New! Disney Food-Inspired Air Fresheners

According to one of my favorite people at the DisneyParks Blog, merch specialist Steven Miller, there are some awesome new Disney food merch items about to debut!

Turkey Leg and Mickey Ice Cream Bar Air Fresheners

Taking the powerful sense of smell and combining it with the Disney food world, the Parks will release Disney Food-inspired Air Fresheners in August!

And while I’m not 100% sure (not even 25% sure) I’d want a Turkey Leg scent emanating from my car on these hot summer days, I sure could get on board with a yummy Mickey Waffle smell or that spicy candy apple!

Candy Apple and Mickey Waffle Air Fresheners

The turkey leg, Mickey Mouse premium ice cream bar, candy apple, and Mickey Mouse waffle air fresheners seen here were created by Disney Design Group artist Caley Hicks and feature photos of the actual food items!

Now, Steven, if you take this merch opportunity even further, I’d request these smells to come next:

  • Butterfinger Cupcake (note, this would basically be that buttery-lardy smell of truly awesome birthday cake frosting)
  • Dole Whip (c’mon, you guys can whip up a pineapple smell, right? They would sell; I promise!)
  • Baking Waffle Cones
  • Champagne (a la Philharmagic!)

Lemme know when we can make that happen! :-)

What scent would you choose from the air fresheners being offered? Would you create a different one?


  1. says

    I am definitely, definitely, definitely buying these. I’m not 100% sure how much I’d like my car to smell of turkey leg, but as my husband has vetoed the aerial toppers, I need some Disney in my car!

    I would have thought that Dole Whip would be the the most obvious choice – I guess they must have had some licensing issues with Dole or something.

  2. Amy Daniels says

    LOVE THESE! I want the waffle one! Not to sure how I’d feel about my car smelling of turkey leg though!

  3. Sarah says

    Like you, don’t know about the turkey leg, but definitely the other three! ;) Can’t wait to get one!

  4. Bryan Irrera says

    Dole Whip, for SURE!

    I’d also want popcorn, rice krispie treat (it could have more of a marshmallow scent), churro (mmm…cinnamon), and kungaloosh (blackberry/strawberry).

  5. Tammi says

    Turkey leg flavor?! No thank you. Not ever. The only use I can think of where a turkey leg air freshener MIGHT come in handy would be as a decorative item in a Thanksgiving table centerpiece.

    As for the other flavors, I would definitely buy the Mickey waffle and the ice cream bar and count me in as a yes to the baking waffle cone flavor!

  6. John says

    Surprisingly, the inside of my car frequently smells of roasted poultry, due to eating on the run and generally messy habits. Believe me, you’re gonna LOVE it!

  7. Jenny says

    I hope they will sell these at Disney Store online too,keeping my fingers crossed.

  8. says

    I would be all over the Mickey Bar air freshener; it looks so cute! Dole whip would be my requested freshener. That would be so perfect for summer!!

  9. Julie says

    The Soarin air freshener pack would be awesome! The smell of fresh citrus as you sweep over the orange trees? Yes please!

  10. Mickey's Mate says

    I’d think the waffle scent would be incredibly similar to the scent of a waffle cone…

    I’d like to see Horizons-themed orange, Puffed French Toast, Tonga Toast, Smoke from Spaceship Earth….and themed sets for Future World and World Showcase – a scent for each Pavilion. =-D

  11. Laura says

    I’m going to get the turkey leg and stick it in the hubby’s drawers like a sachet. He’ll love it. We are weird.

  12. Essie says

    I love Jeff’s caramel idea!!! And, the ‘Puffed French Toast’ from CP? I’d be in Heaven! :) It may seem strange to most of you, but I love the smell of a crispy brown roasted turkey, too!

  13. Lorie says

    I can’t wait to buy the waffle and the champagne scents. They should add the orange grove from Soarin and the apple pie from Philharmagic!

  14. Leslie says

    I’d love the Pirates of Caribbean smell, the Maint St Bakery and Confectionary smell. The popcorn..the possibilites are endless!

  15. says

    I would vote for some non-food air “fresheners” like Pirates of the Caribbean, Monorail, Gift Shop, Polynesian Lobby, Polynesian Hallway, Polynesian Outdoor Walkways, etc. :) (and yes, I realize I have a slight Poly addiction!).


  16. Marianne says

    I LOVE the look of these! I think they’re going to be a big hit; hope they have plenty of them when we go in November! I guess the Mickey bar smells like chocolate?

    Can’t wait for the Dole Whip one! (In my own private universe, it’s already been decided that there will be a second edition, made up of Dole Whip, Rice Krispie treat, Soarin’ Orange, and Popcorn.)

  17. Chrissy says

    I’d love for there to be a citrus swirl scented one shaped like the Orange Bird.

  18. Arianna D. says

    I am so buying one of these in August!! I really want the waffle or apple one…I wonder if the Mickey bar will smell like chocolate? I agree that they should make a philharmagic one….I would buy all of them!!

  19. Nicole says

    Please sell them at all the resorts! Can there be a Main Street or Disney Park smell? If they can bottle or put that in an air freshener, that would make BANK!

  20. Galloping Gourmand says

    Fake food! Yay. I was considering getting the Turkey Leg as soon as possible, but a female friend of mine said, “Oh, a man with a smoked meat air freshener shaped like a turkey leg hanging from his mirror. Be still my beating heart!

    You really are committed to staying single the rest of your life, aren’t you?”

  21. Heather Sievers says

    Oh my gosh! This was my idea forever ago!!! I want air fresheners/candles for all of the scents from Soarin’ Over California! They should make scented food candles too! I vote for a churro one to be added.

  22. Heather Sievers says

    While we’re at it, let’s also add room sprays to the list of Disney food smell things we need!

  23. Emily says

    It’s interesting to note that the “Candy Apple Scent!” air freshener actually has a picture of a CARAMEL apple on it, NOT a candy apple! I don’t know why people (people at Disney, especially!) can’t tell the difference. Candy apples are covered with CANDY, caramel apples are covered with CARAMEL. SMH….

  24. Dana says

    Oh, no. Now my husband wants the Turkey Leg one. I don’t think I like the idea of my car smelling like turkey all the time, no matter how kitchy the packaging is…

  25. says

    I NEED these….(it may take me a while to get on board with the turkey leg one). I’ll and the waffle one amongst my PJs so I can drift off to sleep sniffing Disney!

    I’d be interested in a funnel cake one.

  26. Selina says

    Mickey ice cream bar one looks like it will smell yummy. They should make an air freshener that smells like the water from Pirates of the Caribbean ride. I love that smell! :)

  27. Jon Bogdanove says

    I would definitely pay for air fresheners or scented oils with the environment scents from Soari’ Over California. I’m not a big perfume guy. Generally, I hate air fresheners– but the smells at Soarin’ are different. The snowy mountain scent is really nice!

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