What Disney Food Are You Most Excited To Eat?

OK, we’ve got an interactive post today, because I need your suggestions!

I’m headed back to Disney World this Summer, and I’ve got a few treats I can’t wait to finally eat. But I’d love to hear what snacks, entrees, and other menu items you’re looking forward to eating on your next Disney visit so that I can add a few of your eagerly anticipated eats to my list! Let me know your choices in the comments!

First up, here’s what I can’t wait to try on my upcoming trip…

Chicken Waffle in the Magic Kingdom

I keep hearing raves about this giant, saucy sandwich found at Sleepy Hollow Refreshments, and I’m really looking forward to trying it for myself.

I’ve had the Prosciutto waffle, but still need to try the others!

Sweet and Spicy Chicken Waffle Sandwich

“The King” Cupcake at Pop Century Resort

Um… peanut butter frosting, chocolate cake, banana custard filling, candied bacon, and chocolate drizzle. Must have.

This Elvis-inspired King Cupcake at Everything Pop Food Court has both delighted and disgusted. What will it to do me?

The King Cupcake

Lychee Salad at Animal Kingdom

This pineapple-bound fruit salad just looks gorgeous, does it not? I can’t wait to get my healthy on and try this…

Fruit Bowl

Mickey Mouse Ear Hat Brownies

The new ear hat brownies debuted in Disneyland and Disney World a few weeks ago.

They’re clearly adorable, but I can’t wait to sink my teeth into an English Toffee version.

Mint ear hat brownie.

Pastrami Burger at Art of Animation Resort

Just look at this thing! I don’t even know if I like pastrami…or Pastrami Burgers, but I must have this.

You can find it at the new Landscape of Flavors Food Court at Art of Animation Resort.

Pastrami burger with fries.

OK, Your Turn!

Let me know in the comments what Disney treats you can’t wait to eat on your next Disney World or Disneyland visit! (Yep, those of you headed to Disneyland next have all of Cars Land, Buena Vista Street, Ghirardelli, Jolly Holiday, Candy Palace, etc, etc to try!)

Will you sample something classic, like a Dole Whip? Or maybe something new and flashy, like sushi at California Grill in the Contemporary? Perhaps you’re more of an old-fashioned fan and you’d rather get your hands on a Turkey Leg or a Citrus Swirl?

I can’t wait to hear your suggestions for my list! Thanks in advance!!


  1. Andrea says

    Is The King a permanent fixture at Pop Century? My husband has mentioned wanting to try it next week when we’re there…I’m hoping he can still get it!

  2. says

    It seems to have become a ritual with me or something, but every trip I end up starting every day off with a Cosmic Ray burger & fries. It’s rare I alter that (and yes I sleep in late).

    Aside from my daily must-do, I love to go to the Rainforest Cafe at Animal Kingdom most chances I get. The Planet Earth Pasta (penne pasta, italian sausage, tossed with olive oil & garlic in marinara sauce; topped with mozzarella) and the Chicken Fried Chicken are both awesome. And the turkey wrap … and …

    My last indulgence is a waffle bowl ice cream sundae at Fountainview (and you can sit outside and watch the fountain too). That’s a 2-3 times a trip thing.

  3. says

    Really looking forward to anything at Landscape of Flavors! The Food Photo Tour that was posted last month was like torture! The Tandoori/Mongolian Station sounds especially yummy; the foods at that station sound like what you might find at Sanaa, which is one of my favorite restaurants ever!

  4. Randy says

    Epcot – The Land – Sunshine Seasons – The Pork Chop with mashed potatoes!!!!

  5. Jill D says

    I have wanted to try the teriyaki chicken nuggets and fresh cut potato chips at Friar’s Nook, but it is always closed when I visit. It must only be open during high volume seasons. Maybe with Fantasyland exploding it will be open more often!?!?!? thanks.

  6. Theresa says

    I haven’t been back to Disney since the Citrus Swirl made its triumphant return, so that is the top of my list.

    Prior to my last trip, my most anticipated food item was the chicken waffle sandwich at Sleepy Hollow, and I will tell you that it did NOT disappoint. I’m eager for my opportunity to get another one!

  7. Liana says

    Dole Whip and Turkey Leg are always must-do’s BUT what I would really be counting the days down to would be the Leek, Fontina and Truffle-laced Trofie Mac n Cheese at Flying Fish. This is seriously one of the top 3 things I have ever eaten in my life.

  8. Julie says

    Any of the wonderful veggie food at AoA landscape of flavours. Its sometimes so hard to get healthy veggie food in the parks (I hate burgers, chips, pizza) and the veggie menu at Pop Century is pretty awful so looking forward to having AoA next door and being able to get some nice tasty food. Also looking forward to trying the nutella and fruit waffle at Sleepy Hollow, the jacket potato there also and my favourite – the veggie burrito at Tortuga Tavern – yum yum.

  9. Janet Sala says

    You will want to check out the new wine bar at EPCOT/Italy! Please report back!

  10. Liz says

    I can’t wait to try the waffle sandwhiches at MK! We always get a dole whip when we are the MK and grab lunch over at the Contempo Cafe (their steakchop salad and flatbreads are yummy!).

  11. Kristina says

    Chocolate and caramel dipped strawberry at Karamell Kuche.

    It is beyond heavenly.

  12. Sandy - winnieatepooh says

    OMG this is going to be incredibly difficult – I have so many things I want to nom on my next trip! But I will try!

    1. My fiance and I have set a minimum of 5 dole whip floats for ourselves for our vacation – I think that’s what I’m looking forward to the most!
    2. The surf & surf burger at AoA. How do you make crabcakes even better? Put fried shrimp on top, of course!
    3. The red velvet cupcake from Starring Rolls. I’ve never had the pleasure of enjoying a cupcake from here before, so I’m really looking forward to scarfing one down (maybe for breakfast…Hey I’m on vacation, right?)
    4. Fruit & nutella waffle from Sleepy Hollow
    5. Guava cream cheese cupcake from Sunshine Seasons
    6. Tuna melt & pb brownie sandwich from Earl of Sandwich
    7. Red velvet cake pop
    8. Chewy caramel bar from Germany
    9. Jalapeno cream cheese pretzel
    10. And finally, the lychee fruit salad in the pineapple! Yum!

  13. Jenny says

    Ok so my last trip my list of things I want to try was incredibly long but this year it’s not quite as long which makes it more manageable.

    1) the 1st thing on my list is actually the zebra domes from animal kingdom lodge. I completely forgot to go there last trip.

    2) I just turned 21 a couple of months ago so this will be my first trip where I can drink so I am so excited to check out the grey goose slushie (especially this one!) and the tequila bar in mexico.

    3) I also want to try those brownies

    4) I also am looking forward to trying gaston’s tavern and be our guest when they open

    That’s really about it that I can remember. Of course I will probably think of a million more before I leave.

  14. says

    There are on my To Do List:

    – All the waffle sandwiches at Sleepy Hollow
    – the red velvet cupcake at Starring Rolls (already hit the marble and Butterfinger)
    – the Kitchen Sink
    – Narcosees
    – V&As
    – O’hana bread pudding
    – S’mores at 50s Prime Time
    – Main Street Bakery cinnamon roll
    – the other gourmet hotdogs at Fairfax Fare (mac and cheese was not well received)
    – the citrus swirl


  15. Alan says

    At the Fulton’s Crab House:

    Appy – Portobello Mushroom Fries

    Soup – Crab and Lobster Bisque

    Entree – Seafood Cioppino

    I’ll give dessert to my wife.

  16. Catherine says

    I am DYING to try that Chicken Waffle too !! Also, the Fruit & Nutella one … hahaha. Hoping to get both and share with my hubby & son in September !!

  17. JT says

    Dole whip is a must of course, and those waffle sandwiches look amazing.

    I’ll be there in the early fall and one of the things I absolutely can’t wait for is a burger and milkshake from Beaches n’ Cream. To die for!

  18. says

    I love the Dole Whips. I need one each time I go. The fruit and nutella waffle is a must too. Guess you can tell I have a sweet tooth.

  19. Karen says

    The ahi tuna noodle salad at Sunshine Seasons! Also I have a soft spot for the orange chicken in China Pavilion.

  20. Kb says

    I want The King cupcake so badly that I am willing to take a one night trip to Pop Century so that I can have one! While I’m there I will head over to the Art Of Animation to try all the fantastic looking food that you showed on your review.

  21. Eliza says

    The fresh caramel corn from Karamel kuche in Germany!! Delicious! And it’s a snack credit! Even better. You can’t go wrong with Karamel Kuche. I also love the bread pudding at 1900 Park Fare and the creamed corn spoon bread at Crystal Palace for lunch. (:

  22. Dana says

    Magic Kingdom – Dole Whip

    Epcot – Caramel Corn from Germany for me, beer and a pretzel from Germany for my husband ; we always do a counter service in France for one of our lunches

    Hollywood Studios – Staring Rolls for a counter service. I love that it’s not fried food, it has a nice patio with umbrella tables, and my husband loves the fruit tarts you can get as your desert

    Animal Kingdom – There’s an ice cream trunk near Expedition Everest where you can get giant root beer floats. Nothing fancy, but boy do those taste good on a hot day!

    And we usually stay at the Port Orleans Riverside resort, and I have to get at least 1 Magic Cookie Bar from the food court while I’m there. I usually bring a sandwich baggie with me from home so I can keep it for several days in the room, and I just have a bite or two each night. If I didn’t do it that way, I’d be eating 1 of those every day!

  23. canada68 says

    Via Napoli pizza with melon/arugula/mozzarella. Tonga toast. Citrus swirl. Cheeseburger at beaches and cream. :)

  24. Stacy says

    Ok, being a DVC member and self-proclaimed Disney freak, I am humbled by how much I don’t know. I’ve just recently found this site…and I’m addicted. I guess I’ll have to try the chicken waffles. I’m most looking forward to my favorite treat, which I will NOT share with anyone, the Cake of the Day at the Boulangerie in France. It is the most wonderful chocolate cake I’ve ever had. I look forward to it every trip. I’m also planning on trying some cupcakes I’ve learned about in this site. Thanks!

  25. chantel says

    last trip Tutto was in refurb, so can’t wait to try their revamped menu & the wine bar! We’re also going to try once again to dine at La Hacienda for dinner, and of course, (Jan ’13 trip) BE OUR GUEST!

  26. @Aaron_Ardle says

    Citrus Swirl

    Tonga Toast

    Spicy Chicken Waffle

    I also want to do tea at the Grand Floridian

  27. Matt says

    A Dole whip is a must for me no matter what.
    So is a Classic Mickey ice cream.
    My Wife must have an Almond Croissant from the bakery in France.

  28. Luce mulligan says

    My favorites are:

    Volcano roll from Tokyo dining in Epcot
    Ham and cheese croissant from the bakery in France in Epcot.
    Guiness spaghetti & meatballs from raglan road.

  29. says

    A good distraction for a Tuesday. Thanks, AJ.

    First, @Liana, I tried the Mac and Cheese at Flying Fish and April. I couldn’t agree more. It’s unreal. We will go back there in October so my wife can try that dish and the cheese plate. I’m hoping that they are still serving the “Strawberry Infusion” dessert. It was a balsamic strawberry reduction and basil strawberry coulis accompanied by a strawberry-type tiramisu. It was incredible. Mmmmm….Flying Fish.

    Second, my wife and I can’t wait to take our kids to Teppan Edo. Great food and fantastic mustard sauce. It’s a blast to meet other people at your table as well.

    Finally, my wife just mentioned that she can’t wait for The Grand Sandwich as well (at Grand Floridian Café. I will go on record to say that GFC is highly underrated. Delicious.

    Other things I’m ready for: Carrot Cake Cookie, Multiple Dole Whips, a PBJ shake at the Fountain, and a Strawberry Shortcake Cupcake on the Boardwalk.

    Come on, October! Get here faster!

  30. David says

    Wow, were in the world to start! We will be eating at Ohana for the first time and i am very excited about that! A brat from Sommerfest! Can you really beat haveing a Mickey waffale at Holly Wood and Vine with the Disney Jr. characters? Not when you have a 4 and 2 year old that love Jake and Manny! I could go on and on about the food I can not wait to try for hours but the main thing that i just can not wait for are the CUPCAKES!!!!!!!!!! Yes this is comeing from a 30 year old man that my wife says turns back to about 10 once we see Mickey weclomeing us to his house!

  31. Dolly says

    I can’t wait to try boboti from Boma and the Grapefruit Cake at the Brown Derby! I don’t even have a list for Disneyland, but I’m going in a few short days for an impromptu first visit! Any ideas?

  32. Lori says

    The carrot cake cookie from the Writer’s Stop in DHS. It will change your life. Seriously. It will!

    Oh and the blood orange margarita in Mexico, perfection!

  33. Leslie Whitten says

    I go to Disney about once a year and clearly have been missing out on the food based on reading this blog for the past few months (haven’t put much thought in it before). These are just a few on my must try list for my September trip, based primarily on this site and your book:
    – cheddar soup at Le Cellier
    – filet mignon with mac and cheese at Jiko (if they’ll make it!)
    – hotdog with truffled mac and cheese and bacon at HS (OMG!!)
    – carrot cake cookie at Writer’s Cafe
    – dole whip
    – nutella and fruit waffle sandwhich at Sleepy Hollow

  34. Don Livingston says

    1. The No Way Jose Sundae at beaches and Cream
    2. Cinnamon rolls at boardwalk bakery.
    3. Cheese soup at Le Cellier
    4. Chili (along with everything else) at trails end BBQ.

  35. Heather says

    As soon as I’m checked into my hotel in September, I’m hopping on a bus to Downtown Disney and going straight to the Earl of Sandwich. An original with extra horseradish, and a brownie are in my future….

    Oh, and this is typically my last stop on the way out of the World as well. Earl of Sandwich is good hot or cold, and makes for some really great “airplane food.”

  36. JT says

    Leslie, I’ll be at Le Cellier for the first time in Sept. I can’t wait to try that soup.

    What is this Magic Cookie Bar I keep hearing about?

  37. Marlena says

    I have a dilemma – in two weeks, we’ll be at WDW – but only for two days! We’re staying in Kidani Village and will be only going to MK and Epcot in the two days we’re there. I made ADR at the Wave for my husband and I for the first night to celebrate our anniversary. We have three teens who can bounce around MK while we eat. The second night, we made ADR for Les Chefs de France for the five of us. While we want to maximize the park experience because we’re limited this trip, I’m torn because I sooo want to eat at all these great places!!! I would love to eat at Sanaa, but the rest of the family doesn’t like the menu. How’s the breakfast at AKL??? Does anyone have any other suggestions???

  38. Andrea says

    Entree: Candele at Via Napoli (One of the best Italian dishes I’ve had anywhere ever. And I’ve had a lot! Cheesy, meaty, gooey perfection…)

    Drink: Avocado Maragarita at La Cava del Tequila (IN-cred-ble!)

  39. says

    Leslie, I’ll tell you that I happened upon the Carrot Cake cookie last November at Sweet Spells at DHS (not the Writers Stop, which I hear is rare). It was amazing. Exceptionally moist and the cream cheese icing was ridiculous. And, at 3.95, it’s a steal.


  40. Craig says

    Mussels at the new Wine Cellar in Italy (Epcot). Perfect with either red or white!

  41. says

    I really want to try that new Noodle Salad at Animal Kingdom! (I’m a stickler for the healthy foods!) I also never even heard of a Dole Whip until this year, so that’s obviously on my list, along with pretty much anything and everything at Karamell Kuche.

    I’m a big fan of La Cava de Tequila too, so you can bet there’s a margarita flight in my future! (Especially since I’ll be there in late August–talk about heat!)

    It’s pretty much a tradition to hit the Sci-Fi cafe at this point, and Le Cellier, so I will be gorging on cheddar soup and pretzel bread! I’m also going down with about 10 people this time around (my boyfriend’s whole family), and I’m pretty sure I’ve managed to convince them to attempt taking on the Kitchen Sink from Beaches and Cream. :-)

    Those are only part of my “must-eat” list, of course, but they’re the important ones.

  42. Zach says

    I think The Sunshine Seasons Strawberry Shortcake Is The Best DESSERT In The World!!!!

  43. Jeff says

    Hi AJ,
    The Chicken Waffle is really good, but it is definitely enough food for 2 people. One is enough to share! Not sure on that Pastrami Burger though, that thing looks menacing.

    I am looking forward to a Carrot Cake Cookie at Hollywood Studios, and a Surf & Surf burger at Art of Animation. That’s a crabcake with fried shrimp on it, yum!

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