Portraits and Costumes at Be Our Guest Restaurant & Gaston’s Tavern in New Fantasyland

UPDATE: Read about the Opening Date for Be Our Guest Restaurant and Reservations Info!

A few new details popped up today from the most eagerly anticipated restaurants on the Disney World docket right now — Be Our Guest Restaurant and Gaston’s Tavern in Magic Kingdom’s New Fantasyland.

Be Our Guest Restaurant

This counter-service/table-service hybrid will be opening in time for the holidays in late 2012. Serving a menu of new twists on French classics, the restaurant will be situated at the base of Beast’s Castle in the Beauty and the Beast section of the New Fantasyland.

While dining in the three gorgeous dining rooms (the Library, the West Wing, and the Ballroom), guests will be enchanted with original artwork and theme elements like this incredible portrait of the Beast himself.

Portrait of The Beast at Be Our Guest Restaurant

Pretty, eh? In fact, it’s kind of beautiful. The first thing that strikes the onlooker is the focus on the Beast’s human eyes, foreshadowing the mystery of the story. Very cool, Imagineers, very cool.

Add this to the other incredible details in the restaurant and you’ve got a feast for the eyes as well as the stomach. See more details of decor and other information here:

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Gaston’s Tavern

Not much has been said about this counter-service spot, also in the Beauty and the Beast area of the New Fantasyland.

Gaston's Tavern Concept Art

Gaston's Tavern Model

But we have recently caught a glimpse of the portrait you can see hanging above the fireplace in that concept art photo above! Here’s Gaston looking resplendent, as he will in the restaurant itself…

Gaston Portrait Above the Fireplace in Gaston's Tavern

What I find fun is that the costumes for cast members working in Gaston’s Tavern will look very similar!

Gaston's Tavern Costumes

You’ll be served by woodsmen (and woodswomen?) like Gaston himself! Of course, nobody will be quite as perfect… ;-)

We’re eagerly awaiting more news about these new restaurants! Let us know which restaurant YOU can’t wait to visit!

Portrait photo source Disney Parks Blog


  1. says

    Why would the Beast commission a portrait of himself in hideous beastly form? And who painted it? Did he have a staff artist who was transformed into a paintbrush?

  2. kirsty says

    just heard that Be our guest will be 2QS credits for lunch and 2 TS credits for dinner, can you confirm this??

  3. says

    That concept art for Gaston’s Tavern always cracks me up. Love the angular kid with his Mickey shirt on backward and the girl with the beard….

  4. kirsty says

    thanks hearing some rumblings on a few internet pages! BTW I love looking at all the food pics and reading the reviews!

  5. Sarah cameron says

    It’s a turkey leg not a beard!!!! Lol! Love all the new info and pics!! Cannot wait! I was mesmerized by beasts eyes as well.

  6. says

    JT — I know! I wonder if we’ll be able to buy them in the sure-to-be-there gift shop!

    NT3 — Belle commissioned it to remember the person she REALLY fell in love with, not this crazy blonde guy she lives with now. OR the Beast commissioned it to remind himself of the “lesson learned.” (See? I’m great at coming up with stories. I’m like, totally an Imagineer.)

    Carrie — Ha ha ha!! I know, right?? Best concept art ever. That girl totally has a beard ;-)

    Sarah — Ba ha ha — we know, but it SO looks like a beard! ;-) I can’t wait, either! Maybe they’ll serve Butterbeer!!! (Nope…wrong park.)

  7. Jan says

    Sorry to go all negative here, but the beast portrait looks like velvet art. :-P But glad the CM costumes fit the context! (Worried about the World Showcase rumors….)

  8. Sheilla says

    Why is it not Christmas yet??????

    AJ- You are like a Disneyfood Imagineer! You totally are :)

  9. Lisa says

    Awww was so hoping that this restuarant would be open in time for my October Florida holiday – all the girls in our family abs love beauty & the beast and we were kinda hoping to bring my mum here for her 50th bday :((( looks like she’s gonna miss out! Oh well we will just have to start planning a 2013 Florida holiday when we get back ;)

  10. Jessica says

    My daughter Belle (yes her name is Belle, like the princess) and I can’t wait to go here in Feb. We already talked her dad into eating there for both lunch and dinner and at Gaston’s tavern at least once! So excited!

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