First Look! The Cheshire Cat Caramel Apple in Disneyland

Strolling through Downtown Disney this morning, Marceline’s was closed. BUT, there were some talented candy makers in the kitchen making something brand spanking new: The Cheshire Cat caramel apple.

Cheshire Cat Caramel Apple

The apples, inspired by the new Mad T Party at Disney California Adventure, are $9.99 and will be available at Marceline’s in Downtown Disney, Candy Palace on Main Street, and Pooh Corner in Critter Country. I was also told that they will “most likely” be at Trolley Treats on Buena Vista Street when it opens on the 15th of June!

Bubbling Caramel!

Getting Ready for a Chocolate Coating

I promised myself that on my way out, I’d be bringing one home…you know, for “work” purposes…. So, when I was on my way out of Disney California Adventure (review of Ghirardelli coming soon!), I popped into Marceline’s and noticed that there were no Cheshire Cat Caramel Apples for sale in the display case. 

Purple & Pink SPARKLY Sanding Sugar

I also noticed that the wonderful cast members in the candy kitchen were still working away at them. So, I politely inquired about when they would be available. The answer? Not for about another hour! Oh. Man.

I begged and pleaded and begged and pleaded and guess what? I was the proud first purchaser of the Cheshire Cat Caramel Apple!

Lucky Me! I think my smile was about the same size...

I was alone, and I didn’t want to conquer this by myself, so I patiently waited for my assistants to get home from school…

The very first Cheshire Cat Caramel Apple. Sold to ME!

Once it was time to dig in, I took out my trusty apple cutter and put it into place. If you ever take caramel apples home, these seriously work amazing for cutting up your apples without causing a disastrous mess. 

I simply pluck off the marshmallows, which in this case were cleverly cut into triangles to look more like cat ears, place my cutter in the center over the stick. Gather up my strength, push down, and voila: 8 perfect slices!

Marshmallow Ears

Apple Cutter in Place!

Perfectly Cut Slices

After breaking up a fight between my boys about who gets to eat the mouth, which is chocolate drizzle, I finally got my own slice — and it was fantastic. 

The apple has a thin layer of caramel topped with white chocolate and is then sprinkled with sanding sugar. The sanding sugar is not flavored, just regular colored sugar. I immediately noticed that the sanding sugar was not melty or messy like the crazy Goofy apple I recently tried. This one was was easy to eat and tasty to boot. 

I absolutely love the vibrant colors, and the sugar appears almost glittery. My guess is that these apples will be a staple as long as the Mad T Party is in effect. 

SO, a big welcome to the Cheshire Cat Caramel Apple. So nice to eat, I mean meet, you!

Will you be getting yourself one of these pretty kitties on your next visit to the Disneyland Resort? How do you feel about paying $9.99 for a specialty caramel apple?

Heather Sievers is the Disney Food Blog’s Dining in Disneyland columnist. See more of her columns here!


  1. says

    Price seems steep to me and the ears look odd. I’ll agree about the no eyes being strange.

    Colors are great! Design is great! I bet it tastes really good. :)

  2. Rev. Dodgson says

    Since the Cheshire Cat is most famous for fading out, leaving only his smile behind, perhaps that is the idea behind the design of these tasty-looking confections.

  3. Rune says

    Really love the colours but I don’t think I’d be tempted, it seems kind of pricey too and somehow not quite as much value-wise as some of Disney’s other apple offerings.

    And although we all know the Cat vanishes, leaving just that spooky grin behind, the lack of eyes is kind of freaky, it almost reminds me of those space hopper toys and frankly there’s a big ol’ gap there that needs filling.

    ‘Tis pretty though =)

  4. says

    @Mara – Me too!

    @Gabriela – It’s because he’s vanishing ; )

    @Jayne – The specialty caramel apples are all $9.99 but you can get “regular” ones for a few dollars cheaper.

    @Rev Dodgson – You got it!!!

    @Rune – I love the colors too!

  5. Christal says

    I like it totally looks like the cat its great. Very Tim burton with out the eyes I like. Love the colors but not to happy that its the colored sugar, Im just not a fan of the sugar covered apples.

  6. Novi says

    I’m surprised that they haven’t yet done a fleur de sel caramel apple. Especially with how delicious the salted caramels at The Werthers Store are!

  7. Kim says

    I purchased one yesterday at the new Candy Store on Buena Vista street at DCA. I got a discount with my Annual Pass, so the cost of the apple was around $8.50, not bad for the creative artistry behind it! I think they are super cute and I can’t wait to share it with my mom when I get home tonight. Thanks for sharing this, because I probably wouldn’t have seen them otherwise.

  8. Heather Sievers says

    @Christal – The first time I had the colored sugar was the World of Color apple, I wasn’t crazy about it, but it doesn’t bother me any more. Maybe an acquired taste!

    @Novi – That sounds amazing. Wish we had Werther’s here!

    @Kim – Yes, the AP discount makes a nice little difference. I was able to use mine too! I have to say, people don’t like the prices of the specialty apples, but I have watched them being made and it DOES take much longer to create one of those than the less expensive “regular” apples… So, I don’t mind paying a few dollars more for the fancy schmancy ones!

  9. jessica says

    I want it! I love their apples and Alice in Wonderland is my favorite. $10? Why is everyone complaining? All of the speciality apples are $10-15 dollars, I mean a lot of work are put into them, so it’s worth it.

  10. Adrienne says

    $9.99 is right in line with Disney prices! For that price you get: a HUGE, fresh apple that is a meal in intself: caramel, marshmallow, a thick multi-color sugar coating and this is all HAND-DECORATED with the smile. If they offered you a premade caramel apple 1/5 the size dipped in a thin coating of caramel from some outside factory assembly line you’d be complaining about that too.

  11. says

    Dalton Ebert — Yes — you can find them from time to time at Main Street Confectionery and candy cauldron.

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