News! Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar Offers Complimentary Wine Seminars

We’ve got some seriously awesome news for you wine-lovers today! Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar in Epcot’s Italy is now offering complimentary wine seminars on Mondays and Thursday from 3-4pm.

Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar

The seminars will showcase regional wines of Italy. These wines are selected for their distinct and local flavors as well as for their ability to portray the culture of their origin.

Tutto Gusto Wine Seminars - click image for larger version

Two Wines of the Day will be presented at each seminar. Past wines include Banfi Belnero Rosso, Toscana and Bolla Le Poiane Valpolicella, Veneto, as well as Batasiolo Moscato, Piemonte and Batasiolo Barberesco, Piemonte.

I’ll be heading over here soon to get a review for you! :-)

Note that while space is limited, reservations will not be taken for these twice-weekly seminars. Valid ID must be provided.

Thanks to new DFB researcher Steven C. for gathering these details.


  1. Dr. Nigel Channing says

    Ok, I don’t need any more reasons to love Tutto Gusto (but they can certainly keep trying)!

  2. julie says

    hope they are still offering this during the F&WF. we will there in Oct. Wonderful!

  3. JoAnn says

    I’ll definitely have to stop by and see if this still available when I’m there in November.

  4. stacy says

    I’m here now and saw that sign yesterday. I hope to make it to one of them and will let u know how it is.

  5. says

    Dr. Nigel — Agreed! This place is awesome!

    Shayne — We should do it together!

    Julie, Kevin, Venessa, and JoAnn — I’m hoping it’s still available this Fall, too!

    Carolyn — Ha ha! Keep us updated.

    Stacy — Yes! Send pics! :-)

  6. JT says

    Well, what do you know, I’m already planning to be at Epcot on Monday Sept 3 with lunch and dinner ADR’s at Le Cellier and Rose & Crown. This will be a perfect mid-afternoon treat…er, as will a Grey Goose slushi and a margarita. Someone might need to carry me to dinner.

  7. Mike Venere says

    What is the line going to be like though? Anyone there yet? Is it going to be like the Food & Wine festivals free seminars like back in the day? Those started at noon and lines started at 10!
    It could easily get out of hand……just a matter of time before reservations….

  8. says

    A friend and I attended one of these this past Thursday. I’ll apologize in advance for not remembering the names of the wine or for not taking any pictures; we had already been to La Cava in Mexico for a bit (tequila shot and avocado marg, anyone?), and things were a bit fuzzy by the time we made it to Italy.

    That said, we arrived at 2:50 and were led inside to the bar area, where they checked our ID. There were only two other couples in front of us; even by 3:00, there was a seat or two available. Very manageable for now, but I can imagine this could turn into a circus as word gets out. (Free? Booze?!)

    We were told to choose a seat. Each place setting had 3 glasses (water, white, red). It was very close quarters and intimate; thankfully, we had fun people sit next to us. The water was served first, followed by a white. It took a while to serve everyone, and we were one of the first tables served, so our ‘taste’ was pretty much gone by the time the wine expert told us about it. As he was speaking, the red was poured. It was delicious. At the end, a small complementary cheese plate was given to each table; it contained four chunks of parmesan cheese, four pieces of a creamy white cheese, and four long crunchy breadsticks. A nice way to top of the experience. Our waiter took a liking to our table and gave us thirds (!) of the red. He mentioned it being $125 a bottle!

    Sorry I’m not more specific. I obviously wasn’t prepared to give an in-depth (or helpful) review at the time (even though I learned about this from Disney Food Blog… you’d think I would know better!)

    As an Annual Passholder who lives an hour away from the parks, I’ll definitely go back. And take a camera and some notes!!

  9. says

    Ashley — Yowza!! What an incredible deal! Thank you SO much for sharing your experience. I can’t wait to try this out soon!!! :-) FREE CHEESE?!??!

  10. Mary says

    I’ve been looking forward to this Wine Seminar during our upcoming November trip but then I realized we’ll be there during Food and Wine Fest. Do you have any idea if this will still be offered then? Thanks!

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