New Be Our Guest Restaurant Pictures from Disney World

UPDATE: Read about the Opening Date for Be Our Guest Restaurant and Reservations Info!

Thanks to the Disney Parks Blog, we have a few new images of the gorgeous Be Our Guest Restaurant in Walt Disney World.

From the mysterious cracked door arch into the Beast’s Ballroom…

A Doorway into the Beast's Ballroom

…to these gorgeous entryway mosaics, we know the restaurant will hold many more incredible decor elements for guests to enjoy as soon as it opens!

Beauty and the "Beast" Mosaic

Slated to open in time for the 2012 Holiday Season, the Be Our Guest Restaurant menu will offer french-inspired eats at a counter-service lunch and a table-service dinner.

This beautiful blossom will welcome guests to the new Be Our Guest Restaurant

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FAQ: This restaurant will be one Disney Dining Plan counter-service credit for lunch and one table-service credit for dinner. Reservations will not be needed for lunch; guests will be able to make reservations for dinner starting in late August 2012.

What dining room will you request to sit in when you visit Be Our Guest Restaurant — the Library, the Ballroom, or the West Wing?


  1. Brooke says

    I cannot WAIT to eat here! Thanks so much for sharing these awesome pics and details!

  2. Jill D says

    so excited! after reading the menu I was more interested in the lunch offerings, and now that it is a counter service…. even better!!!! I am excited!

  3. Dana says

    I’m so excited to try this place! Fingers crossed it will be open in October, but if not, I’ll just have to wait until next year. And my husband really wants to sit in the Library! :)

  4. Sandy - winnieatepooh says

    Ugh, I can’t wait anymore! Although I seriously doubt it will be open for my late sept/early oct trip. I’m a librarian, so obviously the library is where I would like to be! :)

  5. Dana says

    Sandy – Me too! :) My husband and I actually met while working at the library during grad school!

  6. Beth says

    I am sad that this restaurant will not be open by September when my family will visit. It looks beautiful! C’est la vie, there is always next time.

  7. suzi says

    Can’t wait. All our daughter want for her birthday is to have diner here. Hope I can make an reservation for December!

  8. Melisa says

    I’m so excited about this restaurant! Husband and I will be celebrating our Anniversary at Disney and this is going to be where we eat that night. I think Beauty and the Beast is the most romantic Disney story, so I think it’s perfect for our celebration! It’s so lovely!

  9. Chris says

    My parents who are in their 60’s and i come down every other year for christmas celebration. We are hoping this will be open by then. I love beauty and the beast.

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