Disney Cruise Line: “Hidden Remy” Photo Tour and Food Review

Disney Cruise Line’s Remy is a signature restaurant aboard the fleet’s newest ships — Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy. Inside this opulent restaurant, understated (and hidden) images of the “Ratatouille” Chef Remy have been placed throughout the dining room. Reader (and WDW Moms Panelist) Jonas Karp uncovers some of the hidden Remys before sharing his mini-review and food pics!

Atmosphere and Hidden Remys

When you arrive at Remy, there’s a LOT to take in!

But once you’ve scanned the room, you’ll start to see a familiar image peeking at you from some well-hidden places! Remy — the main character from Disney’s Ratatouille, is hidden throughout the restaurant!

Wait, don’t sit just yet! Did you check out the back of your chair?!

Back of Chair

Remy can even be found atop the chandeliers!

Remy Lighting

And just when you think this is just a squiggly form of modern art, you notice that Remy’s profile is popping out at you!

Remy's Profile

Before you take your seat, check out the fabric on the booths. You may find a Hidden Remy!

Hidden Remy in fabric!

The contemporary ironwork also contains a Remy image!

There's Remy!


Of course, we can’t chat up Remy without mentioning the food. Let’s see what Jonas thought of the dishes…:

Ratatouille was served compliments of the chef. It was very finely chopped and really good.


Langoustines Royale Sauce César (Royal Norway Lobster with Caesar Sauce) was served to the parents-in-law. It was deemed a winner!

Langoustines Royale

Smoked Bison With Fennel Salad and Blood Oranges was another fave at the table.

Smoked Bison

By far the best food on the menu — fresh and light — this Turbot entree was delicious.
Turbot Côtier – “Vin Jaune” Gnocchi Coastal Turbot with Vin Jaune and Gnocchi.

Turbot Côtier

Porcini mushroom soup with wild mushroom bread pudding.

Porcini Mushroom Soup

Roasted Vermont Quail.

Roasted Vermont Quail

This dish, the Kurobuta pork tenderloin and belly with corn ragout, was the worst offering on the menu, we thought. It lacked flavor in our opinion.

Kurobuta pork tenderloin

Wagyu Beef, Potato Puree, with Barbecue and Herb Sauce was enjoyed by mom-in-law.

Wagyu Beef

Peruvian Chocolate was a great dessert — with the exception of the chocolate egg shooter (not pictured), which we didn’t enjoy as much. Editors Note: Remy is also hidden in the plate’s etching!

Peruvian Chocolate

Apple dessert.

Apple Dessert

Thanks for going on this little photo tour with us, and thanks to Jonas for offering his pics and reviews!

Have you dined at Remy? Any cruise plans coming up soon? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Erin says

    The turbot looks exactly like the turbot at Victoria and Albert’s. And there is popcorn on the V&A pork. If the food at Remy is appreciably the same as V&A’s then it is a special meal indeed.

  2. Jonas says

    Erin. The menu (half of it anyway) will, indeed, be reminiscent of V&A. One of the two chefs behind Remy is Chef Scott Hunnel, of Victoria & Albert’s fame!

  3. says

    My family will be on the Disney Fantasy on the Western Caribbean routing September 15. I’m wondering whether to try Remy as we didn’t last year when we were on the Dream. I love good food, but I’m a fine dining newbie!

  4. says

    We ate at Remy on our last cruise, and it was hands down the best meal either of us have ever had. Particularly of note – my husband & I are both vegetarians (who are used to sometimes getting a little marginalized at “fancy” meat-centric restaurants) but Remy went all-out and did an amazing job, all full courses – printed Vegetarian Menu and all. The sommelier there is excellent too and the wine pairings are well worth it!

  5. Emma says

    We ate at Remy on the Dream during our honeymoon last year – and it was absolutely the best meal we’ve ever had! I had the ‘Gout’ menu and my husband had the ‘Saveur’ menu so we got to try all of the dishes – we had an excellent server, Gabriel from France, and especially enjoyed the cheese course.
    We cannot wait to eat there again on the Fantasy ship next year :)

  6. Beth says

    I am having trouble finding Remy in the fabric on the booths. Somebody, please help!

  7. Kim says

    ROFL, Jonas!

    Beth, I’ve flipped the photo right-side up. Poor Remy’s ear looked like a balloon when the photo was upside down.

    Thanks for pointing this out. Now, Beth can stay right side up too! ;-)

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