our waitress was very persistant. It was one of the most flavorful items I’ve ever had on a Disney trip, and believe me, I get my eat on when I’m there! I HIGHLY recommend trying it next time!

  18. Andrew C says

    You know, I’ve always thought the food here sounded too “different” for my liking but your descriptions/pictures make it seem worth trying.

    Also, for AJ: as you gave Kouizzina a mixed review, do you prefer the cuisine served now, or do you think Spoodles was better?

  19. says

    The lamb burger in the trio was amazing when we had it, juicy and delicious, really something special. The cinnamon chicken was just meh by comparison and I agree with you on the Pastitsio (and you don’t want this in the full size version, it’s huge). But the Fisherman’s Stew is excellent, also the lamb shank and some of the best fried calamari (light, perfectly crisp, lemony) I’ve had. We like Kouzzina and would go back. We’ve had great service here, and it’s a lively, friendly atmosphere. Wasn’t a big fan of Spoodles, and I think this is a big improvement in the space.

  20. Galloping Gourmand says

    My best advice for dining at Kouzzina is to be fearless. The food that you’ve never had or seems strange are the ones to go for. I’ve found that the best dishes at Kouzzina are the ones that put Kora’s twist on Greek comfort food that most of us are unfamiliar with. The whole fish (which I only had a bite of) was excellent, as was the stewed chicken, and Briami.

    I ate at Kouzzina about 2 years ago under the old menu. I was quite impressed, although I had the nagging feeling that it was not going to do that well due to unique menu. Like it or not there is a reason that Disney tends to water down it’s ethnic food choices and Kouzzina doesn’t make many considerations or compromises. Nor should it.

  21. Marion Durham says

    We love this restaurant so much. For breakfast, the olive toast and stack are my favorites. We went for dinner last year with a big party and had the six dips with pita as well as the bread service and just couldn’t get enough…so delicious. I am not a fan of the cinnamon chicken, though. Just don’t like cinnamon with savory. But everything is of such high quality and the olive oil, feta, etc…..really Greek items and flavors, Cat’s heritage shines. I have a reservation there in a few months and am looking forward to it. Wish it was open for lunch, though.

  22. Mike says

    My wife and I ate here a couple of years ago and had a fantastic meal. It quickly made the list of restaurants that we try to get to on every trip. Additionally, the flavors and quality of food were much better than many of the table service restaurants at WDW. I tried the trio and agree that the cinnamon chicken was the highlight of that entree.

    I don’t think we tried the saganaki, but will be getting that the next time we dine there. It looks so tasty in the picture. I’ve also eaten there for breakfast and agree that it is not very crowded. We had breakfast there over spring break and I think there may have been 7-8 other tables occupied. However, despite the low attendance, it’s a very good option for breakfast as well.

    AJ, thanks for the review and highlighting one of the better table service restaurants at WDW.

  23. Madoka says

    DH and I ate at Kouzzina on our last WDW trip in 2010 and had a fabulous meal. We shared the saganaki, avgnolemono, whole fish, and fishermen’s stew. The flaming cheese was fun and tasty, but the standouts were definitely the fish and stew. The seafood was fresh and very flavorful. We chose to take the fish whole but you can have the server filet it for you tableside. The olive and lemon flavors of the fish were just wonderful and not overpowering. And the spicy kick in the stew was a pleasant surprise. That broth is just so yummy!

    The cinnamon chicken is intriguing but I wonder if the cinnamon might be too strong since I’m not very fond of that spice?

    We will definitely be back again on our next trip and will have to make room for a spanakopita too!

  24. Jared D. says

    So glad to see a positive review of my favorite non-signature Disney restaurant! I adore Kouzzina, and it never seems to receive enough praise. I think many guests are scared by the more “exotic” menu offerings. But if you like Greek and Mediterranean cuisine, Kouzzina is a treat.

    I will second A.J.’s recommendation of the cinnamon chicken. I also like the fish stew. But nothing compares to the whole fish. I think it’s the best entree offered by any Disney restaurant. It’s scary at first, I admit, to eat something that stares back at you, but your server will de-bone it for you. It’s truly delicious.

    My only “criticism” of Kouzzina is the dessert options. I’m not crazy about any of them. But with the Boardwalk Bakery and cheesecake brownies next door, who cares?

  25. says

    John — That sounds like a wonderful evening you have planned! Thanks for your review, and have a great “Kouzzina Night!”

    Andrea — Thanks for the review! I’m so glad your little one was able to dine on something fun and interesting!

    riley70 — Hmm… I think that’s a bit how I felt, too. Neither visit has me running back to book a new reservation. Though, like I said, I do love breakfast there. Maybe that’s worth a try for you!

    Kb — Thanks for your review and feedback! I’m always glad to hear that people are comfortable bringing kids; that’s so important at a Disney-area restaurant.

    A Newton — Not fair!! I really was looking forward to trying that and I was so disappointed when it was dry. :-)

    Julie — Great tip on the stew and the spiciness! I often find that the broth in soups like that is the best part as far as I’m concerned! I’ll have to try it!

    Corey — Yes, do try breakfast there. I think you’ll really enjoy it. Plus, since FF isn’t open, there’s no competition! :-)

    Summer — Ha ha! I had an Ouzotini on my first visit! It is deadly! ;-) Thanks for your review! And did you see the Disney Parks Blog published a video of Chef Dee making those brussels sprouts??

    Mark D. — Thanks for the review! Any great new ideas for Disney parties on the horizon??

    Jim R. — That’s good feedback. What were your favorite dishes while living in Greece?

    Bekah — Will do!!

    Andrew C. — I think there are definitely options here for picky eaters. And, as mentioned before, sometimes breakfast is a good place to start. As for the Spoodles/Kouzzina comparison, I’m not the best person to ask. I hadn’t been back to Spoodles in ages when it closed.

    Sherri Erwin — Great review; thanks for your feedback. I’ll have to try the calamari!

    GG — Agreed; I’m very impressed that so many dishes have remained on this menu. I think I even have a blog post from 2009 predicting the demise of the whole fish! Thanks for your tips and reviews!

    Marion Durham — I’m so glad you’re looking forward to it again! What a great review! The competition is fierce for lunch on the Boardwalk and in Epcot, but I agree; it would be interesting to see what Kouzzina would do for that meal.

    Mike — Thanks for your review! I agree; breakfast there is a truly hidden gem. Everything I’ve tried has been delicious.

    Madoka — All of these great recommendations of the Fisherman’s Stew are cinching the deal for me! I’ve got to try that on the next visit. As for the cinnamon, it’s not too strong, and I’m sure you can ask them to go easy on it in the kitchen. :-)

    Jared — I agree that many of the dessert options are upstaged by what you can get at the Bakery and candy store on either side of Kouzzina! Thanks for your feedback on the dishes here!

  26. Jared D. says

    Oh, I forgot to mention the breakfast at Kouzzina. Such a hidden gem. Everybody always talks about Kona — which is definitely a good option — but Kouzzina is also wonderful. The turkey-sweet potato hash is crazy good. And they put a giant dollop of Mascarpone cheese on their waffle.

  27. says

    We visited Kouzzina for the first time in September 2011 with my parents and sister. My sister had the tasting trio but wasnt a fan, my husband and I both had a steak (boring I know) but my parents both went for the Lamb shank…

    …They havent stopped talking about it. Seriously, they booked their next trip (which is a big thing since they didnt think they would ever make it back across the pond) and all they keep mentioning is the lamb shank they are going to eat at Kouzzina. Its bonkers – but I did sneak a peek and WOW…. one of those items on the menu that you would probably overlook for the more complex dishes, but I beg.. do try it on your next visit. We will be!!

  28. George says

    My wife and I had diner at Kouzzina this past December. While I do agree that Greek food may be somewhat an aquired taste, we were really disappointed with the entire experience. Our reservations were early in the evening and we were seated near the where the desserts were made. Our fisrt impression was that the place looked unkept. Dirty too strong but we could see food and messy stuff on the floors where the meals were processed. OK, late in the day, busy holiday season ect. Then, after what seemed like 20 minutes, our waiter came by. He clearly was very busy. He explained the menue choices and took off. Drinks and bread came much later than it should have. Our waiter tried to steer us to the most expensive items. We ordered our dinner and again waited. Cups sat empty for long periods of time. Our waiter appoligized. The food finally came. My wife had the sampler. It was good. I had the steak. Everything on the plate was covered in and oily sauce so everything tasted the same. I liked Spoodles. Wasn’t great but good and convientient to the Boarkwalk where we stay. We won’t return to Kouzzina. Best meals we’ve had in Disney – Artist Point, the restaurants in Paris in Epcot.

  29. says

    George — Thanks for sharing your experience. I’ll admit, I’ve been nonplussed with Kouzzina dinner recently, but breakfast is incredible!!

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