Review: Tangierine Cafe’s Grown-Up Slushies in Epcot

Nestled in the back of Epcot’s Tangierine Café, you’ll find a lovely little spot that serves pastries and an assortment of coffee drinks, some laced with liqueurs.

At the same counter, you will also find a variety of grown-up slushies that prove to be very alluring on a hot (insert the season here) Florida day.


As I headed to the counter to try one of the flavors — termed daiquiris — I wasn’t really sure which one I was feelin’ of the coffee, tangerine, and strawberry options.

I had tried the Tangerine Daiquiri YEARS before, and had really enjoyed it. (If you’ve ever had the Moroccorita, the consistency is very similar.) But maybe it was time to broaden my horizons.

Since I was being all wishy-washy, the helpful cast member gave me samples to help seal the deal — one Tangerine, and one Strawberry. (Helpful cast members are the BEST.)

Samples of Tangerine and Strawberry Slushies

Now, I can’t promise that you’ll score samples, but it never hurts to ask!

The Tangerine was delicious and refreshing, but I found the Strawberry to be a little sweet for my taste. So, being the weirdo that I am, I asked for a combo Tangerine-Strawberry Daiquiri. Our helpful cast member continued to be helpful, and obliged.

Mixed Strawberry and Tangierine slushies

This actually brings me to a good point: anytime you cruise up to one of these frozen slushy drink stands and you want more than one flavor, ask the cast member to combine them. Normally, they’re the same price, so it shouldn’t be a problem; and you might discover the next awesome drink at Disney World!

Mixed together, my Tangerine-Strawberry drink looked a little like a Blood Orange Daiquiri. How very cutting edge I suddenly was. :-)

Mixed Slushies

As for the taste? My custom slushy was really delicious and refreshing, and not so heavy on the alcohol that it would cause me to fall down (like SOME Epcot drinks I know…I’m talking about YOU, Mexico Margarita Stand!).

The relatively large size also represents pretty good value. Overall, I would definitely recommend adding Morocco to your Drink Around the World tour! If fruity slushies aren’t your thing, try one of the spiked coffees!

Do you have a favorite adult slushy at Tangierine Café? Let us know below in comments!


  1. Kat says

    I HAVE to try these next time I go! Tangierine Cafe is one of my favorite places to eat in Epcot. I love this addition!

  2. says

    With all the other adult slush drinks in Epcot, I’ve totally overlooked those in the Morocco pavilion. I’ll definitely have to try the tangerine, strawberry, or both on our next visit!

  3. Amy says

    These look delightful–I wish I could try them right now. Since my brother and his new bride are now on their honeymoon at WDW, I keep texting him updates from the DFB: “Head to China, try Tipsy Ducks in Love!” “Tangerine daiquiris at Tangierine Cafe!” (They’re not all booze-related, I promise.)

  4. says

    Kat — Yes! These are a must-try. Like I said, they’ve been around for a while, but very few people know about them as they’re tucked waaaaay in the back!

    Melissa Anna — Sounds good to me! Agreed that it’s tough to fit all of the great grown-up slushies in when you’re in Epcot.

    Amy — Ba ha ha!! That’s exactly how I’ve been feeling about the posts here lately, “They’re not all booze-related, I promise!” ;-)

  5. Dana says

    The tangerine sounds wonderful. I’m not really into super sweet drinks, so I think I’d go with that one. :)

  6. Rune says

    Looks good! I’ve often drooled over the pastries / drinks at the back of the Tangierine Cafe but have always been too stuffed by that point to actually try anything but I might just make an exception for the tangerine slushie. It’ll have to be a night when we’re getting a resort bus back though ^_~

  7. Sara says

    That looks really good! Although now your suggestion of asking CM’s to combine two frozen slushies instantly had my mind over in France with a Grey Goose/Grand Marnier slushy combo. I wonder how that would be!!

  8. Jill says

    I had a few of the grand mariner sly shies last week and was wondering if anyone knows how to make them.

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